” Ah, the world makes me feel like sleeping forever. I dont know when it came to this, i remember i was once a quite normal person, full of energy but suddenly, living makes me feel like sleeping. ”

One needs no explanation for anything in the end, if there were, nobody would be born in the world without knowing why did they came. Yet, even for this there is an explanation.
One needs explanation, so they dont feel like falling asleep.
One needs it, for being awake will never, ever match the sleeping miracle of the dream.

This girl grew up as we all did, and as we didnt. This girl grew up in simplicity, yet, she was raised with complexity bigger than the fabric of reality.

She can weave it. And many individuals too.

” I begin to live, when i fall asleep. ”


” Because, being awake is boring, its not like being alive at all. ”


” Because of people like you, for exemple. ”

And in the rainbow of stars and mist, she grew, amidst sparks and glows, amidst the impossible and macabre, amidst things that preffer to hide, so they can be at peace.

– What plans you have for the future? –

” None. ”

– Why are you like this? –

” Leave me alone. ”

Lilac is her color, and from each finger, radiates power to play with the order of this world.

– You know, once you grow up, you have to… –

” I have to nothing. ”

Her deepest wish is to just know, how to be alive.