Chapter sixteen  – The First Relic, Shooting Star.

While Annalot was still given by lost, Enrich didnt had enough time to take a rest. with Apari being dead, and the Fhojrd front advancing in the field, the royal force had to strike back. The Remaining force had to press on, in order to keep control over the areas they had already taken. just one thing was out of place, some knights reported being wounded by a some kind of homing beacon, while others told of being hurt by some kind of hot cutting edge wind. this wasnt normal as all of the wounded who reported were clearly showing wounds made by some kind of heat, not like pure fire, they were all wounded like a cut from a hot blade. None ever reported of seeing the source of such thing on the battlefield.
Enrich went straight to the defense force with his men to face the Fhojrd front, the information given was that it was a fight on a plain, the only cover were the crystal trees, no grass, only rocks, snow, and the crystal trees. the visibility was fair, but there were still areas where you couldnt see a thing.
” this is it, right? we are going to the battlefield to face not just angry barbarians with heavy weapons and crazy battle style but we are facing some kind of… burning flying light… thing. have your eyes wide open all time, stay sharp, follow your lines, find a role into the battlefield and stick to it to the end. its a easy and should be fast defense mission. just push the ojrds back and its all right to us. Gotta? ” Enrich spoke as fast as he could to his men. and in unison, every one of them answered positively.
” we have about 8 hours before the sun rises. we can still fight while its dark. but after the sunrise, all the light coming from the trees will fade, and darkness will reign. judging by the earlier reports, we dont stand a chance in the dark. ”
Enrich’s forces went on the battlefield, standing strong and pushing the enemy back. Enrich was still worried about Russel’s state,  he fought mighty through the hours that lasted the soldier’s stand, but then, when the enemy army was going back, a blinding light flew through the soldiers ranks, leaving many wounded.
Enrich though, did not let this unbalance his faith on the army, he gathered all the courage he had and started to trace, madly, the way that the light made through the soldiers. two, four, eight, twelve and more soldiers fell for the Red Beast’s fists,  Enrich keep on tracing its path, and the light flew many times again, leaving many soldiers wounded and killing other many of them.
After a while tracing the light’s path, Enrich found a lady, clad in elegant armor and wielding a fancy yet beautiful spear.  he dashed in direction of the lady, something was telling Enrich that, the source of the blinding light was this lady’s spear. The moment Enrich tried to close distance, the lady swigged the spear, and Enrich stepped back.
” Shooting star crossing the sky… ” the lady said, as she pronounced every sound, the blade of the spear started to shine. ” … beautiful light from up high … ” after pronouncing this phrase the lady struck the spear forward on the air, and the spear let out a blinding line of light fly.
” what the… ” said Enrich ” thats impossible, its sorcery! no human can make sorcery. ”
” what do you know about sorcery anyway? you probably know nothing. ” said the lady, ” if you knew you would know that some humans can perform magic. ”
” no human can perform magic. every little person in this world knows this. ”
” again, you know nothing! ” the lady dashed forward trying to hit enrich with a spear swing, but the Red Beast knight crouched and then dashed closing distance on the lady, he landed two punches on her ribs but she kicked him back.
” so, lets make this straight, you are the commandant of those soldiers are you not? ” Enrich asked.
” what if i am. ”
” ahem… let me present myself. I am Lieutenant Enrich the Red Beast, from the fifth order of the king Ermenas. ”
” such long presentation, very well, i am Atkasha, Leader of the Howling Wolf tropes, what do you want from he Lieutenant? ”
” lets make this fast, we will face each other right now, the winner takes over this field, the loser retreats his forces back to the base. ”
” can i trust your word? ”
” can i trust your acceptance? ”
“… very clever of you Lieutenant. ”
” so,shall we? ”
” let the battle begin. ”
The Two took distance, as soon as they faced each other the battle began.
Enrich dashed with all strength towards Atkasha, who swigged her spear as fast and strong as she could, Enrich just tumbled and rolled forward avoiding the swing, he landed again two punches on Atkasha’s ribs, she then, punched Enrich’s faces with one of the hands, Enrich stood back, the lady then murmured fastly some words and the spear started to glow.
” already going to try sorcery? ”
” not yet, knight. ”
the lady then dashed, enrich used the back of his hand to hit the spear taking it out of course, then he turned around and tried landing a kick, Atkasha rolled sideways and swinged her spear once again. Enrich parried the swing with his gauntlets, and tried to hit a side kick, Atkasha jumped back and dashed forward trying to impale Enrich, who jumped back avoiding the truck.
” you’re good, lady. ”
” you are not so bad too, lieutenant… ” Atkasha sighed. ” but i see that our ability is equal, none of us can win easly. ”
” you’re right… ”
” thats why i am going to lean on the Relic’s power.”
” Relic!? ”
” this spear, its an ancient relic from the time of the gods, the gods had many weapons back then, and they used it to fight great evil, they are all dead now, but their weapons live on, and live in the hands of man. they have special powers, that are actived by reciting poems. ”
” what the… ”
” face now, Lieutenant. the power of the Shooting Star! ” the spear started to glow again. ” Shoot, light from the firmament. Shoot, star of  high above. ”
Atkasha swigged again her spear, but now, a blade of shining light flew from it, Enrich was stunned, and was hit. breathing heavily Enrich stood up
” do you really… ” but Atkasha did not let he finish
” Silence! Kingdom’s Dog! ” Atkasha shout and swigged her spear again, and another blade light flew from her spear, enrich tumbled and rolled forward dodging the spear. Enrich kept on rolling until getting some safe distance while Atkasha made a fast spin in order to face enrich who was already in position.
” so… ” said Enrich
” you’re pretty good, even tought im using the spells you’re still able to dodge, im afraid you can even deal some damage, if you get some motivation. ”
” im not going to lose here, i refuse to let the army step back with me here. ”
” you’re pretty confident. ”
” besides… ” said enrich ” im just getting started. ”
after, enrich dashed like a red bolt down directly to atkashas, with blinding speed, she couldnt match the knight’s speed who landed a fast wave of  punches at her belly, so fast that the eye barely could see the hands actually landing. Atkasha lost the grip of the spear and tried to fall back in order to avoid Enriche’s punches.
” whats the matter? giving up alrea… wait what are you… no… ”
” as the life responds to light, thee, my spear, shall to my command respond. ”
the spear started dancing on the battlefield by itself, enrich never saw such a thing, no knight, no living being have ever watched such a scene, a spear dancing, alone, in the battlefield as if alive.
” what the… ”
” ymlaen! ” said Atkasha, and the spear flew towards enrich. swift as he could he fastly dodged the spear
” dychwelyd! ” and the spear made the movement back, passing through Enrich, who dodged the spear and going to Atkasha, then the spear stood there, floating without touching Atkasha’s Hand.
” what the… just what the hell was it? ” shout Enrich in indignation, ” This was not, how many tricks does this spear can do? ”
” about 5, you just saw about 3, Empower, Magical Wave and this one called Gorchymyn. in your language equivalent to Command. ”
” Come on, stop using these tricks! Fight fairly! ”
” what a crybaby, did you forgot? its war, there is no unfair. ” said Atkasha. ” Seren Wib! awr ymlaen! ” and the spear flew directly towards Enrich. Enrich dodged by making a quick steep to the side
” Chwith! ” and the spear striked to the left where enrich was. he managed to dodge by making another quick steep backwards
” Cynnydd! ” the spear rose into the air ” Troelli. ” said atkasha, and immediately the spear went down in a spinning motion, resembling a full sword swing, but instead of only a half arc, making a full arc. Enrich barelly dodged the attack, defending himself from the tip of the spear raising his gauntlets.
” Troelli yn dal i ” the spear keep on spinning and hitting harder and harder with each spin, Enrich’s deep breath could be felt. Atkasha was on the lead now. ” atal! ” said her, and the spear stopped, Enrich told that she was giving her a break, but it was everything but a break. ” streic galetach! ” the spear then started to make bashing movements as if trying to hit enrich, everything he could do was dance along, Atkasha was playing with him making he keep distance.
” streic gyflymach! ” and with that the spear made its pace faster with each strike, Enrich was starting to wear out. he was probably about to give up, then.
” mháthair, a thabhairt dom neart! ” a loud sound come from the ground, and, then, dust from all sides, a metallic sound could be heard. their battleground was covered in dust.
” wha… i tought you didnt had any tricks, what is it? some kind of smoke bomb or…”
” Wrong! this, is the power who made me kill my entire army against my will! ”
” no… you could be… ”
” im a survivor of Mother Earth’s rage against humans, and i can mimic Berserker! ” then Enrich dashed as a lighting bolt
” gard! ” said Atkasha, and the spear flew to her side as fast as enrich, and deflected his hit Atkasha didnt lose any time and fastly orndened ” ymlaen! ”
Enrich simple side steeped and rushed to Atkasha, she then ordened the spear to return. the spear flew as fast as it could, but the distance between Enrich and her was just too small.
Enrich took Atkasha by the neck and said.
” its over Atkasha, I won. ”
” no you didnt yet, gwthiad galed! ” the spear accelerated in the middle of the air so fast, that it couldt be seen. in a blink of the eye, there was nothing on enrich’s body, then, a hole was burnt, not pierced, burnt through him. and the spear was now, floating above Atkasha.
Enrich’s eyes started to glow red.
” damned witch… ” he said ” damned witch! ” shouting he said, putting even more strength around her neck, despite the pain, he only tightening his hand around her neck.
” stop… or you’ll wi… will. ”
” damn you accursed witch! ” he shouted out and tightened his hand around her neck so much, that her head just popped out, leaving the white snow of their battlefield red. and afterwards, making her spear fall.
” i hope, i can see you in the depths of the accursed land, i’ll be sure to give you some proper treatment there, you… can… count on… that. ” said him breathing heavily and laying on the ground. as the last sound, was the sound of the metal spear falling down on the ground. lifeless, as it should be.