Story Zero –

Part Two – The First Trip

it was as planned, we arrived the town at night, and we set our camp there too, ten wagons. we choose a square located on the east side of the town, a more tranquil side to us. there was no need for a bonfire, they night sky was clear, we didnt had to worry about rain today too. pretty much everything was alright. during night everyone had to pay attention to the division of the work. it was pretty simple.
two parties would go together to a assigned area in order to sell the rice and buy or exchange it for goods, we all should bring back money and goods, more money than the other provisions. me and Clair went together with Eminence and Aligier. the only thing i told that was wrong was the simple fact that we were all girls, strength to deal with the rice would be a problem, but then clair said.
” chill out theia, im pretty strong and you know, Aligier may look delicate and weak, but she is tough too. there will be no problem at the end. ”
” you’re not going to make me carry everything will you? ”
” no i will carry too. ah, also its good to have Eminence with us, there is no way we get cheated now. ”
” im just worried about theia. ”
” why is it? ” i asked.
” well, this is your first time right? also, you’re not so smart. ”
” hey! ”
” nah, Aligier, theia might not be so sharp, but she is smart. ” Clair said. ” after all, if she wasnt so smart, how would her learn so many thing she didnt knew so fast. she will help, this will also be important to her. so theia stick together with Eminence, you might learn a lot. ”
” ah, alright i will. ”
after the planing we went to sleep, the hardest thing about sleeping there was the posts, the lights coming out from them was really annoying. they shone the whole night. yes i could sleep, the other ones were already used to it, or had a technique to avoid the lights. i tried to have a nice night of sleep, but i couldnt seriously.
the following morning, we woke up a bit late, not exactly we, i couldnt sleep too much, the sun started to break through and the light shining right on my face, i really couldnt sleep too much either too well, i gave up on the first hours, while the others keep on sleeping until the near end of the morning. by waking up, everyone was started to check the rice and to make sure everything was ready to go on the selling and exchanging.
me, Clair, Aligier and Eminence went to our area, we were going to be responsible for mostly the money. so, the goods werent something we were looking for. the rice marked by the spring, according to Eminence was poor, thats why we went with our rice to sell it on the market. the strategy was simple. in order to sell faster and better we would look directly into merchants around. Eminence and me would go to talk with the merchant, while Clair and Aligier would stay by the wagon. if the selling was successful then Clair and Aligier would start getting the rice sacks off. i would be helping then and Eminence would try. Eminence was smart and sharp, but she didnt had much strength.
the only thing that pissed me was when a merchant tried to cheat us. it made me feel really angry with him.
Eminence went to talk with him and was well received, i was with her, from the start i didnt liked his kindness, he was too kind to begin with. Eminence’s eyes were tender and tranquil, i wondered if the was paying attention.
” so… you girls are selling rice? ”
” yes sir, ” said the polite Eminence. ” we know about the shortage of rice during every spring, so we come here to try to supply it and earn some cash upon it. ”
” i see i see, its only natural to right? ”
” yes sir, it is. ”
” so, lets talk about the cash. ”
” but of course. ”
” im willing to pay a hundred coins over two sacks. ”
” two sacks? sir, i can only sell you two sacks for four hundred coins. ”
” no, i meant, i will pay for each set of two sacks a hundred coins. ”
” but sir i told you, a single sack costs two hundred coins. ”
” what about one hundred fifty? ”
” ah, im sorry i cant really make less than two hundred coins. ”
” why you cant? ”
” because our settlement is small and it takes a year for us to plant and harvest the rice. we need provisions too. ”
” but, dont you see? if you wont sell me for this value there will be people who will do. ”
” im sorry no less than two hundred. ”
” let me see the rice. ”
” by all means im sorry, i cant. unless you’re going to buy. ”
” im going to, so, show me the rice. ”
” pay first. ”
” are you trying to cheat me? ”
” no sir, you are. ”
” what? such a… ”
” insolent girl? you are a cheater, your words have no value. come Theia, we can get even more from other ones. ”
” w-wait wait. what about one hundred eighty? ”
” psh, this guy is just wasting our time. ”
” okay! two hundred for each sack, happy now? ”
” i have gave it up already. i can get more from other ones. ”
and she did. instead of only getting the smallest value for each sack, she got sometimes double the price. from merchants she knew already. Eminence was smart, she first went on new merchants to see if the could get a better value on each sack, and then went on the ones she already knew. she was always ahead of us, that girl.
we finished our selling duty before the end of the afternoon, and as we didnt had anything to do after this. i started to wonder what would we be doing. Alegier was complaining about having to carry the sacks, she got a small problem on her ankle that day, she said it was hurting. we looked at it but it was pretty normal. it was starting to get boring when Clair had a idea.
” who wanna to eat some cake? ”
” ah, that would be fantastic. ” said Eminence.
” cake? just cake? nothing else? ”
” well we could try a cafe, what do you think about it Theia? ”
” what is a cafe? ”
everyone stared at my face at that time, i was still learning about pretty much everything in the world. there were lots of things i didnt had any idea of, and one of those were my favorite places in all the countries i go nowdays. the cafes.
” a cafe… a cafe is a place where they sell food. ” said Clair
” ah, like a market? ”
” no, there they sell raw food. ”
” what do they sell at cafes then? ”
” they sell cooked food. like, they sell cake, they sell coffee, tea, many kinds of sweets to be sincere. ”
” not only sweets. ” said aligier ” some sell other kinds of food, and some even work as restaurants. ”
” what is a restaurant. ”
” same as a cafe but it sells lunch and dinner, some sell breakfast. ”
” so, shall we? ” said Eminence.
” uh… its worth a try. ” i said.
” there there, you will like it theia. ” said Clair.
we went then to a cafe, my first visit to a cafe. when we arrived and i saw many people sitting at many tables around, some alone, some with others and chatting. it wasnt a shock for me, it was like when sometimes everyone set the tables outside their houses and we all ate together. but then, one thing wasnt clear to me.
” so, shouldnt we head to the kitchen? ”
” kitchen? no, we’re not preparing our food. ” said Aligier
” ah… but… wait how can we say if the food is good? ”
” they’re professionals Theia, they know what they’re doing better than mom. ” said Clair.
” they must be good. ”
” they are, believe me. ”
” ah, excuse waitress. ” Eminence called upon someone, when i looked the person she was calling i saw a girl in a short dress, black and white. she was holding a booklet and smiling like the world was wonderful and everything was alright. she was cute, i blushed.
” what do you girls wish? ” said the waitress
” ah… what about cake everyone? ”
” cocoa cake, they’re the best. ” said Aligier
” not cocoa, its your favorite but not mine. what about strawberry? ”
” aw… but i dont like strawberry that much… ” said Eminence
” ok… so… let theia decide. ”
” why me? ”
” because, we know you dont know the most cakes here, you might get something good. ”
” what is this… Vanilla? ” this was the first time i also tasted vanilla.
” vanilla cake? i never ate it too… ”
” i believe none of us did. ” said Aligier
” then its Vanilla, so Vanilla cake and… to drink… ”
” i want coffee! ” said Aligier
” bring me lemon tea. ” said Clair
” i want just apple juice. ” said Eminence
” what should i ask for? ” i asked.
” may i make a sugestion miss? ” the waitress replied.
” uh… of course, what do you think would be good? ”
” since its a bit cold, and you’re goint with vanilla, you should go for a black and white combination. ”
” how is it? ”
” may i bring you a cup of hot chocolate? ”
” uh… alright. ”
the waitress went to order our wishes, and we stayed chatting about anything. then clair stopped and asked
” theia, do you ever tasted chocolate? ”
” no i dont. is it bad? ”
” no… its sweet. ”
” dont worry. ” said Aligier ” chocolate is good, im sure you’re going to like it. ”
” do you think so? ”
” yup. definitely. ”
after a while the waitress came back with a full vanilla cake and the juice, coffee, tea and a cup of some steaming thing that resembled milk coffee.
” but, it looks just like milk coffee. ”
” sip it theia. you might love it. ”
i did, and i loved the sweet hot taste of the thing, it did looked like coffee, but the taste was entirely different from. then, i took a slice of vanilla cake, before everyone. i was wondering what was this black and white combination the waitress said, so i just went and ate it. and it was delicious, the first time i put a small bit of vanilla cake on my mouth was like i could see the heavens, and i didnt knew what the heavens looked like by the time being. it was just gorgeous.
after finishing the cake and we went back to the meeting place, set up everything to sleep the night in the town then come back to the village with the money. everyone sit and started to have fun together. with songs again, if there was something the people from that settlement liked. was music.