phew. finally i finished writing whistle, it was enjoying until some part of it, then it became hell to be able to write a single chapter. not because i wasnt liking it.

because the situation here at home was horrible. and it is still, no hopes for it getting better just worse.

well since november is over, nano is also over and i’ve got not much stuff to worry about but Seihai’s duty as administrator, judge, and lots of other things, we will be back with Ann’s epic story. haha do not hope much. i will be writing on the same pace i always did.

ah, for the next year, i will write The Young Knight’s Prequel during nano. it will be about Annalot’s father and the past of the old kingdom, before the young lady birth.

this tag ” The Skies Pub~ ” is for you reader of this small realm. im really thankful for your visit(s) and i would like sometimes to know what you guys think of this place. feel free to say anything. i really dont care what you’ve got to say. its a PUB, you’re free to flame, troll, opine, chat, do anything you want, even complain about your life.

row row fight the power, we got only a single month before everything start over again.