Frozen Air, and the moonlight touches her pale face under the darkness between the streetlights. She is walking alone in the middle of the street.

– Its two a m, its almost time. –

She is not alone. She is not the only one, yet, she is part of something that was, but was decided that they should be never more.

” So, when do we start? ”

– As soon as is everyone here –

In this town, the curse was only passed down to the children, children that grew up aware of it, children who rejected the world, before it would reject them.

[ Its… in our hands this time, isnt it? ]

To the ones who can make illusions real, an unexplainable, and unexplained hatred is beared, also in secret.

” Ever killed someone? ”

– Not until last weekend, i still have the nightmares. –

‘ Maybe we cannot live without this kill or be killed thing in our hands ‘

Would you accept a life, where anyone involved with you, could be killed? Could you live carrying on with the idea that you were the reason many lives were cut short or ruined, just so they could have a chance of getting you?

[ Feels like we are some kind of criminal. Worse, it feels like we are a bunch of abominations just lurking to bring destruction upon this world. ]

” They think we are. “