This happened when i was traveling through the south.

Its a fact the big colorful diversity of the southern region, not only speaking of scenery, but also, im talking about people. we got a real contrast bringing out the beauty of the world.
Its curious, really curious, some areas try to mimic north while in the process being original just as any other, while others are completely unique and exquisite.
The small happening i will tell you now, unfolded in the middle of a road, please, take your seat and listen as you like.
Leaving the last town, i was told that the road would bifurcate in a section, and that i should stay sharp, the two roads to follow would lead me to really two different places, one would lead me to nowhere, it would end in the countryside in the middle of a desert. I do have experience with deserts, i just hate my luck in those sandy trap boxes. I mean, thieves.
The other road would keep me in the right way to a outpost, but they didnt told me of the pair of maidens, dressed in exquisite and colorful clothes. One being dressed in green, red and gold, and the other in blur, yellow and gold. each one standing in front of a road.
I stopped and looked at them, both were standing in the way, smiling gently and tenderly with the arms crossed, they were like twin dolls, but the two main differences were the color of their clothes and the tonality of the hair.
” Hello you. ” one said.
” How dare? ” the other said.
” Fellow Traveler. ” both said at the same time.
” Hi. ” that was my answer alone.
” Where do you seek end? ” one said, but before i could breath to answer, the other followed.
” One of those roads will end in a desert. ” and then the other followed.
” And the other will keep you safe and sound. ”
” Can you tell me, Which one is the right one? ” i asked.
” Mine is, Follow, and Fortune is yours. ” the blue said.
” Halt, for mine is the safe one. ” the red told.
Frankly, from the beginning of this, i already knew how far this would thread.
” Listen, please, just decide who isnt lying. ” i asked.
As fast as my mouth closed, the blue one shout ” My sister has fame of a liar. ”
The red sister fell in defense, and said ” the liar also lies about lies. ”
And i told this was going to be easy. if a liar lies about lies, then who was lying in the end? I was wrong, this thread would go longer than i told.
After about a hour of questioning and half of accusations, i got naturally tired, but the sisters were the same way, smiling gently and tenderly.
I sat down on the ground, looking to the middle of the road, thinking of a simple way to pass, and a simple question came to my mind.
If both wanted me to pass, then, if both were asked right now of it, being them normal persons, they would both say yes.
i knew already, after this hour and a half that one could just lie, and the other always would speak the truth. Seeking for a end, i just asked
” Who from you two, want me to take the right road? ”
” I do ” both said.
” Ah, thats good. ” the method was right, it was just the wrong question.
” if thou ” said the red.
” Seeks the Right. ” said the blue.
” The way thou art should take is mine. ” both said at once.
” Which one of you wants me to take your road. ” i asked, just a bit nervous.
” I do. ” said the red one.
” I do not. ” said the blue one.
” i`ll take the red`s then ” i gladly said, and as i passed the two faded away, giving place to two statues, of the very same look as theirs.
Oh! and, yes i did arrived the outpost just to know about the sister`s legend.