Story Zero – Birth of a Traveler

Part one – What is your name?
the story of how did i got my name happened in the first settlement i was in. i was by the watermill looking the water stream passing, for some reason that was amusing to me, and o often went out to see it. and of course, the girl would always yell at me for going out without telling anyone where i was going to. the day i got my name was beautiful, there were birds flying over the settlement, the sun was shining beautifully and the sky was so cerulean that made me feel tranquil as ever. i remember the watermill, it was old and distaste. but still worked alongside the waters of the river.
but everytime i did it, the girl who was taking care of me went mad on a search around the settlement, and what was even worse for the little girl. i didnt had a name by that time. and the poor girl would go around the settlement without any way of finding me but, searching for the girl with the coat.
one of those days i did it was probably summer, and the outside was hot as hell, the sun was shining bright making the far away hills show a trembling image, the sky was so blue that it was dazzling, the light was really almost blinding by the midday. at that was the hour i went out.
because it was hot, i left my coat inside, and went out wearing just the nightdress i had back those days. i didnt knew it was unladylike to go out wearing just a nightdress, it didnt mattered too. really, it was normal for me, after all, most things were natural. to a person who doesnt have sense of anything civilized, the life for me was pretty much just enjoyment. the people always said that i was lazy looking, or that i was just a slow person, they said that my half closed eyes and sleepy expression were the proof of it. i dont know why i look like this, until nowdays, but i just think that its not worthy to get so fired up about the things, have it easy, enjoy it slowly. its better this way.
arriving there i just trowed my clothes off, as there never had people around and went for a swim, i stayed there for hours, i dont have sense of time back then, but im pretty sure it was a long long time. then the girl found me there, she was in tears, and panting. as i saw her the only thing i could say was.
” arent you going to join? ”
the girl got mad at the very moment i said it. first she yelled
” why did you went on your own here, no wait, why do you do this always? ”
” its because i like being here. ”
” arg, not just it, but you also came here only wearing your nightdress, dont you know its quite rude? ”
” but, i see no problems, i wasnt naked. ”
” but there would be the boys, you’re not a little girl anymore. ”
” what is the problem with the boys? ”
” they would see you wearing just a nightdress and then they would start talking things, it would spread and it would be bad. ”
” what kind of things. ”
” perverted ones. ”
” i dont understand. ”
” sometimes i just with you were a little bit smarter. ah, other thing, you left the coat at home, how can i find you if you’re not wearing that ragged coat? ”
” what is the problem you found me, and its hot, i couldnt go out wearing a coat. ”
” but… i cant find you if you’re not wearing your coat. ”
” why? ”
” because i would ask for the girl with the coat and the people would say were you are. ”
” i see… ”
” ah, thats it. ” the girl then paused for a moment.
” what is it? ” i asked
” you need a name. ”
” a name? like… ”
” like everything, you need a name. ”
” how can i get a name? ”
” someone must give it to you. ”
” can you give me it then? ”
” its not that simple you know? it needs thought and time. and also agreement over everyone else. ”
” why is that so hard? ”
” i dont know, its just the way the things are. ”
” ah, i see. ”
the girl sat down beside the watermill and pondered about the matter, i stayed there at the river, swimming and enjoying the water, the day would be hot, but the water was refreshing. the girl often looked at me swimming and i smiled back to her. sometimes saying ” why dont you join? ” the girl would answer ” i dont thing swimming naked in the river nearby the town is alright. ” i never understood her, there were never nobody near that area. it was just me and her, there was nothing to worry about.
after a while thinking she couldnt come up with something, and she was all sweaty and looking tired, even thought she was sitting by the shadow of the watermill.
” oh god, i wish this could be easier. ”
” what? ”
” thinking of a name for you, i know nothing about you. ”
” you know a lot about me. ”
” no i dont, i dont know where did you came from, who are your parents, what are you going to do. ”
” either i do, so you sure know a lot of things about me. and also, most things i know were by you. ”
” it might be true, but… ”
” but what? ”
” say, do you believe in god? ”
” what is god? ”
” ah… god is supposed to be most powerful being all over the universe. it should rule the entire universe, and to be almighty and kind with everything. ”
” that would be reasonable, but, a powerful thing who is kind with everything, dont you think its a bit difficult to happen? ”
” why do you think like that? ”
” its simple that, if he is god, and can do whatever he wants, to anything he pleases, then, i guess this would make him selfish and start acting toward the weaker. ”
” its like being a king, but good. ”
” what is a king? ”
” its like our elder but governs way more lands. ”
” ah, i understand. ” i replied ” do you believe in god then? ”
” ah, its hard to really believe him. he is supposed to make our life better, but then, when hardships start to appear you go questioning yourself why do those things are happening. if god was supposed to be there helping you, then what is so important that he just leaves you there into the middle of all those problems? ”
” maybe he would be taking care of his owns. ”
” he wasnt supposed to have any. ”
” say, is he like, our creator? ”
” yes, he created everything. ”
” why did he created the problems then? ”
” i dont know. ” she said looking with faint eyes to the cerulean skies. for a moment silence lasted. and we could start to hear the cicadas all around. the girl was gazing into the blue skies intensely. i just keep on swimming around. then for a moment she asked.
” do you believe him? ”
” who? ”
” god. ”
” i dont. ”
” hmm, reasonable enough. ”
and the silence keep on. for more time, until i asked her
” i still dont have a name. ”
” do you want one? ”
” you said i should have one. ”
” yea… then… hmm… ill make you a favor, i will make you never need of a god. ”
” never need of a god? how are you going to make it? ”
” i will make yourself your own god. ”
” can you do it? ”
” only if you believe so. ”
” i do. ”
” you really do? ”
” you said you’re going to, and until now, you never gave me reasons to doubt you. of course i do believe you. ”
” then behold, here in those lands, there is a word that we use to refer to a deity as a goddess. ” she then looked at me smiling, with a tender and warm expression, she looked lazy and sleepy, but the vision of her sitting by the side of the watermill was charming and comforting. i keep silent as she continued.
” this word is theia, which means literally goddess, and from now own, your name will be Theia, your own goddess. ”
” so, i am Theia now? ”
” yup, do you like it? ”
” it has a beautiful sound. ”
” i think that too. ”
” but i still need to know of something. ”
” what is it? ”
” your name, i dont know it yet. ”
” hahaha, its Clair. ”
” then Clair, i dont think you will ever have any problems finding me around the village anymore will you? ”
” i still will, because nobody knows you’re theia now. we first must tell the others. ”
then, she gave up on resisting the heat and cast of her clothes. and gave a dive into the streaming waters of the river who crossed the middle of the village.  we keep on swimming there until the sun started to set down.
thus, this was the time when i became theia. if i miss clair, i guess sometimes i do, i spent so much time at that settlement, i guess i started to form bounds there. but the life traveling is always better.
my first travel was with Clair, we were going to deliver some goods and to buy things at the capital. we went alone. and this was the way i discovered that i should never had stopped traveling.