” When i was young i have heard stories about magic. Like everyone else in this world, we are raised with a little bit o magic in our hearts, each person in this world, even the most skeptic person in the world has a small flare shining inside. No matter if you are a believer or not, this is a matter of deal with it. You have, as i have and everyone does. Since the beggining of times, before mind and thinking start, magic was the major rule of all. And it still is. ”

-The Weaver Storybook –

Chapter One: Melodies of Our Daily Life

The alarm clock is rings, it keeps on ringing until from under the blankets, a small, pale and beautiful hand touches its surroundings, the small hand keeps on smashing the air without hitting the clock, even thought with all this early effort, the hand does not gives up. And then, finally hits the alarm.
From under the blankets a small sleepy face peeps outside looking to the sunlight rays coming from the window.

” Ah, it is morning already. ”  The girly soft voice says. She looks to the alarm clock near her bed, the arms tell her that its 6:45am, she stays there under her blankets for a few seconds until she realizes the time. She closes her eyes and murmur to herself.
” I hate having to do this every morning. ” And in her mind she says ” I dont like this, not a tiny bit of this is cool, wake up, early and walk, in the cold weather of the morning, go to that building full of stupid people to learn stuff that you really never care and will never. Waste of time, i would love to live life learning of things i really care about. ”

No use thought, the girl then goes inside her blanket again, sits in her bed uncovering half of her body, she then turns her face back to the window and says with a faint smile:
“Good day! Well… its not half bad. It is still cold but its starting to warm up, since its march. i bet we’re going to have a bright blue sky all day. Right? ”
As if to give herself motivation to move out of the bed, the girl then, touches the floor with her small, pale and pretty feet. Upon feeling the cold of the floor, she rapidly retreats it back to the bed and tries again, this time finally getting up from the bed. Her long purple hair is messy, her eyes are still half closed, she kindly slaps her face a little bit, jumps twice in order to make some energy flow through her body, grabs a towel and goes to the bathroom.
She meets the mirror and says:
” Morning me, did you slept well? ” while opening the water tap, she lets some water flow then quickly fills her hands with some, throwing on her face, starting to wash it, then she goes to take a rapid shower.
After taking the shower and brushing her teeth she goes back to her room, takes out her uniform, its a long black plain skirt with a white blouse and a ultramarin blazer, the white frills from the blouse stick out from the neck over the ultramarin blazer, she then starts brushing her hair calmly as if there wasnt the smallest care in the world.
And in fact, she had nothing to really care about right now.
While brushing her hair, sitting upon her bed, a small fluffy cat comes in, she then looks upon it kindly only moving her purple eyes, and calls out to it: ” Come here, Alfador. ” And with the call, the cat walks up to her and jumps on her lap, comfortably laying there while she brushes her hair.
” Did you slept well? ” She asks, and the cat answers with a cute and  fine ” Meow ”
” Ah, i bet you did, for you cats, its an easy going life isnt it? ” And then again, her cat answers with the same meow, but this time a bit more lazy than before.
” I still have to attend school, can you believe it? The time i waste in that place is just absurd, i wonder why i must attend it, and i wonder it since i was a small girl. ” The cat now does not give an answer, it just yawns and makes a soft groan as if someone who is falling asleep. The girl then, looks upon it with a disappointed face and says:
” You lazy furball. ”
She then, looks to her alarm clock, it says 6:55am. The girl giggles as if it was nothing and says. ” As expected, its all under control. ”
She stands up from her bed, her cat abandoning her laps, and slowly she puts on her socks and shoes, slowly walks up to the mirror, gives it a look, takes a graceful spin, goes to the back of her room, grabs her bag and slowly walks up to the kitchen.
” Mornin’ honey ” Says a woman as tall as the girl is, with short dark purple hair and purple eyes matching the same color. ” What you’d like for breakfast? ”

” I… just those slices of toast are alright for me, thank you mom. ”

” In a hurry deary? ” Her mother asks with a smiling face

” Nah, im just not really hungry today, but im totally fine. ”

” If you say so dear. ”

” Father has already leaved hasnt him? ”

” Oh yes, he did. ”

” Ah, its ok then, im also leaving, are you going to be back before dinner today mom? ” The girl asks as she takes a slice of toasted bread from the basket

” Unfortunately not, im sleeping over today. ”

” Aw… so im going to sleep alone today right, well, thats lame. ” She says as she munches over the toast

” Dont speak with food in your mouth little girl, and dont worry about it, you can order food over the phone. ”

” Neat. ”

The mother covers her face with her hands in disapproval, looks like her daughter cant learn not to talk with food inside her mouth.
” Well then, bye bye mother, i hope everything goes alright there, see you. ”

” See you deary. ”

The Purple haired girl then, leaves the apartment and slowly goes downstairs humming a song, once she is out from the building she looks up to the sky, the sun is still kind of weak as the silverish light rays penetrate the clouds, the girl then snaps her fingers and keeps on walking. The cold morning winter gently touches her cheek and caress her hair as she walks, not a single student can be seen on her way, she crosses the street, and goes her way up to the School.

” Illusion is magic. ” she murmurs. ” And magic is illusion, just a illusion who was able to become reality. ”
As she gets near the school, more and more students can be seen, all of them joining the flux as small rivers meeting each other in a larger one, all flowing to the same destination, not really with the same goal, but following similar paths. such is the youth of today, they flow together, to different places.

Her hair flutters in the wind, and before she joins the bigger flux of students, she stops by the corner of the street, breathes deeply, looks up to the sky again and the wind comes caress her face making her hair fly, she stands there for a small while, watching the students moving, taking a deep breath again snaps her fingers and starts walking to the bigger flux.
Upon arriving the school gates, the girl looks to the giant clock over the entrance, it says 7:20am, she smiles and then a small voice calls up to her:
” Morning Lila. ”
A small girl, with long gray-ish hair up to her backs, Eyes also gray colored and, her aura was strongly maternal and calm.
” Morning Bianca… ” The ” Lila ” girl yawns and then finishes her sentence ” How are you today, doing fine as always right? ”

Bianca smiles ” Yes i am, thank you for your concern, and how do you do this morning, you look rather tired. ”
” Not tired Bianca… ” She is interrupted by a energetic and mature feminine voice.

” Lilac is just a lazy brat, im telling you, if we stick to her, her laziness is probably going to drag us all down to Hel’s domain. ”
Lilac looks to the girl who said that, she is a bit more taller than her, long Mahogany colored hair up to the legs, fiery ruby like eyes, a passionate and confident smile on her face.

” Good day to you too, Scarlet. ” says Lilac.

” Oj, Oj Lila, dont be mad over it, the day just started. ”

” You know very well that this is exactly why i am like this, you also know i cant stand your uh… ”

” Energetic posture. ” Says Bianca to Lilac.

” Yeah, the thing she said. ”

” Whats wrong with being like this? ” Scarlet asks

” You’re irritating ” Lilac Answers

” Come on girls, let us not start this again ok? Should we head to the class now? its almost time. ” Bianca interrupts before they start fighting, you could feel the tension being builded, more by Lilac’s side.

” Sure, standing here is making me feel tired. ” Lilac says as she covers her mouth with her hands, almost yawing.

” Anything makes you feel tired. ” Scarlet jokes with Lilac. bursting a laughter within

” Oh you… ” Lilac turns to scarlet with angry-ish face, with her lips looking like a upside down V

” Now now girls, we are all grown up we shouldnt be acting this way ok? ”

” Alright Bianca. ” Says Scarlet, sighing. Lilac just follow her with a ” Humph ”

The Three go inside the School, slowly climbing the stairs in three different ways: Scarlet climbs victoriously full of energy, Lilac climbs slowly as if someone is dragging her along, yawing and yelling ” Shut Up! ” at Scarlet, who is still making fun of Lilac’s laziness, Bianca climbs quietly and steadily, with a smile on her face while she watches the other two closely, to make sure they dong fight.
Upon arriving their classroom another classmate receives them
” Lilac, Scarlet, Bianca, Good Morning. ” As tall as Scarlet, with blue eyes and dark hair, cut to the height of her jaw, a bright smile worthy of a queen, hands fair and nails polished in the same color of the uniform’s blazer.

” Howdy Cian? ” Answers Bianca, Scarlet waves from behind her with a bright smile and Lilac hi-fives her as she moves through the crowd and chairs to hers.
” I’m completely fine today Little Bianca, and i see Scarlet is shining as always. ”

” Have you seen Lilac’s mood today? She looks a bit more irritated than the normal. ” Says Scarlet.

” Yeah, but thats because its the last weekend before April. ” Answers Cian caressing her hair.

” She tends to get like that every year, but from the seven of us, Lilac is the one who feels it the most. She takes the blood to a higher level. ”

” Indeed she does, Lilac is dwells deeper than us, she takes it as both a blessing and a curse. ”

Lilac sits by the back of the classroom, hidden from the teachers, but not among the crowd. She spends the day at school between naps and wandering thoughts. Her mornings are inside this very building and at every break, her friends, who might not look like but are dear to her, as she is for them, they all gather around her desk and they all chat.
They are part of a world who shouldnt be anymore. They live through a world of dark and silent things. A world who reigns in the silence of the night.