Chapter Fifteen – The Woman and the Girl

Annalot went right through  the opposite patch, seeking what she judged be the sniper who killed her former leader Apari. she knew that it could be just a mistake, and that she was putting her life on the line probably for nothing. it was useless to try to stop her by the way, since her childhood annalot was stubborn as a mule. her heart was apprehensive, beating hard but slowly, her hands were shaking sightly, even with all the odds being against her, she stood firmly, as a proud knight. for every thought of turning back that she had, she would walk twice as fast forward. she was decided, and nobody would change her decision, even her heart and mind couldnt make she turn away and follow the knights. she wanted to take her revenge.
the patch would end on a kind of ramp, with corners just like the regular climbing of the mountain, but this ramp was shorter, and was way rockier than the last one. the girl clad in armor went swiftly by the first two rows of ramp corridors, but when at the corner of the third one, a arrow flew by, she dodged it easily, and as soon as she tried to go again through the corner, another arrow flew. the sniper wouldnt let her pass. not without a nice arrow stuck right between the eyes
” i know what you seek, dirty dog. ”
annalot remained silent clinging to the back of the wall.
” do you wish to come after me? isnt it what you came to do? taking revenge on your commander, you’re just dirty as any of the other Autralies dogs. ”
yet, she remained silent pushing herself against the wall. focused on passing to the next row.
” you’re never going to take me. im going to strike my arrow on the middle of your head. ”
” will you shut your trap? this is a fight, we’re enemies, not supposed to talk to each other, cant you just understand it and be silent? ”
” this is not how battle works. ”
annalot found a rock and launched it, the sniper let the arrow fly by the time the rock hit the wall. annalot ran, as fast as she could and leaned against the wall.
” dirty tricks, just as any Autralie. just like you guys took our home. ”
” could you stop with the shit already? first of all the Australie folk doesnt even exists anymore. ”
” you cant deny what you are. and you are what your ancestors were. ”
annalot slowly approached to the other edge. she tried to pass but the sniper was sharp.
” we are fighting, all of us Fhojrds are fighting, we will be forever fighting, until we get our lands back. the lands you australies took from us. ”
annalot let out a sigh, and struck the spear forward. the sniper was fooled by the simple act, and she got confident.
” im getting there. ” she cried.
” come you army dog. ”
” hey, im not a dog… ” she replied. ” by the way, man, we didnt took your lands, you guys were away, and when the kingdom was formed, we just annexed all the lands who were astray, yours were one of them. ”
” you did it KNOWING we were away, you did it KNOWING it was ours. doesnt that makes all of you australies thieves? ”
annalot stopped for a moment.
” thieves? ” she said ” we, thieves? does that… but the history isnt told this way. its just told that we annexed all the empty lands we had around. what is wrong with it? ” she took a deep breath ” i dont understand it actually. even thought we are enemies, you said something that i cant understand at all. history tells that we just annexed all the lands who were empty. ” she cried.
” and what does empty means? does it means without owner? does it means that the land never had a previous inhabitant? think better. ”
” i got no time, we are fighting a war! ”
” just low as any other soldier. ”
” i am not just a soldier. ”
annalot tried to pass to the next row.
” oh yes you are, a dead one now. ”
she put her foot but quickly drained it back. but the sniper didnt let the arrow fly. then, she held the spear high, but far from her head.
” i can see the tip of your spear. ”
she didnt answered, she just went by, and when her spear could be seen the sniper calculated a shot, he let it fly, never realizing that, there was a gap between her head and her spear.
” die now, you soldier. ”
” there! ” she cried upon recognizing the place where the sniper was “i am not…” she gathered strength as fast as she could ” … a soldier! ” then she just launched her spear directly over him. a sound of something getting struck echoed and the sniper let out a agony cry.
she ran as fast as she could, and by getting to the bank were the sniper was, there the figure of not a man, but a woman clad in mail, with her spear struck.
” i am a knight. ” said annalot upon seeing her enemy.
the woman smiled, and let out a painful laughter.
” i see… ”
” so, you are the sniper who took Apari’s life. ”
” yes, you’re correct, i am. ”
” so, doesnt makes you a thief also? ”
” now… when you put it this way… i guess. ”
” even thought we both are thieves for each other, there is no honor in robbery. you made me think indeed, but is this war really necessary? ”
” making questions like that… ” the woman coughs ” you’re not much the warrior type are you? ”
” maybe im just trying to understand both sides now. ”
” i made you confused then? ”
” who knows… ”
” ahaha hahaha. ” the woman coughs blood, getting soaked in blood. ” listen, you must keep yourself together during a fight, there is no place for doubts. you’ve got to believe in one of the sides, and fight for them, or… ”
” yes? ”
” fight for what you believe in. ” the woman coughs again. ” well, now that you got your revenge what do you plan to do little girl? ”
” what? how do you know i… ”
” its easy for us to recognize each other isnt it? pretty little flower? ”
” oh my… ”
” it doesnt matters now… history is not written by the dead. but i have you a wish. ”
” what is it? ”
” impale me firmly on a tree, and let me die struck to it. its just my last wish. ”
” as you wish. ”
Annalot took the sniper lady to a nearby strong and tall tree, upon seeing it the woman smiled and said.
” this one is a nice pick little lady, what a lovely big tree. ”
” do i… have to follow with this? ”
” yes you do. ”
Annalot closed her eyes, and struck the lady onto the tree. she began to cry, there was no apparent reason for, but she began to cry.
” thank you little lady. ”
” why did you wanted it? ”
” thats the way thieves are executed in my culture. but… the event also asks you to take my weapon to your commander, as i have slain one of your allies. ”
” your bow? ”
” yes take it. ”
” anything else? ”
” survive this war, live and grow the most glorious knight the world ever saw. ”
” i… ” annalot said trembling.
” pro… mi… see… ” the woman cough blood ” mee… ”
annalot looked to the ground and took the woman’s bow. and after a deep breath, she said.
” i will. ”
with that she turned away and keep on running without looking behind.
” even thought this… … was bri… ef… … im glad i got slain by her… shine young lady… shine. ” and with those last words, the sniper lets her head down and dies peacefully.