” Not now… let me sleep a bit more. ”

She says to her alarm clock. Its early in the morning, the silver sky of winter tells that it’s going to rain. Yet, this girl has to wake up every morning.
Like i did, like you did or is still doing, this girl has still to wake up every morning.

” Brushing my hair, i dont know but the feel of having the hairbrush threading on my hair, slowly, feels so good, specially this morning. ”

She loves the winter.

” Shoes, socks, blouse and shirt, my long skirt. And my purple hairpin, i love how it is a little star, a little star hanging on my hair, makes me feel like my hair is part of the sky. ”

And, in the cold morning, when the lights are still dim, due to the silver tune, she walks through the street of trees, there are still leaves falling, and everything feels a little bit wet. The smell of wood coming from the trees and the silence of the street;

” I want to whistle a song… which one should i? ”

And in the end of her walk, she stops at the corner of a street.

” My heart is getting thighter. ”

The cold wind blows.

” Its like a blessing. ”

And so, she goes on.