Young Tatyana was brought by Yakov to see his father, the thought would have haunted the mind of all possible humans, since wolves were twice the size of humans, and legends told of wolves the size of houses. She was well aware of that.

She just had nothing else to lose. Not in a sad way.
She was just a newborn now.
Newborns start with nothing.
And so she did.

Chapter Five

After some while walking, the day neared dusk time, and soft snow was falling as if dancing slowly, floating in the air. They arrived a entrance, it was not just the average cave entrance, it was clearly carved, as if it were the entrance to some underground ruin or something.
Yakov went in. Tatyana stood there, looking to the carvings, there was a huge wolf head on the middle of the arc, the columns were marked with runes, so old, older than the current runes used by the kingdom, nothing could Tatyana read, there were also carvings of chains, swords, and more wolves.

” Yakov, what are those runes about? ” she asked

” No one knows, i’ve never came to wonder about them myself. ”

” They look very ancient. ” Said Heimel

” Older than the kingdom, according to my father. ” said Yakov. ” But enough chatting, come on in, its going to get real cold soon, inside is warm and comfortable. ” He said with the voice of invitation.

They all went inside, as soon as they got in, Tatyana saw a grove. Trees were green inside and there was a small pond to the side, with liquid water. it was very warm inside, warmth that the girl was not used to feel. The many wolves were there, looking at her, not giving her judging eyes, but, just looking to a visitor.
They never considered her anything else during the first moment, she was just a new acquaintance.

” Here is were i live, with my brothers, sisters… well everyone else. ” said Yakov

” They are all your parents? ” asked Tatyana

” Every single wolf. Of course, its just our generation that made through, there are no elders, aside from my father. ”

” Why is that? ”

” Father says that, the time of life in this world is bordering, soon it will all be snow, then divine blood will be shed on the heavens, and all will be water. ”

” Can you believe him? ”

” He is the eldest, and he knows more things than we all do. He said he lived in a world were not just some underground groves but, the whole world was green, and a lot warmer, and most wolves were smaller than us now. He says that one of the signals are us, the wolves whose size haunt most creatures. ”

Tatyana remained silent, until some thunderous sound came from the inner parts, and as soon, she saw something moving, then a huge wolf was looking at her, big enough to swallow a cow whole with one bite, without need to chew on it.

” Who is the girl Yakov? ”

” She says her name is Tatyana. ”

” Where did she came from? ” Yakov’s father asked

” I dont know, she never gave me a word from where she came from, infact, i dont even know so many things about her, only that she is not your average human, she could have killed me when i tried to feed on her, but not only she defended herself, but nursed me back to health. ”

” Why did she? ”

” I never asked her, my father. ”

” Can the girl understand us? ”

” She can talk like wolves do, father. ”

” Lets hear it then. ” the wolf focus his eyes on Tatyana now. ” You may speak now, Tatyana. ”

” How should i adress to you? ” asked Tatyana

” This is up to you. ” Yakov’s Father answered.

” What is your name? ”

” I had so many names, which one you prefer? ”

” The one you got in your birthday. ”

” My true name you mean? ” The wolf looked outside, looked around, sighed and finally started talking. ” Im older than you think, My true name become oblivious to your kind, but it used to bring awe in times ancient. ” He lowered his head, exposing his neck, and around it there was a giant collar, attached to huge chains, his legs were also chained to the walls of that cave. Those chains did not looked ancient at all, but they did felt like they were as ancient as they emanated a magical feel. ” My name, female human whose name is Tatyana, is Fenrir. ”

No one really remembers who was Fenrir, nor how important he was Fenrir was probably a fragment of how the world was before the cold engulfed all and the current crisis began.

” I kind of miss the times when my name stroke fear into the hearts of mortal. ”

Tatyana had no words for what he expressed. a wolf that size, was immortal. Not much surprising too, his head was half the size of a small house.

” Now, i have a question for you, Tatyana. ” said Fenrir. ” How did you learn to talk with wolves? ”

” It came sudden , when Yakov and his brothers attacked me. ”

” You just started to understand what they were saying? ”

” Yes, but just the wolves. ”

” Its natural. Humans were once part of mother nature and spoke the common tongue, but seems its not the case. Not anymore. ” Said fenrir.

” Humans could talk like animals? ”

” in a very ancient time. ” he answered. ” Im interested in you Tatyana. In truth, i’ve been waiting for someone like you for ages. ”

” Is that so? ”

” Yes, but this doesnt means the person is you. ” He continued looking to the chains that bind him to the cavern walls. ” This gift has been given to many, yet many didnt even came to realize the existence of this gift. ” He paused, let out a long sigh and continued. ” Now i presume even the existence of this gift to be very rare. ”

” Should i ask why is it so important? ”

” I need a certain person, capable of speaking the language of nature, i need this person to talk to my chains, and make then break, so i can accomplish my destiny. ”

” Why would i be this person? ”

” Because you can talk to wolves right now. Worry not, i have faith in you, i will give you the right to be one of us, and if you can, per chance, talk the language of nature. Then i would be more than glad to have you break my chains. ”

Tatyana felt honored, now she was part of that wolf pack, free to live there together with them. And be who she always wanted to be, herself.