Chapter seventeen – The Hunt for Hunters

While Enrich was still on bed, Annalot, was out with Vincent’s squad. She meet battle through the day many times, and it was as if she was at home. It was true that she left unarmed, but that haven’t stopped her. one of the strengths of her lied in counter-disarming fight.
counter-disarming is a simple, but deadly technique, once started, one must die. and annalot knew it. She had no choice,  the kingdom’s swords were too heavy, and there were no spears left in the armory at the camps. Counter-disarming relies in having the user disarmed trying to disarm a foe, and consequently killing it with a fatal blow, as it doesnt requires strength, but precision and speed, its the perfect technique for her to use.
it was starting to get cold, and the lights were starting to flicker as if newborns. the squad were preparing to leave the place going straight to the fortress, Vincent was trying to take the fortress by sneaking in and creating a opening to a strike.
Annalot was silent all the time, she didnt said a word since she left, nothing to say to the soldiers, yet, maybe her voice could rise suspicion, she was doing pretty well, her scores were above everyone’s. She was wielding a  Fhojrdine sword, light, but blunt and frail as nothing else. It never was a bother thought, the counter disarming technique was her main weapon now.
as soon as the sun started to set, Vincent’s squad started to move on their sneaky mission, if they were seen, duty was to kill whoever saw their advances. a hour of fast paced walk and the knights were surprised by a light passing through’em, none was harmed.
” just what was that? ” Vincent said.
the light passed once again this time taking the life of two knights with a single blow.
” i am not my auntie, i wont spare any lives if i can. ” a young feminine voice echoed through the place
” a living spear? ”
” isnt it magic? ” one of the knights said.
Annalot’s eyes were fixed in the darkness, something echoed on her head, ” dive or die. ”
she dived and shout ” to the floor. ”
” what the… ” as vincent finished the sentence, the spear passed right above his head.
” lucky guys… ” said the voice ” still i can take all of you now. ”
again, the voice inside annalot’s head said, ” roll to the left. ” she screamed the same, but it was too late, another knight was taken, his head ripped off by the spear.
” i cant believe, we’re all gonna die like dogs here. ” Vincent said, but as soon as he finished the sentence, he saw someone walking in the dark.
” you! ” he shout
in a blink, the spear crossed his throat, and there he lied. Annalot being the only one alive, she looked desperately to all sides, whispering  to herself  ” i cant die now. ” repeatedly
the young voice approached, it was a young girl as old as annalot was, she was wielding a beautiful spear. and as she approached annalot said.
” murdered my companions, without the single sight of  mercy, took coward opening of them and took their lives as if they were just pigs… ”
” or dogs… ” the other girl said, with a twisted smile, at that moment Annalot felt death’s hand on her shoulder, for the second time in her life. ” dont worry, im not going to kill you that fast, i can see the fear in your eyes, breath, words, and even in your stance, i’d like to play with that, a bit more. ”
Annalot were looking attentions to the lady in front of her, as soon as she saw the spear she realized one thing, it wasnt resting on her hand, instead, the girl was leaning on her spear, as if the spear were holding her. the spear wasnt shoved on the ground nor could it, for the ground was too rocky for that.
” shall we dance a bit knight? ”
” come. ” said annalot trying to shake the shock out of her head, little time she had, and a full arc was drawn at her neck, automatically making Annalot  jump backwards, no mercy, the next attack was a second full arc, and the following ones, as if the girl was really dancing with the spear on hands. with each arc, she danced spinning gracefully, Annalot was kind of jealous, but there was no time for that.
” here goes a true strike. ” the girl said
as fast as annalot could, she picked a sword from one of the deceased mans on her squad and held it, it was too heavy to be held overhead, so she crouched and hide behind the blade, the spear his the steel and the girl took a little recoil.
not half a second lasted until annalot ran to her, a burst as fast as she never performed, she managed to close the distance in time. She tried to land a fist into the girl’s eyes, but was deflected by a slap on her hand, the girl took the opening and tried to create a gap, but annalot held her by her waist, both went to the ground, they rolled, and annalot ended on the top, she grabbed the girl’s head and smacked on the ground twice, the girl let a loud cry, and lost the grip of her spear.
something started on Annalot’s head, something was telling her that, the spear never needed a hand to deal damage. it was commanded by voice, and annalot suddenly realized that, it created a gap, and the girl chanted something that annalot couldnt hear, soon, a vision popped in her mind, she fast as a blink rolled left and as soon as she made it, the spear passed right beside her, she then pressed her body to the ground, and the spear drew a horizontal arc aiming her, she avoided it, she rolled sideways again and the spear tried to hit her trice now the other girl called the spear back.
she was with blood all over her head, a serious wound, but she would not give up. neither would Annalot.
the spear was launched, it flew right in Annalot’s direction, Annalot risked and dived towards the spear, hitting the floor before it could hit her, she rolled forward and started to run towards the girl, picking a short sword on the ground, she could feel the adrenaline in her blood, her heart was beating inside her as never before, the blood rushing, the smell of the air, the stimulating cold brushing her hair and scathing her face, she started to scream, no, to shout, as a feral beast seizing her prey.
the spear flew, annalot dodged taking just a bruise, a bruise that she could not feel. nothing could stop her now, the spear was flying again, tried to take her legs but she just sidestepped and made a graceful spin, when the girl saw Ann’s smile, she ordered the spear to make a arc, annalot just rolled forward. nothing could stop her now.
” stop. ” said the girl
annalot was still running, dodging the spear, taking bruises, rolling on the floor, being wounded but nothing could ever stop her.
” stop… ” the girl was frigthened. ” im the hunter here, so stop. ”
Annalot’s loud scream was getting even louder and threatening, even the crystal trees were shaking with it, just a few steeps now.
” stop… ” the girl started to shake ” stop now! ”
she ordered the spear to fly to annalot’s leg, it lasted a fraction of seconds.
“”Stop now…  ”
but she didnt stopped, instead, when the girl screamed ” Stop you monster! ” annalot’s sword slashed her head off. and as retaliation, her leg was pierced by the spear.
a few seconds after, she felt the pain, it was excruciating. such a pain could not be supported by anyone, but she did, and keep her consciousnesses.
” damn! ” she said ” i must take this spear… ” she used all her strength and took the spear out, letting out a loud scream of pain, not a common pain, but a victorious pain.
she took some cloth out of her dead companion’s and a medicine prepared for these causalities, rubbed it against her wound and wrapped it tight with the cloth.
” now… i guess i’ll lay here for a while… until i… until i can walk again. ” the drowsiness suddenly took her, as she heard someone familiar shouting her name.
” Russel! ”
” who is russel? ” she wispered ” is he a dead soldier? well go away, hes not… ” she yawed ” here, i guess. ”
” oh my Russel are you alright, boy this… ”
” go away i want to sleep. ” and so she did.