Tale of the Immortal.
Rubia – the guardian of existence.

There was once, only Bridge. no man, in sight for all the miles of the planet.
There was no shadow of sight, there was only land.
Forming reality, there was only, land, light and time. no signal of life all over the plane. no gods in the sight, so, how did we, the man, came to existence?  no, how did life came to existence?
It simply created itself. as the first burst of magic happened, its said that our universe faced three massive bursts of magic that we nowdays or… that we used to say: The Gigantic Bursts.
Those, were mere moments, that lasted for less than a second, when magic simple exploded in a huge amount of energy, and unleashed terrible effects upon the land.
My people saw two of them. and those bursts, are what called life to its existence.
The burst simple happened, and the first lifeforms were of short duration, their maximum lifespan would be of a minute. so far, there lifeforms were simple made of mana. pure magical energy, without a shape. just a amount of energy gathering together in a single point, and then vanishing soon after. this was the first lifeforms ever in Bridge.
Aeons passed, but to these lifeforms, what was time? there was no time for them to think about time, no, there was no time to even think. in fact, they were just manifestations of this great force called magic. in order to last longer, some lifeforms simple joined together to amplify their time alive, and this was the start of life the way we know.
They were the second lifeforms to ever came to existence, the Shadowless. still they had no mass, they were just pure mana as the previous form. the difference was the amount, and the ability… no not the ability. just, with time enough to think about something.
And the shadowless roamed the world. without goal, they were just like the rocks, the water, the air. they were just like this. until a star came.
The starts are springs of magic, they burn and by burning they create magic. the universe is filled with magic because the starts burn and create magic by burning; the magical energy is boundless, and by being boundless it fly away and scatter all over the dimensions, magic is boundless, even the rules of magic itself cant bind it.
The star fell on the land, bringing doom, but what is doom to the beings without mass? they cant die of wounds, they cant feel, they might be able to think, but doom as we know, was yet to be know as doom. the start stood at the top of the land, burning bright and unleashing terrible winds of pure magical energy. the beings, made entirely of magical energy just grew stronger and stronger and those were the first immortal forms. by learning of the start, a group took shards of it inside themselves. and the shards burned through aeons until the star faded. but the shards inside the immortal shadowless, kept burning, being feed by the magic of the shadowless themselves. they had created a star who would never fade, and this star who would never fade, made them never fade. those, where the first gods.
But those gods were not benevolent. they now, knowing that their existence was in fact, eternal, wanted more now. they wanted to grow in power. and then, the immortal started to hunt the shadowless. the shadowless, with their small lifespan, unaware of the immortal were merely eaten like food waiting on the table. and with easiness, the immortal just grew larger in power. to a point that, their mass started to cast a shadow. a faint shadow, and then the immortal were not shadowless anymore. the Faint, is the name the tales used to call upon, pondered about the power in their possession. they were huge at the point, and being not happy with their current form, the first shaping happened.
The immortal have took the land and shaped from ashes and water the first being to be. ashes were mixed with water and the water became a kind of mold-able mass, the immortal took a shadowless and inserted on this being. the being was small, yet, lasted longer than the shadowless, it was green, and could not move. the immortal, were not happy of this being, for its form wasnt anything near of what they expected. the immortal have created the first form of life with a mass. and it was a plant.
The immortal kept on practicing their skills, but, seeing that the plant would last green and tall for a long time, with time, the energy inside would simply fade, and the plant would return to be the same color as ashes and water together. and it wasnt pleasant to the immortal to repeat the same process. then, one of them told of a way to have the plants do it themselves.
it called it Reproduction.
The plants now started to spread over the world, for a single plant, the time allowed it to reproduce five times. with a aeon, the planet was filled in green, and this was the first time the immortal were happy.the immortal who created the reproduction was called The Great Reproduction. and the one who created the plants, The Great Plant. Reproduction and Plant then started to work together and from the many plants all over the world, they changed their shapes, and taking colorful ashes from many places of earth, modeled them new parts with new colors, and made many different plants all over the world.
One of the immortal then, saw a light shape falling from the skies, the light made sound and sharply it was almost like the sky was being teared. it fell and hit a tree, upon seeing the red product consuming the tree, the immortal started to ponder about that. but the Great Plant was angry, watching the red product consuming its creation and decided to destroy it. but the immortal said no, and took the red product with him. he called it fire. the immortal hide the fire and kept on feeding it. the immortal had the idea of taking a shadowless and fusing it together with the fire. the shadowless remained alive, as longs as the flame burned, the shadowless was being feed from it and remained alive.
Then, the immortal took another sparking light and imprisoned the three things inside a shell made out of wind. the fire was being kept protected of the outside by the shell of wind, the spark of light kept the fire
burning which kept the shadowless alive inside. as the shadowless kept the spark alive with its magic. the immortal had created a new being, and called it Anima.
Upon showing such a being, who looked serene, stable, and lovely to the immortal, yet, looked just like the immortal. they called its creator The Great Anima, and took his creation dear.
The anima had no shadow, and lasted forever just like the immortal did. The Great Plant had the idea of using the same mix of ashes and water to fuse with the Anima, upon seeing potential over it, The Great Anima agreed, but none of them could shape a good container. for ashe and water wasnt enough to keep the anima inside, as it was warm and hadn’t a stable shape as the shadowless did. so, one of the immortal took stone, and carved it, in a entirely new shape. Anima was insert inside the stone, but rejected it.
The immortal then took many plants, and upon creating a shell made of plants, asked again for having anima inserted in. Anima accepted its container, and the container adapted itself to accommodate the being. the one who carved called them Animale, for they could roam the lands. free; but, different from the other great immortals, this one was called The Great Carver for his carving skills he kept on practice. The Great Reproduction also told that they would come always in two different types, a Male type and its counterpart, the Female type. as they needed plants to keep growing, their reproduction rate would be slower, and the need of two being to create one was necessary to keep the balance.
Carver agreed, and by the law, all beings came in two types, the Male and the Female.
aeons passed, and the land was fully populated of plants and Animale, different types of Animale were created. as The Great Carver’s skills were now supreme he told of creating a supreme form, he labored for years, and then, finally, he finished what he called the first art. the Homos. the body of men. and as every work of carver came in two pieces its counterpart was a more perfect a beautiful version. and took longer to produce. he called the counterpart Femme.
The Homos and Femme were so beautiful that once they started roaming the lands, the immortal took then dear. and the other animale were envious of them, the immortal gave them the gift of fast thinking, and told them how to use the sacred energy of the stars. man had learned magic, and by learning magic, man started to learn anew, everyday.
after a short time, the gods were so fascinated by the homos and the femme, that they asked Carver to create magnificent shells in the homo and femme form. carver worked hard and created the most beautiful shells that the existence is yet to behold, and gave them to the immortals. having now form, showed themselves to the man, and started to live together with man. the only difference, the immortal were more powerful, smart, wise and way more beautiful than men ever could dream. men called them Gods, and through aeons, order stayed this way.