Story Five – Into the land of music

after leaving the inn, i went to the main square to have a quick look before the great festival, who would be held the following day. indeed it was a long walk it took me one hour and a half to get there. assuming that, the pace of the walk would be a bit slowing. or maybe, they would take the party part real serious. getting there i just realized how much people would join the party. god, the square was wide, large, giant. there was space to get the whole country together plus half the country in visitors, there were up to ten cafes around the square. and there would be probably much more other stands with food and drinks around.
the square was being prepared already though. there were large barrels of ale and whine. tables set in lots of places, decorations, and stands getting ready for yesterday. thought it was still noon, and the party would happen in the following day. i started to wonder about toilets. but then, there were almost five huge buildings around the square, i went to check just to realize that they were toilets, and there was a upper floor, were probably would be people to take care of the toilets. trashcans all around the square, probably to keep it as clean as possible, and six to seven tents with red crosses. probably representing infirmary. they really got everything just in shape to the festival. all ready and well projected. maybe that town would have the best well planned festival i ever saw.
i stopped at one of the cafes to lunch, i was welcome by a cute waitress.
” noon traveler, what would you like? ”
” what do we have for today’s main dish. ”
” it would be beef with curry rice and fries. ”
” you serious? ”
” yes, we gotta go easy today, tomorrow is the great day after all. ” she said with a professional sparking charming smile. so comfortable and charming that i decided to ask for that already.
” ah, then bring me one. ”
” anything to drink? ”
” coffee would be great. ”
” you came to the right place. ” another smile, and this time, a giggle, aw, they got real good waitresses there.
from the cafe i could see the square, the number of trees wanst quite high, but there was some water channels around the square, with five fountains, and a big one on its center. it was full of those small open buildings, the place was well projected , most of its area was open. a really huge empty space. the tiles of the place seemed to together form a drawing, which would only be noticed if someone was at high places.
the waitress came back with my order. it smelt deliciously nice, as she put the plates on the table, she also sat at with me and asked.
” is it ok if i sit here ms. traveler? ”
” of course. ”
” thank you, by the way, miss traveler, are you liking our country? ”
” yes, i do, this kind of country is hard to find around, i went to many places, but its hard to find such peaceful and happy country around. its relaxing, and the air is so soft here, its being a nice stay around. ”
” nice, i like this country too, i wish i could be of some importance here. ”
i keep silent eating my food. i just looked at her to show that i was listening.
” you see ms. traveler, i cant play any instrument. yet i cant sing, my voice is not of a angel, and i got no talent with musical instruments, my family treated me as a shame, and nowdays, i live alone. i work here ate this cafe in order to maintain my small life in this city. i just with someone would think im  important to them. ”
” why is that? ”
” i dont know, i… ” she sighed ” just sometimes i fell weak, and i lose my will to keep on living, i wont take my life, because i love the place i live, but im not so welcome here. ”
” hmm ” i replied
” i wish i could find a person to me, thats what i want, i just feel lonely. a friend to spend time together, anything to make my life less… empty. ”
” why cant you play instruments? ”
” i have no rhythm. i have no sense to it, it doesnt matter i cant dance, i cant sing, i cant play any instrument. i also dont have enough skills with my hands, my voice is crispy when im singing. in this town music is everything, and those who cant have the music, are not well appreciated. ”
” dont you have any other skills? ”
” haha, i do, im good with food, the dish you’re eating right now was entirely made by me. is it any good? ”
” oh my god. ” it was, it was not just tasty, it was perfect, i have never eaten such succulent meat and such delicious fries, the curry wasnt burning like hell yet was, even the rice who is tasteless somehow had a nice taste; she indeed had fairy hands.
” uh… excuse ms. waitress… ”
” can we be friends ms. traveler? my name is Erika. ”
” ah, of course Erika, my name is theia, its nice to meet you. ”
” so, theia, what is it? ”
” erika, you indeed have fairy hands to cook. i dont know why the people cant just enjoy your cooking. there are many girls in many other countries that wish to have the cooking skills you have.  dont get down just because you cant do can cook, cooking is important, and even it people never appreciates your ability that alone isnt important. the important is for you to do what you like, and do it well, forget the people putting you down. ”
” well… i just want to be appreciated. ”
” you dont need it, cooking is really important, without you, they wont have strength to keep playing. you’re helping the people, from the shadows, but you are, and they dont even know how your presence is important to them. ”
yes, i know, im not that talkative, but i felt that the girl really needed some help. she was really down, i could feel it in her gaze. she was distant, and sometimes, she looked a bit tired. when someone is sad, normally they feel tired.
” theia, do you really think im this important? ”
” yes i do, its because of people like you that im being successful on my journey. dont worry erika, you’re more important than you think. ”
” do you think i will find someone someday? ”
” that i cant say. maybe you will, these things, only time can tell. ”
” thank you theia. ”
” thank you for your cooking erika, it was one of the best meals i ever had. ” and i wasnt kidding, if she can do this awesome with such a simple dish, just think how much better she can be.
” just another question erika. ”
” what is it? ”
” are you going to cook for the festival. ”
” of course i am. ”
” then im really looking for it. ”
” just you wait, pass by the cafe the during the festival, i will have something special waiting you by them. ”
” count with me erika. ”
we chatted a lot while i was eating, i also ordered a slice of vanilla cake for the both of us, so we could talk a bit more. and we talked. we talked a lot during a long time until night fell. we ate a last slice of cake and i left back to the inn.
the town, even at night was well illuminated. and there was people all around it, not a single desert street in my way. it was safe, no worries about going back.
i arrived the inn and went directly to my room. i would need a nice night of sleep for the next day after all, it would be the great day. the day of festival.
the day were people from all over the world would gather into that huge square to party until the following night fell. i was wondering if i should go to the meeting place, were the walk was going to start or if i should go directly to the cafe were erika worked.
but it was already late, i leaved to think about it the next day. sleeping well would be of great importance for me that day.