Story Zero –

Part Three – We are not kids anymore.

i lived in that settlement for a while, as i told you already. yes i liked the life there, my friends and the watermill. but we can not stay kids forever, that affirmation is partially true, why is it? because even after these events, i still feel that my heart is one of a kid. i might have grew up a bit as a living being, but deep inside me im still a kid, maybe, thats why i cant make bounds with anything. even with that settlement, i never felt any regret on leaving it.
as the years passed, we grew up, going on the annual trip, swimming at the streaming water of the river that used to cut the settlement, and doing many other things we found fun at that time. but as we grew up, everyone started to show what they’re interested on.
i was seventeen by the time, everyone was also, and my closest friends were Clair, Aligier and Eminence. Clair was starting to get interested in technologies and economics, she often said that one day, the small settlement we lived on would become a small town and it would keep on growing better and better, if it depended on her.
Aligier showed a genius in music, she learned in just one night how to play guitar and even more, she learned two songs in the same day. we clearly saw that if there was something waiting for Aligier on the end was living by music.
Eminence started to go more often to the capital, everytime she came back she had many books with her. she often said that the library was the place she would like to work on. what i liked more on this was that, every story she read she would tell us. sometimes she would share some knowledge but we would listen, and she would just sigh and laugh then.
but as for me, i didnt had any idea about future, i wasnt even concerned about it. and as the time passed we started to spend less time together, with exception of Aligier, who was always playing her guitar but the talkative Aligier started to become the musical Aligier. not that it was bad, im still not the kind of person to talk too much, only when telling stories.
but because of this gradual separation i become a traveler.
the decisive night was cloudy, it looked like a hard rain would fall. i was at home with Clair and we were in our bedroom. when Clair said:
” so, theia, we are getting adult. ”
” is that so? ”
” yeah… ”
” ah… i dont think i want to become a adult Clair. ”
” i guess we have no choice. ”
” you do? ”
” yes… dont you have plans? ”
” for what? ”
” future? ”
” hmm… what is it? ”
” aw come on theia, you’re kidding me. ”
i sighed ” yes, i am… i… i just dont feel like thinking about it. there is nothing i really want to. ”
” there must be something theia. ”
” what about you? ”
” well… i do have plans; ”
” like? ”
” im going to the capital to learn about economics, then im coming back to help growing our small settlement into a town. ”
i sighed.
” and… there is someone special to me. ”
” special, like? ”
” aw come on theia you know it already. ”
” you love this person? ”
” yes. ”
” so… you want to marry this person? ”
” i do; ”
” may i know who this person is? ”
” nope, its a secret. ” she said laughing
then silence lasted for some time, until i broke it.
” so… ”
” hm? what is it theia? ”
” future eh? ”
” did you got a idea? ”
” haha no… but, there is one thing i like. ”
” what is it? ”
” our annual trip. i love going on trips. ”
” why dont you become a merchant? ”
” i would get constantly cheated. ”
” dont be silly, with time you might learn how to not. ”
” what if i end broke? ”
” you might… well… ”
” see? ”
” not at all theia, not at all. ”
the rest was a stupid chat about nothing really. but that was the only time future made me scared.
six months later, Aligier went to the capital, she was invited to join a band, and we held a goodbye party for her at the settlement. everyone was there but Eminence, she had already left the settlement a month before to become a librarian. i was there listening to the last songs of Aligier in the settlement when Clair came to me.
” Theia! Theia! guess what? ”
” im not nice with this, what is it? ”
” uhm, know that person? ”
” who you like? ”
” yes the very same. ”
” what is it? you told about your feelings. ”
” it was quite the opposite. ” she said blushing and covering her cheeks.
i laughed ” ah, now i will be all alone ” and i keep on laughing.
” aw theia, im… ”
” hey, you’re supposed to be happy. ”
” but now that i… ”
” hey, come on, you were waiting for this, hopping for this. and now you have it, are you pulling your foot out? ”
” no, but its not it. ”
” well… i guess everyone is leaving, tomorrow Aligier will be at the capital and Eminence is already there. ”
” im also going there. ”
” yes you’re also going… when? ”
” the following month. ”
” hmm, i guess im going with you. ”
” im sorry, he is coming with me already. ”
” oh… thats nice. ” i sighed. ” i guess im going to miss Aligier. ”
” liar, you hardly miss anything. ”
” thats not true. ”
” thats so true that tomorrow you wont remember who is Aligier. ”
” maybe, i will. ”
” i doubt. ”
” now now, you should spend the night with that special person. ”
” but what about you? ”
” im fine, im going to enjoy Aligier’s last songs. ”
” you sure. ”
” go already. ”
then Clair went, i stayed alone there listening to Aligier’s music. i didnt felt anything, it was just natural to me, i was expecting it at all.
then the following month came, Clair went to the Capital and i remained at the settlement. with lots of free time, i started to roam around the settlement. but one day, i saw a scene.
it was a traveler running from two bandits, he was wounded and running, when he saw me, he stopped were he was and took off his gun. he shot two times and killed the two bandits. i ran to help him, but then when i get there, he said.
” dont worry about me sweetie. ”
” but you’re bleeding, dont worry i will bring you into the settlement. ”
” there is no time, im done for. ”
” dont say such a thing you can survive this one. ”
” take my belongings miss, and do as you want with them. ”
” you’re not going to die, please hold on! ”
” its a poison, im poisoned and there is nothing else to do. ”
” but, hey dont give it up! ”
” do you ever heard? that when a person sees a bird, it makes him want to go on a journey? ”
” hey, hold on! stop talking. ”
and the man closed his eyes.
” stop kidding! ” i said. but there was no response, his heart have stopped. after checking his beat, i saw a bird. not just a bird, but a giant bird. and i recalled the first day of my life. and the words i thought the bird spoke to me.
i stood, took every belonging of that traveler and his corpse and went back to the settlement. telling them to bury him and to let me keep his belongings as it was his last wish, i went to Clair’s house and spoke to the ones who took care of us.
” im going, i recalled what i should be doing all this time. ”
they asked me what was it, and i answered them with just a word.
” Journeying. ”
i took my coat, the dead traveler’s belongings and got some provisions from who i called mother and left the fences. without looking behind, i left to far away, not knowing where, but i went.
and this was the way i became a traveler.

Story Zero – End

Whistle – END