stones – Ayame Shiokazu

gazing to the heights blue
the stones at the ground
dream being filled with motions azure
sticking not moving from the place bellow

living their small lives
thinking of problems to solve the boredom
what do they really dream of

are they living to its full?
do they know what is the blood rushing
but, not all the stones were stones from the start.

breezes bring dust from far.
the dust goes gathering together to form
a rock.
the song of the wind blowing
making a new stone life slowly.

part by part.

but sometimes a gust is trapped, inside.
a heart like a hurricane, withing, a body
of pure graphite granite.

and by living, with the rocks.
the gust, realizes the havoc
inside, its ever revolving heart

break the shell, break the chain
break the spell, break
your old self away

revolve your heart, revolve your aim
revolve your mind, and achieve again
your natural right to fly.

and hit the far away lands
where once you lived
and were welcome.