Echo 2

it was night, and the clouds were nowhere to be seen. the moon was high shining over our heads. and we, lined up, over at the hill’s top. it was supposed to be the last battle of occupation, and we were sure of our victory. winning this, would mean bringing victory and a new land to our kingdom.
i was anxious,  my friends were, all soldiers were. you could feel our euphoria from far.
we went down, we ran as fast as we could to the place we were meant to meet our enemy, and fight our victory out.
but just as we were going to, something happened.
now im probably paying for what i did, now that im seeing these white wide fields of flowers, i think, I am dead.
” so you have come. ”
now im more sure than anything that i AM dead. my best friend and companion, Krinn is talking to me, Krinn was killed by me, when i suffered a accident, leaving his family behind.
” snap out of that enrich, i have things to tell you. ”
” like, hello again, enjoy the afterlife? ”
” … enrich, you have important things to do, you have a precious role in a scheme bigger than you can imagine. ”
” scheme? what the hell are you talking about? ”
” enrich, you must stay sharp, and act carefully, every step must be watched, you hear? ”
” why? im dead.  ”
” you’re not dead yet, you’re still alive. ”
” so why i am here? why are you here? ”
” this is not afterlife enrich, this is just the temple of your mind, its a place inside yourself. where you go when you sleep. ”
” so i am sleeping? ”
” somewhat, you’re knocked out from your last battle. ”
” … how did i managed out with that wound? i mean, there was a hole burned through me, not cut, burned. ”
” and you ask me? from all people? i was a knight, not a medic. ”
” … its hard to believe. ”
” you will see, so, as for what im here to tell you, simple, you need to do your best from now on. the omens of our blackest days are just starting enrich. just starting. ”
” why are you telling me? ”
” because you, and many other people have a role on this big scheme, you will know there people, when the time comes, but, you’re not supposed to tell. ”
” why not? ”
” the master piece, the key to the scheme is another person. someone you dont know yet. ”
” why are you telling me all those things? ”
” because you cant get killed enrich, its not your time yet. we need all of our pieces in the board, or we’re just sitting ducks. ”
” you just want me to stay alive? ”
” precisely. ”
” not a hard task. ”
” and, Enrich. ” Krinn said with a heavy face ” do not call mother earth again in two years. ”
” why? ”
” just do it. i cant give you much information, im a messenger,  im not the one who plotted this scenario. ”
” uh… Krinn, we’ll meet again? ”
” maybe my friend. ”
” im sorry. ”
” for what? ”
” your wife and daughter. ”
” my wife might not be alright, but, my daughter, she makes me proud every little day. ”
” she was so cute back’em. how old is she? ”
” fifteen, maybe? im not used to this line of time anymore, a year to me passes so fast now… ”
” eternity effect? ”
” no, its just that, afterlife is so much fun… one day you will taste it. ”
” im not looking foward to. ”
” you shouldnt either, anyway. Enrich, its time for you to wake up. ”
” ah… see you Krinn. ”
” see you Enrich. ”
and, with that, i opened my eyes. i saw a blinding light then, i saw a nurse.

” so you’re awake? ”
” yes i am… ” said enrich with a bored face. ” how did i survived? ”
” your wounds were half healed when that recruit found you. ”
” recruit? who? ”
” Russel i guess. ”
” that boy is alive? oh heavens! ” said enrich with a still bored face. ” did he brought any spear with him? ”
” no, he wasnt even with a weapon to begin with, just a bow, and he said that it was a trophy for our army. ”
” did he headed to the battlefield alone? ”
” Vicent was assigned to take care of him. ”
” from all people, that nihilist? Russell is going to die like a dog out there. ” said enrich looking around still laying on the bed.
” its not true. ”
” its so true, just you wait. “