i made these lyrics yesterday while doing nothing because i was tired o playing the DS, and other offline games. without internet there wasnt much i could do.
these lyrics are a tribute to the song, ” 4 heroes of light main theme. ” look for it, you might find easily.

hope and dreams
courage and strenght
four are our heroes
clad in light
pure and might
to spread it again

four are the heroes
are the weapons
are the hearts
brave as four lions
bringing light once again
oh they fight
with the hope
of soothing our pain
night and day
singing out their mighty anthem

and no darkness will ever reign again
for the crystal entrusted power upon then
crowns of might and hope full of light
to back the evil fight
confirm whats right
into our hearts
so the world together will sing
their anthem


Heroes of Strenght
of Spirit
of Pure willpower
who sweept the evil
Across the land
bringing the peace
the hope
of a new bright dawn
down to the night
banishing the shadows away


heroes of might
clad in light
vaniquishing the dark
swords of fire
to spread the light with them
heroes of sparking shine
hope alive
warming the night
through dark
into our hearts
pouring life
four brave lions
whose never gave up
the world of men

honor on them
oh, brave warriors
rest with the light
crowns of might
the hope lies into you again

clad in light
pure and might
to spread it wide
once again

heroes of light