And we resume our story.
Tatyana passed a year of transformations, the frustrating life of being a princess, bind by the rules of high royalty imposed by her mother and society, the loss of her father, the plot build against her.
What lied beyond the dungeon? After imprisoning her, what would they do? Kill her? Leave her there and forget her forever traped inside the deep dark dungeons?
For the kingdom, she was dead now.

Little they knew, that this year was enough to wake the wolf inside Tatyana, and her deepest wish? To finish the Age of Humans. All that was necessary was for her to ask a magical chain to break, unleashing the might wolf Fenrir. As our ancient legend foretold that, then a human voice alone will break the chain,  unleashing the terror that is the giant wolf, who will engulf the sun and end with all life within the world.

And this is how the world became night.

Chapter Six  – Part One

Having lost most of her human mind, becoming a kind of beast between a wolf and a woman, Tatyana sharpened her wits, fangs, instincts, reflexes and even her voice.
She didnt need to scream to be heard from distance, from all aspects, her voice was the most powerful and imposing of all. Her past human life within the castle was a shadow of suffering cast upon her, and with hatred she could remember that sometimes.
She didnt had to remember.
She did it on purpose, She wanted to end all that was mankind at that moment, the current standards, the evilness, the lies, she wanted it all to start anew, she wanted to destroy it all, so they would have to start over again.
Hatred. It explained her emotions, thought she knew that the chance she was about to claim was going to probably end the world, she didnt cared.
The world was meant to end anyway, if it was not by her hands, by someone else’s hands that would come after her. It was foretold, it was the destiny of the world, nobody could run from it.

It was spreading in the wind, as Tatyana grew more and more skilled with her new life and self, the more wolves would gather under Fenrir’s fangs, waiting the day Tatyana would set him free and the last nightmare of mankind begin.
It was still night when it all began.

Tatyana walked the cave, slowly, going towards the giant wolf, It overlooked her and asked:

” What is it, Endbringer? ” Fenrir started to call her by Endbringer, a name trying to fit her role in this circle.

” Fenrir, might wolf. I can now free you from your binding, so you can close this chapter and end the book called Age of Man. ”

” You are aware that after you do that, theres no going back, and all life will perish. Are you not? ” He asked.

” I care not, for my life is not endless, and i bear much hatred within this chest of mine. ”

” Innocent blood will be spilt. ” He said.

” Then make is cascade down the hills and freeze with the snow and cutting frozen winds. ”

” How will you deal with the cries of the dead in your mind? ” He asked.

” I will eat then, and make it my own howl. ”

” Its decided then. Unleash my hunger! ”

Tatyana gathered air and inflated her chest, she looked at the chain and let out a Howl.
A Thundering sound, as if every lost soul of the previous packs that wandered earth joined together and in unison let out the chilling sound, so chilling, that the chain cracked, and broke down to pieces.

” Weep now, all that is alive, for the Endbringer unleashed my ancient hunger, the Sun will be no more, and darkness will fall. ” Said Fenrir. ” Prey over your fathers, eat your mothers alive, kill your brothers and slaughter your sisters, all the creation, tremble in deep chill, for dammed are you all. ” he let out a loud howl, and all that were not wolves or Tatyana had their blood frozen, for chilling was his might sound.

The pack was agitated, and the moment Fenrir stood upon his paws, claws the size of hunting dogs, fangs that could contest with castle columns, standing, Fenrir was godly, his size haunting, even those in his side feared. Tatyana’s heart was taken in fear but even so, she keep dignified.

” Now go my kin, prey, prey until theres nothing more to pray, let the Endbringer guide you to were the sons of men are now, leave only when theres nothing breathing, but yourselves. ” Fenrir commanded.

Tatyana went out of the cave, and after her, and absurd and unimaginable amount of wolves stood by her side, countless fangs, teeth, all ready to thorn flesh apart.

” This is it, the last moments of this era have started, do they even wonder? ” asked Tatyana.

” They know there will be an end, they just never believe when its coming. ” Said Yakov.

” Well, no matter now, for the longest night in mankind’s history is about to begin. ” She said.

” It will also be the darkest. ” Said Yakov

” They are the ones to be blamed. ” Tatyana was remembering herself of her old life, and the moment her only joy was taken away from her. ” They tried to chain me, I unchained myself, and then,  i unleashed the end. ”

” Are you not feeling guilt, Tatyana? ” Asked Heimel

” No. After all is done, there will be nothing left to feel guilty for. ”

” Everything could be different. ” Heimel said

” You mean, i could be royalty still? ”

” Yes you could. ”

” Not using a mask, not to mention, the powerful men in Frostreich would never respect my will. ”

” Do you doubt? ”

” Yes, and i also want their blood over the white snow. ”

A Chilling wind blows, its getting dark, Tatyana looks up to the sky and says:

” There will be snow today. ” and with that, she howls leading the pack toward the walls of Frostreich.

Now, fair people, would you let this old woman rest for a while? for the journey of her life was long, and my bones and body are no more like the ones of the lass i was once. and when im back, i will tell of what happened when Tatyana faced the walls of Frostreich.