Story Five – Into the land of music

day four

on the following day i oversleep. not only me, but erika too. she woke up first and woke me up then, the following day of the festival is always a day off for everyone.
the sky was bright blue, the sun was shining gently but strong, making the color of the houses sparking with life. there was people at the streets already doing the usual. playing music and such, most travelers leaved by the morning, but i oversleep until noon, i wouldnt have problems to leave the town. since the rush would have ended by the time being.
we prepared a breakfast together and chatted about silly things, i also told her some stories of my travels and promised her that i would be back the following year. then i leaved to the inn, in order to take my belongings.
the streets were calm. little was the number of people around and shops were closed. the cafes at the squares were running but without waitresses. the one taking care of the business was the owner alone. it was ok, erika told me that the following day of the festival is a calm day, so most cafes dont have a nice movement running.
the colors of the houses and the decorations were still hanging, maybe they would only take it out the later day. the wind was blowing tranquil and calm. everything was tranquil and calm, almost like a storm had raged and now everything was settling down.
i arrived the inn, and surprisingly my things were already done for departure, the inn lady said that it was her job the day after the festival to take the things of the travelers and pack so they wouldnt have big problems leaving the town. well… at least i would have much problems.
i went alone to the gates, and stopped right in front of the huge founder’s statue.
” so, it is here were you are resting? you must know, people are really glad you did that all. ” i said
there was no line at the gates, and swiftly i made my check out and leaved the country.
the weather was good, the wind was blowing nice, and everything was perfect. but one thing.
i wish i could have another piece of vanilla cake.

Story Five – into the land of music – End