And the last time people saw the princess was when she was crossing the frozen lake by foot, running, running for her life, in more ways than one could be in that time. Of course she could have faced it all, of course she could have used her wisdom and put the nobles down. But her father once told her, that the worst predators would play with their preys before the meal.
What was a daily battle, had become a hunt, and even the prey showing capable of facing the Predator, it was the power of one, against many powers united. Her subjects could not make anything for her, and judging the nobles, they could easily turn the tables.
They had bigger voices, bigger fangs and a vicious poison. Tatyana grew so disgusted inside, the last thing about her the kingdom found was a carving in stone saying:

Here lies Tatyana Alexandra Weissberg

For the old kingdom, it made plenty of mixed feelings. And there was no more a direct successor to the throne other than the king’s brother.
But what really happened to Tatyana?

Chapter Four

Ah, Tatyana, the girl fled into the outer world. with a few covers of coat, her dog Heimel, and nothing more, Not even a piece of gold. Not that gold would help her outside the walls anyway, the human tribes who lived outside the wall. she drifted around the forest near the kingdom border on the first day, lost, disoriented, scared anguished and disgusted. But she didnt let that bring her spirit down, she didnt want to die now, and that was the most important thing.
She remembered what her father told her once: In the wilds, when night comes down, you must either find shelter from the wind, or make one yourself.
By the nighttime, She found a rock who shielded her from the wind, but while looking for some firewood, they found her. A pack of true wolves.

” Ah! ” she said in surprise ” Not good… ” But heimel wasnt. The wolves started to approach slowly, cornering them, Tatyana was very scared and only curled, while Heimel was ready to pick on the fight.
Heimel barked fiercely, showing her teeth, the wolves, in turn, also showed their teeth back at her, clearly they gave no importance to Heimel, their target was Tatyana. One of the wolves barked back and Heimel left a huge yell out, then one wolf jumped at Tatyana, Heimel simply jumped and intercepted it’s leap. biting its neck and leaving a serious injury.
With that all the others leaped, Heimel only bough the fight.
One leap trying to catch Tatyana’s Leg, Heimel tacked him in the ribs, tacked hard, the wolf left a whimpering sound, and hit a his head on a tree. but with that there was a clear line between tatyana and another two wolves, the two leaped, heimel bit one by the leg and threw him at the other wolf the two quickly ran behind the leader of the pack, the other two were unconscious.

And they start to bark at each other, as if they were talking. It was a very interesting behavior, Tatyana took a peek, she never saw her dogs have a chat like that, it was unexpected that her half wolf dog would talk to a wolf that way.
Things were not as she was used to, she felt at that time, that everything was different.” The outer world was really another world ” thought Tatyana.

But something started to get clear in those barkings, the girl was starting to recognize what they were actually saying. first she recognized a few words, simple phrases, but with a bit of time, she could identify and recognize everything that was being said there.

” Why do you protect her? isnt that girl your leash? dont you want to roam free? listen, we are hungry, let us feed and grant your right to roam free. ” Said the leader of the pack

” She is not my master, she is not my leash, she is my friend. Although she is not of my kin, i am the only one at her side. ”  Said Heimel

” How are you the only one at her side? dont humans cuddle together to survive the end of all life? ”

” No one other than me in her home wants her alive. She suffers just too much, day after day, i cant quite understand why they do it to her, but almost everyday is a day of suffering for her in some degree. ”

” And why dont her just end all this suffering. ”

” She is not strong enough. ”

” And you are defending a weakling, weaklings have no right to survive. ”

That line was enough to make Tatyana burst, being that a wolf or not.

” Who the hell do you a… ” but she was interrupted

” Silence Female Hu… ” But she interrupted him

” No one tells Tatyana to silence, you insolent pup! ”

” Enough! Get her! ” with that, the leader and the other two leaped at her.

Tatyana quickly picked up a rock and aimed good at the leader. Swiftly, Tatyana let if fly, the rock went spinning directly at the leader’s muzzle, spraying some blood over the snow. Tatyana stood up, the moment the leader let out a whimper of pain, the two wolves backed at her, she had fires in her eyes.

” Now listen up wolf, no one tells Tatyana to shut up, back at home i couldnt kill, i was bound by laws, but here there are no laws binding me are there? Yes i was a coward letting Heimel buy all the fight alone, but i wont let that happen again. I may be barehanded, but i am a human. Finding ways to kill things is my specialty. ”

The wolf grown at her and then let out a loud bark

She barked back, as fierce and strong, and said ” Dont you try me, you’d better walk away. ”

” You talk too much. ” said the leader

Tatyana picked up another stone and threw at his head, leaving him unconscious.

” Now who talks too much, also, who’s next? ”

The other wolves backed at her, even Heimel was a bit scared.

” I said who is the next!! ” she shouted.

The wolves ran, leaving the leader back. Relieved, Tatyana sat down in the snow, curious about the wolf, she approached. He was still alive and didnt looked very wounded, but she landed a wound on his face that would probably leave a scar.

” Heimel, i know this is bizarre, but, i dont want him to die, i know he was just hungry, and i just defended myself here. But i am not letting this fellow die. ”

” What if he had died with your last blow? ” Heimel asked.

” I would have to deal with it. this is the rule of the outerworld right? kill or be killed, feed or be food. I need no more introductions than this now, i felt death on my backs, and i am not denying i did. I am smart Heimel, i dont need much time to figure out what position i am. ”

” Then why dont you feed on him? ”

” Because he is not dead. ”

” Kill him. ”

Tatyana stopped, she looked at the wolf, unconscious, frail, she could kill him with ease now, in many ways. but she didnt moved a finger to kill him.

” I wont. ” She answered.

” Why not. ”

” Because, i want to be a wolf now. ”

Can dogs smile? I wonder, Tatyana might have wondered that too at some point, but im sure that for her, right now, Heimel was not only proud of her, but smiling.
Yes she did took care of the Wolf, latter that day he woke up, trying to stand up shaking the pain.

” So you are alive. ” Tatyana greeted him

The wolf let out a snarl

” well, woof, for you too, just hope you’re not too hungry, i got a meal here to share. ”

” You hurt my pride female hu… ” she interrupted him

” Tatyana. ”

” What? ” he asked

” My name, the humans named me Tatyana. ” She said.

” You gave me your name, why did you gave your name to one who wanted to kill you? ”

” I dont know, you’re not in your best form either… i dont find you to be so menacing now. ”

” But i could still kill you latter. ”

” I would defend myself again, im not going down without a fight. ”

” Yakov. ” He said.

” huh? ”

” My name Female Human. My name is Yakov. ”

” Nice to meet you Yakov. ”

” What does that mean? ” He asked

” Means that im happy to make you an acquaintance. ”

” ah… ”

And theres a long silence, it lasted for some minutes… a nice smell was taking around the air, it was the smell of a roasted rabbit. Yakov started to make some weird noises, Tatyana looked at him with a weird look on her face.

” Hey, you hungry? ” she asked

” Not your concern, female human. ”

” Its okay, you can eat if you want to, theres plenty for the three of us, right Heimel? ”

” Go on Yakov, you can pick your favorite part. ”

Yakov was puzzled, he hesitated on the first, but then gave in and started eating. desperately.

Tatyana laughed ” How long have you been hungry? ”

” Shut up. ” Yakov said while he ate

The three spent a little while eating, for some reason Yakov stopped and said:

” Its… nice to meet you too… Tatyana. ”

Tatyana just smiled back at him, and they ate the meal. That night, Tatyana sleep together with a real wolf. Not only, she also befriended the leader of the pack.

In the following morning, Yakov woke up early, and also woke tatyana and Heimel up.

” Im takint you two into my father’s pack. ”

” You serious? ”

” Yakov, you might bring great trouble for you doing so. ” said Heimel

” No, you saved my life, the least i can do is present you to my father, dont worry about anything else, i have caught enough food this morning, would you help me bring it back to us? ” said Yakov

” No problem, but why are you doing this for us? ”

” Im not letting my new acquaintances die in the snow, even more, after what you did for me, i am very grateful. ”

” But they wont accept me, i am a human. ”

” With the heart and voice of a wolf. ”

Tatyana got herself puzzled. she stopped and made a confused face, was her really a wolf? then since her birth, she was living in the wrong place, with the wrong beings around her. she felt a glimpse of hope, and a warm feel of happiness upon thinking this.

But not enough to soften her.
One thing thought, was certain:
The old Tatyana was dead. And was when she stopped and found a rock to carve the grave for Tatyana Alexandra Weissberg.

Now, she was just Tatyana