to each person, things have a different meaning. what holds a great value for one, may have a low value to others, each person is different and each value they give to things is also. it doesnt maters if you force one to have the same values as you do. the person may show but, in the end, deep inside the heart, the value this person gives to yours are different. some may think high of money, while others doesnt give a damn about it. some may think of knowledge, when others have wisdom over it. they define the way each person sees the life. there is no such a thing as absolute truth, there is no such a thing as most important thing to all, there will never be. because everyone is different, and acts by different interests and reasons, even by emotion. as longs one holds to a flexible view of the world, one will be able to understand everyone. or at least, try to.

Road Encounter – The Plane Man

it was a cloudy day, the winds were blowing strong, the sunshine was so dim that you couldnt see it sparking into the sky. the humidity was telling me that rain was going to fall. the scenery was colored with weak tunes, grayish for all the colors around. the trees danced strong with the wind every time is blew over. i was looking up to the skies when suddenly i saw, flying above my head a plane, it was flying in a weird manner, sometimes it trembled, i thought it was because of the wind, but then the plane was clearly losing height, it was falling from the sky. as soon as i noticed i focused on the plane and started to walk a little bit faster, until the plane crashed. then i started to run on its direction. i thought that if the person was still alive i could help him in any way.
when i got to the location, i just found the plane in perfect state and a man sitting by it, he was scratching his head and saying something like, “where did it go?”, he seemed a bit too worried about it, as if he had lost something important. i stood there and watched him for a few seconds, then i showed up;
” excuse, are you alright? ”
” ah, hello, well, i am alright, just one thing isnt. ”
” what is it? ”
” i lost my compass. ”
it was weird, the plane itself had a compass, why would the man need a compass? it wasnt reasonable to one want to hold two compasses, well, if the plane’s was broken then yes, but only if.
” is your plane compass broken? ”
” no it works perfectly. why that? ”
” oh, it is… nothing. why do your compass is so important? ”
” its a memento ”
” ah, a memento. ”
” yea, i must find it, it holds a memory dear to me, its really important. ”
i went on helping the man to search his compass who had fallen down from the plane, the only hard thing was… it has fallen from the plane, where did it could go? lucky it was a open field, a few trees here and there but it was a open field of low grass, so it would at least be easier than having to search, let us say, through a forest.
soon rain started to fall and we took shelter of it bellow the plane’s wings.
” for the sake. ” said the man ” why from all those things my compass had to fall? ”
” why did it fell? ”
” i passed through a cloud charged and the plane started to tremble, the compass was in the side pocket of my coat, but the plane started to shake strong and the compass made its way out of my pocket. ”
” thats not lucky at all. ”
” yea, that is not. i wouldnt mind if it was my map, i know the way quite enough to get there safe. it could have been anything, but not my compass. i even made a emergency landing. ”
” ah, so that explains the loud noise. ”
” yea, urg, and there is this rain, on top of everything it had to rain. im not on a rush, but from all days, this one had to be a unlucky day. ”
” well, at least you’re alive and unhurt. ”
” and im glad for that, its not a big deal, i could just let my compass lost there but… its the value i give to it. ”
” why is it? ”
” this compass was with me when i first flew the skies, as a co-pilot. and i used it to trace the way. it holds memories with many comrades of my army days. ”
” ah, so you were a pilot from the army? ”
” yes i was, i even fought wars and stuff like that. i quit once i meet with death the first time. flying wasnt meant for fighting, it should be all about being free in the sky, and feeling the wind, and the sun, sharing the same feeling as the birds do. ”
” so you fought in the sky? ”
” many times, and all those times, that compass was with me, when i was just a co-pilot, from when i became a single pilot. i fought with many friends, most of them meet the grave already. when you are flying on the skies, and fighting there, you never know if there is going to be a tomorrow for you. one day you’re flying and then, pew pew pew, you’re shot down. and when one is shot down, generally it means end of the line to that one. ”
” looks like its harsh. ”
” it is, it is also sad, depressing. it makes you wonder why are you doing that, and if that is really necessary. its really troubling, when your feet are on the ground you feel bad. but when you rise to the skies, all the problems just disappear and everything becomes light. ”
” i see… ”
” that is why my compass is so important. it holds the memories of not only mine, but also, the memories of those who shared the same life with me. of those who meet the same dangers as i did. that compass is the true proof that those heroes who the world will never hear a word, were alive, and existed. ”
when the rain ceased to fall down, we went on searching for the compass, the sun was still shining and it was probably near the end of the noon, the sky was deep cerulean blue and there were no clouds anymore. the grass showed up its green tunes back and the water drops the grass had were shining with the rays of light coming from above. but the effort of searching for such a small thing into this open field, was a waste. we found nothing. not the smallest signal of it. the man got really down when night fell.
” for the sake. ” he said. ” im not leaving without my compass. ”
” you should reconsider, you might lose days searching for it. ”
” i dont care, i must find it. its important for me. almost as important as my plane is. ”
” i hope you find it soon then. ”
” you’re leaving traveler? ”
” yea, i got a long road to follow. ”
” i understand, then, farewell. ”
” farewell. ”
when i took my lantern and lit it up, something sparked right at the foot of the man, when he checked it, he just realized that, the compass was near him all that time. such a long noon wasted in order to find such a small thing.

Road Encounter: The Plane Man – END