Chapter Three: Heed my Call

Five girls running nonstop through the streets of a small town, thats not a sight this people is used to see. They just keep on running following the purple haired one, as her long hair down to her waist sways in the wind, their pace is steady and their speed is fast, their movements through the streets is kind of blurry. They keep on Heading in the same direction and once they reach the biggest square in this town, Lilac, the purple haired one, suddenly stops.

” Wha… ” Even Scarlet was out of breath. ” What was that Lila? whats so wrong you ran here. ”

Lilac then turns to her friends, with a serious face, holding the paper tight, she then aspires air and says:
” Its a trap, but its a trap i cannot turn a blind eye to. I have to bite their bait. ”

Cian looks puzzled, if Lilac knows its a trap there must be a real solid reason for her to bite it. Then she touches the ground closing her eyes, she spreads her mind through a fine thread of light projected from her palm, it enters the soft soil and starts traveling the park. Cian then sees it, a small girl, just a bit taller than Bianca, with brown hair up to the middle of her backs, and brown eyes. Rumena has been taken hostage inside, there are about ten men around, they are armed all of them dressed in camouflage but one, who was dressed in a fine white suit. Their weapons were heavy caliber revolvers and rifles.
Cian looks to Lilac, who is facing fearlessly the park gates, she puts her hand over the girl’s shoulder’s, Lilac is trembling.

” Are you really alright Lilac? ”

” Yeah, What did you saw? ”

” Ten of them. ”

” Heavy armed? ”

” Up to the neck. ”

” Bastards, and i am but a girl. ” She sighs, ” Is Rumena really inside? ”

” Yes she is, i made sure it was her. ” Cian looks up to the gate, ” there is no mistake. ”

Lilac snaps her finger and makes a tight fist, from within her fist a glowing orb starts to shine, the wind starts to blow strong. She says: ” I dont want to enter with the surprise element, if i am going inside to fight, i wont leave before i have ten of them killed, or my body cold and lifeless. ”

” I will go with you Lila. Viola was also my friend and i couldnt do anything to protect her, Rumena is also the closest friend i have, let me go with you Lila, please. ” Glas is standing by her side looking up to the gate. ” i want to do something this time. ”

” You sure about this glas? We might need to kill someone. ” Lilac states this looking to her friend’s decided face.

” I couldnt care less now. ” Glas then claps and from her clapping a circle with a eight pointed star on its center, ” we’re not the only ones in this world who have to live like this, hiding as if we were the worst kind of abomination wandering in the face of this planet. I didnt asked to be born with this curse! Goddammit! All i want is to be left alone, i dont even know why i am being hunted! ” she then releases the grip from the glowing circle and it floats in front of her as it it was an aim.

” Lila… ” Bianca approaches her ” its safer if everyone goes in together, we can backup each other, our specialties matches perfectly together. ”

” No Bianca, you should go home with Cian and Scarlet, call miss Sienna and ask her to spend the night with her. From us all, you’re the one we worry the most. If we dont appear tomorrow for school, leave the town. ” Lilac doesnt even looks to her friend, and as soon as she finishes this sentence, she kicks inside the square together with Glas.

Bianca holds her cry, as Scarlet and Cian takes her home.
Inside the square, Lilac and Glas go walking among the trees, slowly as they try to see anything suspicious.
” Lilac, ” Says Glas ” Why dont we send doppelgangers? ”

” We dont know what kind of artifacts they are holding, they could be using ilusion detectors or even mana ones, our only chance is to get to Rumena, free her and run, we can also kill every little one of those bastards, but… ”

” But? ” Glas looks at Lilac with a curious face

” They are probably trained to deal with us ” Lilac looks directly to Glas, with a faint smile and then she says. ” So… any plans? ”

Glas drops her jaws. ” Please dont say you came in without a plan. ”

” Okay. ”

Glas eyes start to water, her breath starts to get loose and lose rhythm. Lilac fastly says ” Ok, ok, i have a plan. Run to the main road of the square, its a  direct line to Rumena. ”

” Ok fine, then what happens next? ” Glas asks with anxiety

” i’ll run to Rumena, casting a reflection spell, all you will have to do is to shoot as fast as you can. ” Lilac gasps, breathes, and then looks to Glas with a broken smile.

” Dont you expect me to buy such a broken smile. ” Glas say

” But did you bought the plan? That is the most important part right now. ” Lilac’s smile gets bigger, but even more broken.

”  Why is it any important? We should be heading out right now. ”

” Because, if you believe in me i can also believe in me. ”

” Lets just leave it as it is Lila, ” Glas shakes her head ” its probably not going to work. ”

The Two are now clueless, stuck inside the square, tension is starting to stagnate and they are clearly getting more and more nervous as time passes, Lilac starts to show affliction in her face open wide for everyone to see, Glas is starting to worry too it has been a hour since they barged in the man in white suit turns to Rumena and says:
” Turns out weavers arent so close after all, hahaha you’ve been abandoned little girl. ”
She stays silent, with her eyes closed and breathing calmly and deeply, the man then, grabs one of her breasts gently stroking and whispers in her ear:

” Are you trying to cast a spell? you little… ” then someone screams in the distance

” Get your dirty hands out of my friend! ”
And with that three green explosions shake the square grounds, the man loses his balance and in the middle of the dust, Glas is standing alone, pointing her finger directly to him.

” Step away from her. ” She says, the man is astonished and then Glas repeats herself yelling out loud. ” Step away from her. Now! Im ready to shot, and i promise you i wont miss. ”

Lilac was still concealed in the woods of the square, watching everything from a close but safe range, she can only see three of ten men but that is not her main worry, tension is now rising up again, knowing glas she is confident that she wont move no matter what happens, but the man in white suit is trying to sneak on Rumena. He tries a step closer to her…

” Take your rotten leg back you pig. If this feet of yours touches the ground, i’ll blow your head so hard there wont be pieces of it to count later ” She is taking it really seriously, the feel in her voice is heavy and intimidating, threatening, each word of her is a dagger pressed against the neck of that man.
She really got the control of this situation, thought Lilac, and now her brain is starting to engineer something, she whispers something while crawling in the grass of the woods:
” Stream of life, beating within, i ask the sight, of all things to me akin. ” As she does so, she starts to see everything that is alive as a distinct shape, camouflage wont work anymore as she is detecting things by their life energy, She can see all of them, Including the white suit man, Glas and Rumena.
Lilac keeps on moving slowly crawling through the grass, she looks to her front,  points her finger in direction of one of the camouflaged man, and says. ” Come on Lilac… come on, you did this before now do it again. ” her arm is trembling. ” come on… ” she breathes a deeply holds her arm with the other hand and then she wishpers:
” Lilla Kostnad. ” small purple orbs start shining at the tips of Lilac’s fingers, with the hand mimicking a gun, she then, wispers a little louder. ” Lilla Skutt. ” and from the tip of her index finger the small orb is shot like a bullet out from a gun. A small splatting sound is heard and afterwards the body of the man falls to the ground with a dull thump.
” They are nine now. ”

As Lilac proceeds taking each of them silently in the woods, Rumena is still in the middle of the square, the man in white is just a steep away from her and across from both of them is Glas, who is pointing her finger directly to the man in white. He says:
” You know, i am not alone, if you try anything to me, i have a real good backup ready to strike you down. ”

” Then give Rumena back, and nobody will get hurt. ”

” You dont understood the situation right you are in no… ” Glas then yells back:

” No. You are the one who is not understanding, i am threatening you, i have the gun pointed to you here. I am the one who makes the rules and everything else. ”

” But by this time, you do recon that there are rifles being pointed to you right? ” The man in white smiles back a wry one, adjusting his hat over his head.

Rumena whispers something in a real low voice, it can barely be heard but Glas recognizes it. she says:
” Lightening… ”
Glas also sees a small purple flash in the woods, ” Lilac is taking care of them. ” She thought.

In the woods, Lilac is calmly and steadily taking care of each one of them, Seven were taken care of and now resting just one and the man in white. she just cant feel the ninth camouflaged, even thought she is using life detection. She then looks to the man in white and points her finger in his direction, he wont be able to see her, as she is positioned out of his vision field.
but this ninth man is making she feel very anxious.

” I dont think you have any chance anymore, just hand Rumena over. ”

” I know that there is a third weaver here, and i also know that each one of my agents has been killed by your friend. ”

” What? ” both Lilac and Glas are surprised, Glas aim is starting to tremble.

” Dont you weavers seek power more than anything? ” he says laughing softly, ” Yes, power, and we are here to control you, so you wont take over the world with this absurd power that defies and defiles our world. ”

” What the hell are you blabling about? Are you by any chance so scared that you cant think properly anymore and is trying to confuse us or buy time? ” Glas states back to him

” Time? i need no time, ” he then taps his leg and the ground starts to shake vigorously, a crack can be seen and in this instant, Lilac points the palm of her hand in direction of the man in white and screams ” Lilla Kommentar! ”
A comet shape crosses the square, taking the upper half of the man in white, Glas screams loud falling to her knees and from the crack a huge metallic thing rises from the underground.

” G-Golem! ” Glas screams. Golems are constructs of Enchanting, Enchanting is something that can be done by many ways, magic is not really necessary, there is no difference from a golem and a robot.

But calmly from her position, Rumena opens her eyes, as they are shining yellow, and all around the golem a huge complex magical circle with a sharp mark resembling a crack appears.
” Heed my call! ” she screams out loud stretching her arms to the sky. And as she does so, a huge thunder falls over the golem, engulfing it completely. the golem falls lifeless to the ground, with a loud sound and shaking the ground as well, Lilac runs out from the woods screaming.

” Run, theres more of them! ”

the three start running then, as fast as they can, gunshots can be heard, Lilac weaves her hand and a translucent screen of purple light is projected behind then, it serves as a shield. as they keep on running outside the square.

” Glas! Call miss sienna, tell her to take Rumena’s parents out. ” Says Lilac

” Fine, But where are we going? ”

” I dont know yet. ” Lilac answers

” Lets head to Cian’s ” Rumena says.

” Yeah, come on! move! ”

as they keep on running to the avenue.