Ah, isn’t this cold so unforgiving in the winter? Sometimes i wish i was born in the south. But it seems that nowdays, even the south suffers from this everlasting tundra.
Nobody remembers why is the world like this anymore. The Elders who had memory from the earlier events are now dead, and all the knowledge about the earlier history burnt in what was the last great kingdom our world had.
I think that, as heritage now, aside from the small technology we hold, there’s only one single tale.
And that’s only a small glimmer of our ancient culture.
My name is Yanatti, just an old hag from this village.
The years are consuming me as it will consume mankind.
Its just a matter of time now… But let me share the last story of our people.

A tale our people call: Tatyana

After the great plague of wolves, and the great Ice fever break, only one great kingdom stood. All the others were consumed either by man or nature. Only Frostreich stood strong. The last hope of mankind, perhaps?
The Kingdom’s Royal Family consisted of a king, a queen and a princess. King Vyacheslav Viktor Weissberg, a very smart, fair  king, loved by the rightful, feared by the sinful. Tall, Strong of mind and body and with a fair black hair the height of his chin. Queen Natalie Alexandra Weissberg, Kind, merciful, and beautiful, some said she was the most beautiful maiden in the whole kingdom, long hair down to her waist, black colored as the night sky, her body was feminine as her behavior was. She was know as Queen Honeydrop. but the most important character of this story was no other than the princess.
Tatyana Alexandra Weissberg. Her face was simple, yet very beautiful, with her deep blue eyes that used to have sometimes a unnatural shine. Her hair was cut long bellow her shoulders. Loved by everyone, yet, loved by none. For her subjects she wore the mask her mother taught her.
It made Tatyana’s heart more and more heavy with each passing day, the nickname of White Faerie was just a mask for her. She hated it so much that sometimes by the end of the day, the weight of all performing of that perfect princess role her mother demanded from her made the girl simply burst into tears and roars of anger and disgust. Tatyana was not the kind of woman to grow quiet under a man’s hand. She was fierce inside, there wasn’t a day where tatyana had to face her mother that the girl’s rage  wouldn’t burst. soon or later in the day it would burst out. and when it used to burst Tatyana would go wild in the castle’s dungeons or courtyard.
As everyday, Tatyana had to live through a web of lies, denying who she was, obeying her mother, being a proper lady.

” Its Early Sun still… I cant believe i really have to wake up this early in the morning for such kind of affairs. ”

” You’re clearly getting better with your vocabulary and manner of speaking, Tatyana my dear. ”

” Was that sarcasm? Dear mother? ” said Tatyana, her blue eyes sharp, sparking like a glass blade in the night.

” A fair maiden never uses this kind of word art Tatyana, she must speak with her heart, when the word is directed for her. ”

” I cant find myself to like any of this. ”

” You will, eventually. ”

Tatyana and her mother used to sleep together in the same wing, and every morning, they had to wake up early in the morning, for Tatyana’s classes.
Yes Tatyana had to go on classes, classes about manners in table during breakfast, classes about dressing for the morning, classes about bathing, cleaning, every aspect of the morning had a class for.
Natalie, Tatyana’s mother, also was constantly policing everything about the princess’s behavior, as, the way she walked:

” Tatyana, look at how your spine is, you must walk straight, nose sightly pointing to the sky, always keeping your eyes well open, enough to show their colors, mind the way you close your lips. Oh Tatyana! mind the way you walk, you need to be more lightly, steep like you are walking on clouds, and remember to move all the muscles in your leg. ”

And every time, Tatyana would draw a long, deep breath. And in the depths of her mind, she would be cursing like the most ferocious of the ravagers out in the kingdom aside from killing her mother over and over again, sometimes it was hard for her not to sprout a smile on her face.

After breakfast Tatyana had breaks from classes, and her favorite way to spent time was playing around with the hunting dogs of the castle.
She would approach the pen and they’d start wagging their tails and bark happily as she came closer with some dried meat pieces. Tatyana’s favorite dog was Heimel, a white, half wolf, half dog.

That day Tatyana was really tired and full of her mother’s teaching about how to be a lady.

” I don’t want to be a proper lady… ” she said, to the dogs ” … I just wish i could be myself, i don’t care if i am attractive, i know i am the only daughter of the king but, i am not my mother. If i am to be the queen, i want to be just like father. I want to be know for who i am, i know he had to learn many things, but he is himself, he is not much different from when he is with me. ”

She sighs
” I wish father were home, at least he would take me to ride outside, he’d show me the hold… i miss you father… ”

Tatyana loved her father dearly.

Odd enough, that noon Tatyana’s mother came to see her only at the end of sunlight. Normally, people were getting ready for sleep already, since the nights were colder much colder than now,  the cold would only get worse, and there was either the risk of frostbite or ice fever, the dogs went inside the barn and, Tatyana headed inside the castle as well, where it could be a little warmer.
By the time of dinner, Tatyana’s mother finally came after her, Tatyana sighed.

” Oh, hello dear mother. ”

” Ooh my dear Tatyana, ooh my dear. You don’t know what woe has struck upon our kingdom. ”

” Woe? What are you talking about mother? ”

” Its your fath… ”

” What is wrong with father? ” She asked with a shout. ” Say it now mother, what happened to the king!? ”

” Oh my dear daughter its horrible. ”

” What in heavens is happening with him mother, say it already! ” Tatyana was clearly impatient, even her fangs could be seen at that point.

” He has the ice fever. ”

Tatyana’s world stopped there.
How could my father have taken the ice fever? From everyone in this kingdom but, why my father?  She thought. For her, her father to be doomed to death it was as knowing that the world was about to end and there was nothing she could do to avert it.

Tatyana lost her strength, for the first time in her life, the girl was shocked.

” Dear? ”

No response, Tatyana wasn’t listening to anything at that moment, any attempt of contact with her would be useless. she then, began to cry, she cried so much she started to sob, she lost her strength to the point she fell down to her knees, then, she fell to the floor, and crouched.

”  Tatyana! Oh dear gods, Tatyana be strong. ”

They carried her over to the chambers where her father was laying, ill, he had no more than a few moment left to live, but he was calm, happy, and, when he saw his daughter, he even showed up a bit of strength. he was a fair man, tall and strong, but laying down on the bed, his black hair and purple eyes didn’t showed the former glory of that king.

” My dear Tatyana, what bothers you so much? ”

” Father… ” She said, sobbing. ” Why you? Why didn’t the gods chose someone else? The kingdom needs you, the people need you, the castle need you, i need you, father please don’t die! ”

Natalie started to cry as well.

” Oh my little cub don’t you cry, where is that ferocious Tatyana i always loved? ”

” She is here father, the one crying so much in front of you is that Tatyana you love so much. I just cant live with the idea of you being gone. ”

” But i wont be gone Tatyana, i will watch over you, in the wind, in the dim rays of the sun, all around you, i will be always with you Tatyana, my warmth will be yours, don’t feel bad about it. I’m not going anywhere, you just wont be seeing me anymore. ”

” Nor listening, nor feeling. I need you alive father! You know very well that if its not with you i cant be who i am, you know it! ”

” Now that’s not true Tatyana. ” Said Natalie, her mother.

” This is not time for a lady to be talking, i didn’t directed the word for you! ”

” Oh you rebe… ”

” Stop you two, Right now! ” Vyacheslav, Tatyana’s father yelled at both. ” Tatyana you must respect your mother, she only wants you to be a bit more refined. And Natalie my dear, you must respect Tatyana as she is, indeed she needs a bit of refinement, but the kingdom needs her as she is now. ” he said.

Natalie rolled her eyes, while Tatyana hugged her father dearly, still crying.

” Oh my dear cub, don’t you cry. ”

” Please father… ”

” Nothing can be done my little cub. now listen close. ”

Tatyana approached him.

” There is only an year until you can become queen, but, be aware of the other members of our family, they’ll want you out so they can rise up to the throne. Be smart my little cub. ”

” Who is going to be on your place during this year? ”

” Your mother will, but she is not as strong as you to take upon the task, but she can hold until you are old enough. Try to be strong Tatyana, and be smart and aware of the dangers. ”

” I will father. ”

” The kingdom belongs to you my daughter, and i can only believe on you. If i was to put the kingdom on anyone’s hands it would fall. i know it very well. ” he coughs. ” Ah Tatyana my dear. There’s only one last thing i have to tell you. ”

” What is it father? ”

” I love you, my little cub. ”

and then King Vyacheslav Viktor Weissberg drew his last breath. And with it, all of Tatyana’s strength.

” Tatyana hold on! ” her mother screamed

she was so weak, at that point, she just fainted there.

” Tatyana my daughter! Tatyana Alexandra! Be strong my dear. ” her mother keep on.

but how could she become strong at that moment? the only person who knew and loved her for who she was, Tatyana had lost her father, her friend, her safe haven, her place in that world.
For her, losing her father was like losing the right of being Tatyana.