” I keep the world outside, yes, my door is to keep the world outside my haven. ”

She could only feel at home, comfortable and happy, enough to rest, if the world wasnt there.

” I do not hate anyone, im just too weary of all. ”

And as god performs miracles, she simply went there, and shut her door, leaving the world outside, and her peace untouched.

” My room, my workshop, my very own fortress, the only place i can be what i am. ”

And her weariness, a special kind of weariness that fades away when she works on whatever she loves, and what she loves the most, over all, is weavering the fabric, bending the rules at will.
But mind you:

” I am not afraid of causing chaos here, if you know what i mean. ”

Just a normal, sleepy girl, seeking a cure for her sickness.
Or is she just a blind person who cant see whats on her hands, inherited by her accursed blood?

” Comes without saying, i was born something that no longer exists on my surroundings. ”

Not just her, but seems something is boiling, and the accursed blood gave its blessings to many, across her lands.