Story Zero –

Part Two – The First Trip

at night as we stopped at the shelter, build by the village in order to make the youngster’s annual caravan to the capital easier,  we set up the camp fast, without doubt everyone there had already experience in doing so. i was the one who had the smallest experience, but it was alright, everyone was helping and teaching how to use everything. to the point of today, many things i know about traveling i learned with the caravan. of course there was more people, and we didnt had to do things like go on hunting sometimes. but the way i earn money, the way i set up a camp, the way i get water, the way i stock food and provisions, all this i learned with the caravan. of course, for the time being i travel by foot, but i do plan on getting a transport where i can carry things. not a wagon, something less dependent. maybe a motorcycle.
the night sky was starry, the moon was full and, its rare to see, but not during spring and summer. the moon was red, completely red. the red moon was the symbol of the harvest, people from around the lands call it harvest moon. there are many legends concerning the appearance of this crimson moon on the sky, they vary from spooky ones, to nice happy stories. my favorite was a spooky one, it talked about the ghost village from around. this ghost village appeared always during the day of crimson moon, and the ones who went there should receive a charm crafted by its elder. if one entered the village, one should leave it before dawn. or else, he would be trapped in there forever. Clair’s father said that he went there once. he even have the charm to prove, to me its truth, but there is people that say he is just lying. in the end, being it truth or not. i still believe its true.
the crimson moon was shining on the sky, its bigger than a normal full moon, almost thrice or five times the normal moon. but even thought its huge, the mystic sight of this moon on the sky isnt enough to outshine the stars around it. the sky was clear there wasnt a single cloud on it.  until today, it was the most starry night i ever saw, add the crimson moon mystic light and it will make the most beautiful night until today. everyone chatted in low voices during that night, we didnt had any partying nor anything. the night was so pretty, that we choose to watch it closely, so we could never forget such beautiful sight.
after some hours, even thought we spend a nice part of the night watching the sky, some of the young ones started to play songs about the red moon around a bonfire we set. not only songs but we told stories about the crimson moon.
” hey theia; ”
” Clair? ”
” dont you think that the harvest moon is the proof of the supernatural? ”
” what do you mean? ”
” even thought i dont find much alright to believe in god, but… i still believe the supernatural is real, and its all around us. ”
” what do you mean by supernatural? ”
” the stories we tell, the ghosts we believe are real, many other things, dont you believe in the supernatural theia? ”
” i never faced the supernatural Clair, how can i believe it? ”
” why cant you? ”
” you mean, just believe it? ”
” why not? why you must believe in just what you can see and explain? ”
” but… its not like it, i do believe in things i cant explain. ”
” like what? ”
” like myself. ” i replied. ” i cant explain myself. i dont know about my past, all i can remember is that i was laying on the grass looking at a night sky for hours, and that i couldnt move. then everything went dark. i woke up in the following morning and thats all. ”
“the most mysterious thing was, why were you only wearing that coat. ”
” i was wearing it from the start. ”
Clair looked at my face with a incredulous face, i couldnt help myself, for some reason i started to laugh at that time.
” why are you laughing? ”
” haha i, i dont know hahaha. ”
” theia you’re a morrow. ” Clair said, but she was starting to laugh too. and before we could notice, everyone was laughing and having fun, such a camp was so relaxing that we almost forgot the hour. lucky the oldest of us was paying attention to the time too, and told us to sleep. the tends were simple ones, we put a cover above us,  tied on the wagon who was by the side of the trees, and then tied the other side on the tree, so if it rained, which wasnt possible at that day, the tree and the cover would protect us from it.  the quilts to protect us from the night cold wind and the bonfire burning to provide safety and some warmth. it wasnt necessary to extinguish it, the wagons were on the front and the light faintly reached us.
we woke up as soon as the sun started to shine rising behind the hills, we took everything and packed into the wagon again, in the same formation we were.
the sky was strangely colorful, as if we had entered in a different area of the world, there were orange tunes, blue tunes, yellow tunes, purple tunes, red tunes, it was almost looking like the whole sky was dressed as a rainbow. the wind of morning bringing a sweet smell and the clouds colored in many tunes of colors. the faint light of daybreak together with the song of the birds, it seemed like daybreak wasnt just a normal everyday thing. it seemed that it was also, a symphony of the nature.
we keep on the road for hours long, it was starting to get boring, i was conducting Diogenes, and Clair was laying down on the back of our wagon, when she said:
” that cloud, it looks like a pumpkin. ”
” no it doesnt. ” i said. ” for some reason to me it looks like a scarecrow. ”
” what? are you feeling alright theia? its clearly a pumpkin, how the hell a pumpkin can look like a scarecrow? ”
” it doesnt looks like a pumpkin, its a scarecrow! ”
” it doesnt look like either, its clearly a windmill. ” that was the last rain drop.
” stop that aligier, its not a windmill, you three, its of course a boat! ”
” its not a boat, its not a windmill, its not a scarecrow, its a pumpkin, why cant you see that Eminence? ”
Eminence was the girl together Aligier. She was quiet, almost never talked a word, it was rare for her to engage on a discussion, either to state her opinions, she would only speak when she was sure of something.
” maybe, just maybe… ” Eminence said. ” maybe its all those things together, but only one to each one of us. ”
” i still think its a pumpkin. ”
” maybe Eminence is right Clair. ”
” why are you at Eminence’s side? ”
” because, maybe we all see the world by different ways. ”
” thats right Theia. ” said Eminence.
” you guys are weird. ” said Aligier.
” do you think so? ” i asked her.
” sure, you two and your weird ideas, its almost like you guys arent from this world. also, chill out, its of course a windmill ”
” … enough of this, clearly we will never get over a agreement of what that cloud looks like. and if we keep Theia and Eminence will start being crazy together and they make my head hurt. ” said Clair. we couldnt help but laugh at her angry face later on.
traveling with friends sure is nice, on a guaranteed travel as this one, were we didnt had anything to fear, of course it was enjoying. and sleeping over the sacks of rice with the balance of the wagon was something i will never forget. my first trip, i learned with this, that the good part of traveling is not the place you’re going, its not the homecoming, its the journey itself. and until nowdays i think of the same.
the afternoon was like this, people chatting stuff about the capital, about the life, or just anything stupid that they could. and by the time sun started to set, we could see the capital’s wide walls. it was the first time i saw a wall, at that moment, a wall was like a giant fence made of stone to me, i was astonished. the first time i saw a wall, a gate, watchtowers, and so many people together coming from other roads, apparently our caravan wasnt the single one coming to the town. as we entered the main road, there was at least twelve caravans together going to the same gate.
” arg, i hate when there is so many people coming. it makes everything go slowly. we wont make it until night. ” said Clair
” Clair… ” i said looking at the walls and at the gate from afar. ” is this what they call a big city? ”
” pretty much theia, its your first time isnt it? ”
” yes it it, oh my god… its so huge. those, those fences. ”
” they’re not fences Theia, they’re called walls. ”
” what are they for? ”
” to keep invaders, animals, and other things outside. ”
” invaders? ”
” its not like we are going to be invaded, there is no war. ”
” war? what is it? Clair, go slow. i dont know a thing about it. ”
” haha stay calm theia, stay calm. see, war is when there is a huge fight between many people, a country for example, when countries fight, its usually called a war. depending on how long and the scale of the fight. ”
” oh my, so its for keep the war outside? ”
” no, you cant keep such a thing outside, its to keep the people from the other country outside, to provide protection from the attacks. ”
” i see… ”
” the gate does the same, thats why its so huge. ”
” but… why do countries would fight? ”
” mostly because they’re all selfish. they want to guarantee things for their country and it doesnt matter the other. its the way things are, there is not much we can do. ”
” ah… i see. ” i pondered about it, for a long time, and she was right. assuming the nature of man, wars and conflicts would rage forever until we were separated in countries and nations, and even if we turned into a single one, people’s selfishness would still make such conflicts rage. there was no definitive solution for the matter.
as clair had said, it was night when our caravan entered the town, the first big town i ever saw, it was packed with houses, people, lights, and the ground was all tiled it was nothing like the small settlement i was used to live on. it was amazing, no i wasnt scared, i was amazed, my mouth went on a big smile i couldnt control, i looked like a country bumpkin. and clair said:
” theia, please try to hold this ok? you’re looking totally like a country bumpkin. you will make people look awkwardly to us, not only that, people will try to cheat us. ”
” but its so… so amazing, its so alive, so packed, look at those houses, at those trees, these, these things spilling water. ”
” they’re fountains. ”
” yea yea, these fountains, oh my why didnt we never came here before. ”
” because, its better on the settlement, the life here is so crazy that some people just run away. ”
” is that so? ”
” yes, they give up on living in a city and just vanish. ”
” vanish? ”
” like they become what we call by, traveler. ”
” a traveler… ”
” someones who lives journeying the world, some people think they’re just crazy people who cant adjust themselves into the society, others think that they are people of courage enough to abandon a normal life inside a town… there are many opinions on travelers, but none of then is right. ”
” why is that? ”
” because all of the arent the same, they’re all different on some way. ”
i keep on silent, and with that, my country bumpkin smile went away, i just layed on the rice and started to look at the night sky. then i realized that i could barely see the stars, the moon was there shining high, yellowish, but i couldnt see as many stars as i could at the settlement. i wondered if the people who lived on the town realized that too. but seeing how busy they were walking fast over the streets, i realized too that, the sky didnt make any difference to them, something was more important than see the things of nature. something who made them keep on rushing. and i started to feel that i didnt liked the life at the town in the end.