when time goes around
bringing the shine of Spring
back, back for us

Sleeping, was the life
Hoping, for warm days
Oh, when i grab your hands
Gentle wind,
Make me fly

The sweet flower of that day
When i couldnt see the darkness
Could in this cold
Bloom to color gold anew?

Oh distance
Make me dream of light
Water and soft sunlight
Make me soar, take me off
to lands beyond the setting horizon.

The setting horizon…

Mirror, of crystal flow
Reflect me my glow
Show me my truest shine
And lead me to where
to where i must go.

There is no delight
If theres no Labor
If the sky dont cry
How will the crops grow?

One, must keep very close
Very close and safe
That primal feel, we all share
A certain kind of love.

And throught the years, the ages. The days, keep dear the words i say!

Dream of, whatever you can
Wish, for everything you can
And work until your body ache.
Dreams will take, hope to you self,
Wishes will make you move your wheel
And make you remember well
That the truest treasure of all, is life, life, life…