Chapter Eighteen – Tears

It was the shortest nap a person could have, followed by a painful way of waking up. Enrich slapped Ann’s face hard, she screamed and started shouting:
” Hey, what was that for? Can’t you see im wounded here? Monster. ” she made an angry face now. yet, Enrich slapped her twice again.
” Ouch! Are you trying to pick a fight or… ” enrich interrupted ” Shut up, the first one was for waking you up, the second was for lying to everyone about who you are, the third was because you called me a monster. ”
” Still, it hurts couldnt you… wait. You’re lying about… ” Annalot said, a bit afraid and panicking.
” What? ”
” It cant be… who told you about that? ” her eyes were starting to water.
” Ariel did, but she didnt said your name. Now, what is your true name? ” Even his teeth were at sight, rage was building fast inside his heart. And he was shouting louder by the second.
Annalot remained silent, shocked.
” Answer me! ” Enrich ordered her
” I is… it is… ” it was not just shock, she thought of death once they discovered her.
” Spill it out! ” he slapped her again
” Annalot. ” and the girl fell in tears.
” Stop crying, stop it now or i’ll slap you again. ”
she said, still crying ” Aw, come on, you have slapped me already four times in a row, give me a… ”
Another slap
” Hey, come on! stop it! ” almost bursting tears out.
” Cant you see im angry? I worried about someone who wasnt real, you could have told it at least to me earlier. We were friends already and you did not believed me? How can you be part of this all, not being able to trust even a close friend of yours!? ” and he finally dropped a tear too.
” But… wouldnt you tell the… ”
” And get my freaking friend killed? Who the hell do you think i am? What the hell do you think being loyal means? What the hell do you think being a knight is anyways Annalot! ”
” I… i dont know. ”
another slap.
” Give me a break Enrich, im crying! ”
” Im crying as well, you spoiled princess. ”
” I cant see your tears! ” she bursted in tears.
He also bursted, but also with rage on his face.
” Can you see them now!? ”
” All right kids, enough with the soap drama. ” walking slowly with her hands on her hips, came Ariel.
” The hell are you doing here Ariel? ” Enrich was sobbing with a face as a angry wolf.
” Isnt this a relic, Annalot? ”
” Yes, it is. ” she was still sobbing.
” We have enough firepower to take that fortress down. ”
” What!? ” both exclaimed together, making Ariel Laugh.
” How do you two think a medic alone took so many well armed officials inside an infirmary? I might have skills but, come on, it was a surprise attack. Oh well… nevermind, we are going to make a wide opening to our army, just the 3 of us. “