Ah yes young ones, even through Tatyana was a grown up woman by the date, her attachment for her father was clearly strong, it was correct to say that the strong woman, was just a girl without her father.
And that’s how it was.

Chapter Two. 

A week after her father’s death, the mourning ceremonies would start. It usually took  seven days for the dead to be embalmed, then the rites of mourning could start. it was a custom for the royal family to meet in the deceased’s home for the mourning to start.
Tatyana didn’t liked any of her relatives. Simply because they also never approved of who she was, she couldn’t be herself, and even more now with her father, everyday, everyday would prove a battle for her. Always during a visit someone would talk to her trying to make her change an aspect of her. But Tatyana was happy the way she was, she didn’t need any change, all she needed was the right to be herself, without people trying to change her. That is what the princess thought.

She knew very well that nothing bad had happened with her until now, because her father was there to defend her. Now he was gone, for good. And no one would defend neither accept her the way she was.

” Im Scared. ” was the thought that haunted her head during that week, she wasn’t just mourning, her’s wasn’t an act, she was truly depressed. Unlike her relatives, that came from far to discuss on the future of the throne. Other unrelated lords came as well, the only true period of mourning was the week of the passing rites, once it was over, the wheel of fate began to turn for the kingdom.

And believe this old hag, it was not turning very beautifully. For no one.

By the sunset of the first day of the second week, the rest of the family arrived.

” Tatyana, Tatyana come over here dear. ” it was Natalie’s voice, echoing through the corridors, during the last weeks Tatyana keep shut inside her room, never going out not even for eating her meals.

” Tatyana! ” her mother insisted

” Shut up! Go away! ” she yelled back

” Tatyana, all our relatives a… ” but the girl didn’t care, not even the littlest bit.

” Go away i said! ” she yelled once again ” I don’t care about any of them, not a single bit, i hate them all, i know why did they all came, and its all because of opportunism, they are no better than crows. Storing gold for no real reasons, only because it pleases them to have so many! I, Tatyana Alexandra Weissberg, am not leaving my room. Now go away! ”

” Enough with the child act Tatyana! Come out at once and face the family! ” her mother yells

” If you face a vicious snake you end either poisoned or dead. ” she yelled back

” Alright Tatyana, you want to be treated as a kid, so be it. If you don’t come along, Heimel will pay the price! ” she yelled ” I swear over my name! ”

It shook Tatyana’s nerves, she did came out, still dressed as if she was going to sleep, but she did came out. tears slipping from her eyes, but what could she do? Her life suddenly became a fierce siege, and she was the besieged one, and, she wasn’t being able to push the besieging forces away.

Took a hour for her to be ready, her dress was white and over the head she was wearing nothing but simple princess circlet. It was the custom, the next one to ascend to the throne to be the only one in white while everyone should wear either red or black. most of her family was wearing black, black mean deep sadness and sorrow. But Tatyana could see that they only had interest in the crown. When everyone sat down the table for the first feast of mourning, the custom was that the eldest child of the king and successor to the throne to make a speech, it was known as the last farewell.

The moment Tatyana stood up, she overlooked every little one of then, and she said:
” My father might be dead, but he said to me in his deathbed, that i should be careful. He said that a nest in the ground can belong to any kind of beast. And that’s why, when walking on the forest, one should be careful. I think i know what he wanted to say to me at that moment. ” she stopped to catch her breath and keep on ” I am the one appointed to the throne, i am going to assume it and keep the fortune of our kingdom. My Father will be missed, over the days, months, years and ages. He was a great man, with wisdom to rule us all granting wealth and a good life as best as he could. I swear under his and my own name, i will stand as strong as necessary to bring us a similar or even better life. This is the best i can do to honor the memory of my father. ”

” But what is a queen and a kingdom without a king? Right Tatyana? ” her uncle, Vlad Viktor Weissberg, said.

” Good question my dear uncle, a Kingdom with just a queen like my mother, is a kingdom dammed to ruin. But… ” She made a brief pause. ” I am not my mother. ”

” Tatyana! ” her mother yelled.

” I will rule this kingdom alone! I need no man and no king to do it for me, my father passed his crown down directly to me in his deathbed, i cant assume the kingdom now, there’s only a year before i can. But be aware that, by no reasons i am going to step down the throne for no one! And with this you’re all dismissed, i am very tired myself, i need sleep. ”

In fact she could still stand and talk strong, but she could stand for much long, Tatyana was still recovering from the loss of her father.
The family wasn’t really huge, the king only had a brother and his brother only had two sons, and his wife, Elenoir Alexandra Weissberg. But there were plenty of nobles still around, Clans who used to lead the major villages and town’s inside the kingdom’s walls, and from them, Natalie would try to find a fiance for Tatyana. But she showed on the feast that she was aware and unwillingly to give away her crown to some other man that wasn’t her father.

The Throne was hers, in her mind it would be hers forever and, no matter what happened, she should reign alone.

That night Tatyana didn’t fell asleep, she ran to the pens, she was worried about Heimel, her favorite dog.
Upon approaching the the portal to the courtyard she overheard a conversation, it was her uncle and her mother talking.

” Natalie, i know you did your best, but nothing could be done. ”

” Don’t say things like that Vlad, everyone knows that i could do better than just trying to fix it. ”

” Its a problem we can deal still. ”

Tatyana was curious about the conversation, she was starting to boil some ideas over her head, but she wanted to believe it was about her father.

” That girl is a barbarian, Natalie, its not your fault. But if she were my girl i’d have threw her to the wolves. ”

” Don’t say things like that. Tatyana is a perfect girl… ”

” Yes, i saw her display of being a perfect lady today. ”

Tatyana was shaking by that point.

” She needs to taste some corrective. ”

” What do you mean? ”

” Isn’t there something she loves around? Something you could use to break the beast inside her? ”

” That’s too much Vlad. ” Natalie sighs. ” We’re not in need of such desperate turn. ”

” Oh yes the kingdom is, i can see what kind of mad rule would come from her, i know you’re kind Natalie, but Tatyana is mad. ” her uncle stops to gaze upon the moon ” This girl sitting in the throne, will only bring ruin and chaos to Frostreich, and you know very well, we are the last hope of mankind. ”

Natalie just looks down to her feet and replies. ” Yes… ”

” Its getting very cold, im going back to my chambers Natalie. Think about your daughter, you know, the fate of the kingdom rests heavy on your shoulders. ”

Tatyana hid in the darkness of the hall, so she would be noticed by no one passing by, and once they were away, she sneaked past the portal to the dog’s pen. She went to check on her favorite dog, Heimel.

” Oh, Heimel! ” Said Tatyana upon recognizing her favorite dog among the pack. ” Heimel, Heimel i am so relieved. ” She hugged her fiercely ” I was so scared, i thought you would be gone today, you alright? Let me look at you. ” She examined every aspect of her friend, trying to find any signal of harm ” I, i am so happy you are alive Heimel. I need you girl, you are my only friend now. ” Heimel started licking Tatyan’s face, as if understanding what she was saying. Tatyana hugged her tight again, shed a few tears while doing so.

” You know Heimel… those last days… i felt so scared, so nervous, its been taking my sleep away, its making me a bit sick but… i feel so calm, so tranquil, so happy with you now… ” she drew a long breath in, and said in bliss ” I feel better right now. Least i can find a place were there is still peace left ”

That night, she sleep together with the dogs, these dogs were not just dogs, they were half wolves too.
That was the first night the Wolf Princess slept among the wolves.

The Next morning, Tatyana woke up and noticed where she had slept, all the other dogs were around her, so, probably that was the reason she could stand the night’s biting cold, but she knew one thing, once her mother noticed her smell, there would be beatings. She then, quickly stood up and rushed to the bathing chambers.
Bellow the castle, ran a hot spring, the exact place where the bathing chambers were build was the pools of hot water. And that keep the castle warmer during the nights.

As soon as Tatyana was leaving she heard two persons coming down the stairs, it was Natalie and Elenoir.

” You know… maybe Tatyana just needs a little of a man in her life. ” Said Elenoir.

” Don’t be silly, that wouldn’t change the girl. ” replied Natalie

” Maybe, who knows? ”

” Did it changed you? ”

” I’m not sure, grew me a great desire, but i think i’m still the same. ”

” Oh dear… i’m starting to think i should call the… ”

Tatyana got on her towel and rushed past the two, she ran until her chambers, there, she shut herself again into her room.

” I need to start using my brains on this one, i know whats coming ahead. ” she thought.