its 5:30am, its not night anymore, im tired but, hey, i have to make this post, GODDAMN TOUHOU SONG PLAYING RIGHT NOW AND IT GAVE ME QUITE THE GOOSEBUMPS.

ahem, back to the point, where was i? oh yes, here it goes:

we are going to have a nanowrimo in the middle of the year. in fact, two, but im only signing in for august’s because i got more important business during june, like conservatory exams and a very important visit. so august is the month.
ah, last month i was working on Ann’s story next chapter, it was done, then, THIS NEW MOTHERFUCKING POSTING SYSTEM made everything bad for me, almost 100% of the chapter was lost and i got quite mad, didnt had the spirit to rewrite it at the given moment. just well… im sorry everyone is always awaiting always awaiting but, look on the bright side: you dont have to spare time every day/week/month to read some short chapter, so you can spare it with something better, like playing amnesia and screaming like a little girl.

next, ah, yes new header bitches! its our winter theme. nope, im not giving you your usual cloudy sky or snowy sky or whatever, im giving you a starry cloudless winter night, where the light of the moon shines coldly among coulds and the cold stare of that mage there. [random comment: shes cute, kind of reminds me of Arshe] 

what else, oh, yes, the tagline. smart people noticed that its always a song, rite rite rite? well, its actually well picked and has a reason, most time its telling of the overall spirits of the sky, the current state of their majority, but this time im not so sure of how to express, because this sky has grow big, bigger than you think it is, 2~4 stories are hosted here, but they are not over yet. one hasn’t even began yet, yes, im talking about Knight Storybook. and the other two novels planned for this year [ THEY’RE SKETCHES, JUST LIKE WHISTLE ]. but as the tagline says, theres magic here tonight.


thats all, thats all, i dont know, i might bring new stuff here soon? dunno, got two series in a forum, an illustrator who just started living ( seriously, stuff is probably hard for him right now ), violins, the usual visual novel who has no name yet and… oh Ainé, i need sleep.