Chapter Five: The Prey also Bites

They indeed did it.
They jumped from a 30th floors tall bulding, without thinking twice, their chasers however used this chance to shot them down as they fell, mercilessly shooting at them Cian put up a lightscreen to block the shots there were coming downwards to them, in these split seconds, Glas was able to see more agents preparing an ambush at the ground.

” Jewel deannaigh! ” she yelled, and a circle with a mark resembling a jewel was projected on the floor, soon after, it all exploded in a green and sparky explosion, as if jewels really had exploded around the ground. After a second, They started shooting upwards, and Lilac casted a lightscreen to block the shots coming from the ground.

” Lightening… ” Rumena says as she joins hands, and in the next half second her eyes start to shine yellow, she spreads her arms wide and chants ” Spread wide upon my call! ” she yells and upon yelling,  cutting the night sky down, a shower of thunder falls around the girls, Cian’s shield protects them from the Lighting, but not their attackers.
And as soon as they land, they rush to the gates, but their way is blocked by more agents, and they dont spare time, starting to shoot once again, Cian projects a sphere around them, and from the other side, more agents are shooting them, Lilac says:
” Hurry! to the walls! ” so they go.
By the side of the wall Lilac places her hand and chants ” Lilla Eksplojon! ” a Rune resembling a F is drawn in the wall instantly, she then yells ” Step away! ” the girls take some steps behind.

” Hurry Lilac! ” Cian yells.

” Aktiver! ” Lilac shouts, and with her shout, the rune lights up, causing a explosion. They dont have time to lose, they enter the dust and just keep on running.

” Where are we going? ” Glas asks

” I have no idea yet! ” Lilac answers

” Why do we keep on running? They will never leave us in peace if we do, i feel like im a rabbit who just keeps on running from a lion who will never give the chase up. ” Says Glas.

Lilac then breathes deeply and says ” Are you guys, up to a fight? ”

” You serious Lilac? ” Says Rumena.

” Dead Serious. ” Lilac says, her voice changed. She stops and chants ” Lilla Kostnad. ” Lilac breathes deeply and says:
” I will show them, who is the real prey now. ”

The other three stops on their tracks as they see the purple haired girl walking calm and resolute in direction of their chasers, she points her fingers forward as a gun. The other Three are still watching as Lilac moves forward.

” Lilac! ” Cian yells

” Dont try to stop me now, Glas woke me up to this, and i will… ”

” Lilac, stop saying ” i, i, i. ” its ” Us ” and one more thing. ”

” What. ”

” Lets drawn them out to the street, we have a better ground there. ”

Lilac turns back, Looks to Cian, and opens up a shining smile that doesnt lasts long, until she shouts: ” Okay! Lets do this! ” they go outside to the street. Now in the middle of the deep night, its completely deserted.

” Dont worry about their positions, ill keep an magic field, so we can work better. ”

” Magic field? ” asks Glas

” Glas did your family taught you something about magic? ” Lilac responds her, frowning her browns.

” They gave me some books, but as they were thick i didnt read, besides, its hard to read in old irish. ”

Lilac face palms. ” Fine, i’ll tell you what is a magic field. Listen close: A magic field is a limited area under the some kind of magical effect, the field can have a wide range of effects cast at the same time, so basically, Cian is setting up a base for us right now. ”

the second Lilac finishes, gunshots can be heard ” Do your best, girls! ” She says, and she dashes forward to the fray. Shooting is proving useless as Lilac dashes through shoring back and blocking every single one of them with a small light screen in front of her.
” Lilla Skut! ” She screams and starts shoring back, the Paladins get close to her, they switch to knives.

” Do you guys really want to fight like this? ” Lilac is not unprepared to fight, shes a martial artist, a good Kung-fu student. The gunshots didnt stopped, and cian screams from far, ” Its a group of seven, Lilac stay on your toes, Glas, go give Lilac a good ranged cover, get ready for casting your nukes Rumena. ”

” Roger. ” they say in unison, Glas runs into the fray, chanting ” éan sa spéir, teacht síos le mo lámha, bandia bogha! (bird in the sky, come down to my hands, Goddess bow! ) ” a green bow of light materializes in Glas hands, and with is, she starts shooting, as if it was a real bow.

Lilac is attacked from behind, but she quickly reacts with a spining kick right to the ribs, upon landing her blow, a purple light splash can be seen and the sound of broken bones, the cloaked screams and falls, in the same second, another cloaked approaches her, trying to land the knife in her shoulder from her side, she performs an arc motion with her arm,parrying the attack hitting her wrist against the cloaked wrist, then, with her other hand, she punches the mouth of his stomach, again, a splash of light blows from the backs of her target, and he vomits blood and gastric juices altogether, yet another cloaked tries to hit her, but hes blew away by two green needles of light, piercing both his right chest and the right side of his stomach.

Rumena points her two hands forward, her two hands are wide open and her arms together by her wrists, ” Gospod grom(lord thunder) ” she chants, her eyes glow yellow and a circle of light appears in front of her, scribles are being drawn, slowly minor circles are being aded, a bigger one appears on the middle of the main circle and inside it, the shape of a star with twelve tips is drawn. ” cut teče po zraku (cut running through the air!) ” the circle starts to turn in 3 layers, from the outer ring to the inner ring, they spin clockwise and anti-clockwise alternating between each layer, they then, separate, the main circle remains near Rumena, and the other two push a little forward ” iskrenje osvetlitev! ( Spark Lighting ) ” she yells, and then, a wide and bright lighting is shot from her hands as if its a cannon, cutting its way through the air, it takes two cloakeds who were running.
Lilac is dashing her way along with Rumena’s Blast, a cloaked shots against her and she shields herself immediately with a lighscreen, Glas hits it on the head from far, Lilac  stops and looks behind in surprise, 6 were taken, but her surprise is that, none of the girls, no one of them hesitated. Lots of things are passing through her mind, as well as it might be inside each girl’s but, still they didnt even blinked a wink for the killing, until now.
” Amazing. ” she says. But then, a voice calls from not so distant:

” Most wonderful, you four did it as yours ancestors used to. ”

” Lilac! Watch out! ” Glas shots him but he puts his shield in front of him, the shield simply dispels the needle of green light. Lilac turns to see it, its the same person in armor she saw before jumping. She readies herself, and he unsheathes a sword.

” I know, i will present myself. I am Isaac. ” he says, with a bow.