im learning again that sorrow is always good to be felt in loneliness. i wasnt born to be bound to anything really, i might not be able to be happy bounded after all. i said previously, my characters are based in what i know and feel, concepts from inside, separated, lapidated as a process to make them jewels of a beautiful concept combination, an essence.

theia thought, shes quite different, she was born from my wish to have wings and wander. yeah, thats theia, in this life i got two small light guiding me, faint, shimering, they’re not enough alone to keep some creepy desires away, thought i know everyone feels it, and i might be a idiot to discount it over people, but anger arises. anger arises. hell it arises even against me. save for one single person in the world, i can ever get mad at that person, i dont have the ability to get mad at that person, it goes against my existence.

either way, heres a tale, i came up with it in the middle of tonight’s sorrow i call it, Sake:

Once upon a time, in a land far place unknown
There was a little mage, this mage was so many persons, had been so many persons, he didnt really knew who was him in the middle of all that, instead, he just assumed that he was all the others that he has been or was at that moment.
The mage lived his life amongst people, even thought he hated people, and even so, he thought that people were interesting things to interact. in fact the little mage loved it, he just loved chatting, laughing, it was his favorite form of entertaiment.
the little mage thought, hated hurt people, hated being hurt too, but hated hurting people. sometimes he would go too far with a prank and would end hurting people, that keept on happening, not continuously, but from time to time.
the mage got very disturbed, and, in order to not hurt as many people as he could, he tried being a different person and acting differently sometimes, he wasnt doing this for evilness, he was just trying to not hurt anyone.
but it ended that, even trying to not hurt anyone, the mage ended hurting someone he didnt ever wanted to hurt, that drove him down to a state of sadness so strong, the light from the enviroment were getting darker and darker, only for his eyes. his vision were also getting misty, stronger by the day, his heart heavy, as his body was also, his will to wake up, to eat, to move, those were slowly becoming tasks as hard as lifting the skies or holding the earth.
the mage decided he would never hurt anyone anymore. and the only way, was being alone forever, he packed everything he had inside his trunk.
he then, departed far, to the insides of a forest, inside that forest, he used his last strenghts to conjure upon the clearing a shelter made out of stone, then, he enchanted himself a spell were he would never need food nor drinks anymore, and went inside.
being inside he conjured stones and made them blend with each other in a way that there was no exit from the shelter. or rather, no entrance.
there, he remained inside, not disturbing anyone anymore, for the rest of his days. his only window for the outside world was the cieling of his shelter, who he had enchanted to be like a glass, a glass that is only translucid from inside.