it has been since that day, the day when i woke up laying on the grass, in the dark, with only the sky above me, no memories of what came before, no goals, no dreams, no urges, i was a living dead person. my mind was blank, my limbs were numb, my strength was failing and i didnt knew who i was. i didnt had a name by then. i was just… a human.

the travel, its defined as to go from one place to another, as on a trip, to advance or proceed, to go, move, or journey through or across. to me, travel is more than just going from a place to place. even thought i go aimlessly around the world, meeting countries, meeting people, and experiencing many kinds of things. i go where my heart pleases, even if i became lost it was because my heart wanted so. that is what traveling means to me.
its not just walking, traveling is the way i found to keep on living. i had no reason for anything else, i never hold strong bounds to anyone. i do have friends in many countries, but most of then i only meet once. most of the next friends will be the same. i dont hold any regrets over what i do, or the way i live my life. i just make sure to go, without messing with other people’s lives. if i start messing up with other people’s lives, then sure i will start to make bounds, and by doing that i might lose my wings. and right now, right now that im flying high as the giant bird that took care of me that morning, i cant lose my wings.
i travel, i travel because i must, because my mind, soul and body urges to. because its the only thing i know. its the only thing that makes me think that i am really truly alive, right now.

back to the date, i didnt had a name. there is a curious story, from how did i became Theia. as i said before, my name probably isnt theia, but as i dont hold any memories of the days back that night when i was laying at the grass. there is no other thing i can be, but not only, there is no other thing i want to be, but, Theia the Traveler.

Story Zero – Birth of the Traveler

Part one – What is your name?
for three days and two nights i walked down the road, aimlessly, without knowing where i was going to. slowly i was remembering small things, like words and how to act before the others. those trivial things my human mind blocked when i was in that deadly state. all the way down the road i also wondered about why i was there, why i was alone, and why i couldnt move.
my memories wouldnt come back, i forced them endlessly for the whole trip but nothing came, the only thing i could remember was from the point i was laying to that other. it was scary, i thought of not belonging this world, i thought of not being human, and sometimes i thought of being a ghost myself. i was so focused on that matter, that i couldnt think of any other. i didnt even paid attention to the scenery around, i cant describe you how my first road was, because i really dont paid attention to that. i was afraid, i was scared, i was also hungry and thirsty.
that was when my luck started to change, when i saw white smoke rising up to the skies, i ran to see what was that, and i discovered a small settlement, the settlement i remember, it was small, round, build around a watermill, they had on one side a small field of corn, and by the other side a small field of rice. there were no walls, but a low fence and there were about seven from eight houses. i went down the road following the streaming river until i arrived the settlement’s. when i entered it i caused a havoc, first, i never thought of it, no, i didnt knew i was missing pieces of clothing. all i had there was a long ragged gray coat. the very same i use until now. but there was nothing else on me other than this ragged coat. i did caused havoc, because the coat wasnt buttoned.
i didnt felt any shame, nor anything. to me it was quite normal, i didnt had notions of anything at that moment, all i knew was a set of words, enough to ask for food, water, a place to sleep, apologise and say hi and tell a person if i understood or not.
lots of people stared while others turned and started to talk, but the grow up women ran at me covering me and taking me inside a house, i dont know what they said, i couldnt understand their words. i didnt knew then by the time being, but after a hour, i started to understand then. for a entire hour, the only thing i could understand was the phrase:
” are you listening? ” or ” can you understand me? ”
my answers also, for a entire hour were.
” sorry, i cant understand you. ”
after this hour i started to understand, but i still had no answers, then a girl by my age at that time came in with a dress in her hands.
” mama, did you asked me to bring this? ”
” ah, there you are sweetie, can you lend it to this girl? ”
” ah, yes mama, no problems. ”
she looked at me, and i stared at her, it was like i was learning what that figure was. i think i was expressionless, i stared at her until the girl said.
” arent you going to change? ”
” ah, ” i replied. ” you’re telling me to put this thing on? ”
” do you ever wore a dress? ”
” what is a dress? ”
” where did you came from? ”
” i dont know. ”
” how come? ”
” i dont know. ”
” what is your name then? ”
” i dont know. ”
” is it the only thing you can answer. ”
” sorry, i didnt understood you. ”
the girl sighed. the older woman took her and whispered something to her. she replied.
” yes mama, i understood that. ” and she sighed again. i was confused at that time, and to be frank, that day was difficult to me. and it become even more difficult when my belly started to make sounds.
” are you hungry? ”
” hungry… yes, can you provide-me some food? ”
” sure, dress up already and we can eat. ”
” okay. ” i replied with the dress on my hands.
i stared at her, like i was waiting for something, then the girl realized
” ah, you dont know how to use a dress do you? ”
” no. ”
” aw this is problematic. ”
the girl then dressed me up, and said ” but this coat of yours, its old and all ragged. ” but i objected saying just ” this is mine, i like it. ” and the girl smiled and let me use it upon the dress;
” you are going to stay by my house. ”
” house, yea. ”
” whats up with you? dont you know even what is a house? ”
” yes, i dont. ”
” you meant no i dont. ”
” oh… yes. ”
” this is confusing. ”
” im sorry. ”
” geez, you’ve got so much things to learn. ”
she took me with her to her house, once she pointed to it i recognized it right away. ” ah, its a house, ” i said, and she laughed.
” so… say, do you remember your name? ”
” i dont, i guess i have none. ”
” you must, your parents might have given one to you. ”
” parents… ”
” like, my mon and my dad. ”
” ah, the older woman and man who takes care of you? ”
” yup. ”
” so mon and dad are your parents? ”
” yes. ”
” those are short names, mon and dad. ”
” those arent their names. ”
” so why do you call then by it? ”
” because im their daughter. ”
” what is a daughter? ”
” oh, not again… ”
yes, im sorry for that girl nowdays, i caused her so much trouble. i stayed there for a long time, learning how to be a person again. but part of this time, i had no name, i wonder nowdays how did i lasted so long without one.
this is how i knew the girl’s name and got mine as well.