i… frankly its been a while since i last wrote a post where i talk to you, drifter of these skies.
a very few know this place, its a small place after all, and, theres nothing special, but some old stories that arent all awesome nor good poetry. most stuff is far from being interesting after all.

well, its kind of funny how things are, yesterday was a special day to me, but, was also one of the saddest days, since the end of November life was being terrible here, i tried to suicide but, a certain someone made me not. i have to thank my darling lady, for being so sweet and important in my small unimportant life. yesterday was her birthday, maybe because i wanted to be with her was the reason i felt it so much.
i do guess im a bit depressed now, i spent the whole day on bed sleeping, i could not ate a small whooper burger that was supposed to be my lunch( i am also eating almost nothing per day. )
i have to thank another important fellow, someone who for me is more than just THE elder brother i never had,  hes been with me, he not only gave me strenght, but is also supporting the huge change thats going to happen this year, man…

to think i cried so much yesterday, to think i was so sad yesterday, and to see how many small happy things happened to me today, im even scared of tomorrow. i was called to a huge anime blog, to write things there, i hope i manage to write interesting things as the others do, i dont know, i might become a moderator on this blog’s forum, im also about to leave my parent’s hell to live with the one i love. i, feel some kind of special warm feeling right now, whose i cant describle quite well, im still sensible from yesterday but i believe im not about to cry. i guess…


i just wanted to say, thank you.