– Have you heard? The Walpurgisnacht is going to be held here, in our town. –

And in the middle of spring, all the witches in the world have always gathered in a single place, how is that even possible? they are witches, of course.

– Everyone is coming, even sister Diamond. Are you not excited, Lilac? –

But, as the ages passed, less and less witches attended to it, their reason? Many, some say they’re not interested anymore. Some say, its too dangerous. Some just cant attend.
Why is it dangerous nowdays? Because even after their ” Extinction. ” there is still people Hunting.

– So you are really here, eh? –

”  You are not Alva. ”

– Seriously? Tell me how did you figured out that? Ah, let me guess, magic. –

These hunters still pray, and why they just cant stop their mighty crusade? The reason is unknown still.

” A Dagger? you kidding you come here to kill me? ”

– no, i know i need more than a dagger to take you down –

” Oh… a pistol… i see you’re serious ”

And their live seems to be peaceful. But thats because when in silence…
…Everything is peaceful.