My… those old bones can barelly stand this cold, i shall pick from where i stopped, where was i… where was i…

Ah, yes.
The wolf girl was decided to follow her destiny by now, blind by rage? no, this was one of the situations where it was too clear to see anything, darkness was necessary.
and the girl’s heart had plenty.

Before the blood spills over the snow, you can still back on your track. Easier said than done.

Tatyana could have backed on her steps, she could have stopped and never unleashed the wolf, and never howled out. Instead, she felt like she was locked and both her destiny, and mankind’s were written in the air, in the sky and in the stars. She couldnt back. She had a moment of regret, a moment that lasted less than a second, then…

Chapter Six – Part Two

A soft snow started to fall, it was the last hours of the night, before the sunrise. A perfect and precise time to strike, for Tatyana knew, she knew that this hour would bring the doom of mankind. She lived with them once, and knew how their hearts worked, this was the perfect hour to break their hearts.

Leading the packs, Tatyana ordered small groups to roam for about a hour or so around the main gate, howling loud trying to chill even more the night with these sounds, sounds that inflicted frostbiting dread upon any soul, unfortunate to hear. Kids were waking up from their beds and starting to cry, as some parents tried to calm then down. The guards in the walls started to worry, a hour full of howls in a night like that one, it was too ominous.
And That was Tatyana’s objective, to make it ominous, the more, the harder it would be to believe in what was going to happen next.
On the next hour barking could be listened near the gates. The guards starting to get worried about that, sometimes the barking were far, other they were as close as the walls, it lasted a whole hour a whole hour that seemed to last as long as the current winter.
And finally, remaining only two hours before sunrise, Tatyana walked in a straight line to the main gate.

” Halt ” the guards said

Tatyana looked up, let a crooked up smile and stared back at the guard.

” W-who are you? Identify yourself! ”

Tatyana started to laugh.

” What the… ” The guard said, while other guard simply readied a arrow.

” What are you doing? ” asked him to his companion

” Preparing to shot, shes a problematic one. ”

Tatyana indeed looked problematic, wearing a white hooded dress  made out of rabbit fur, and a coat of a fox around her neck, clearly handmade with the most primitive techniques of tailoring, that laughter made she look almost demonic, all that white, contrasting with her black hair.

The snow got suddenly stronger.
The guard let if fly.
The last moment of humanity, began.

Tatyana let a howl out, but it was almighty and made the ground shake, the sky crumble in a snowstorm, and the gate, to be blown into a thousands pieces of wood in the air. Deflecting the arrow, and opening the last hold of men.

Then came the wolves, pouring in, killing the guards as if nothing were happening, the kids were awake, crying, their parents in anger and fear, the despair was thrown, Tatyana played her cards well. Confusion consumed the following hour, as the wolves poured inside the houses, from every little  crack avaiable, no matter where you were, they would come for you, soon or later.
Together with the wolves, came the Ice Plague, the fever took in with the first gusts that howled inside, and that hour was dark. or perhaps, red, red as the carpet the wolves made in their traces of destruction.

Kids were crying and being eaten alive, Mothers trying to save their kids, thorn apart by the giant claws, the young running disoriented, the elderly perishing, every men who tried to fight, was being put down, for the wolves fought not with fairness.

Houses were on fire, horses running wild soon, the comotion was terrible, but Tatyana was yet to break their hearts. She went directly to the castle.

By reaching the gates, she simply shouted then open and went in, the guards flew as if they were just rag dolls and from her mouth, she shout not only sound and air, but she also shout wolves.
Yes indeed, from her very mouth, Ghostly wolves were shout out, tearing asunder every human in flesh pieces. Never the wolves had such a feast as that one, and never a night was so black, in so many years.

Tatyana followed her path of destruction, right to the Queen’s Chambers. and upon shouting the door open, she saw her formerly mother, in total distress, scared as she never saw.

” Mother! ”

Natalie then, held back, she clanged to her blankets not for she was naked, but because she felt threatened by the voice, She knew the voice, yet, she didnt knew the person, then, a small figure came to her mind, only one person in the world would call her mother, and only one person in the world would call her in that tune, and yet, the dark hair made she remember.

” Tatyana! ”

And that, was the last word of the last queen of mankind. Tatyana opened her lips, and with her voice, ripped the queen in a hundred pieces, that crashed into the windows and cascaded dancing down in the air, her head rolled down the hill and lost itself amidst the calamity. Her path however, was yet to be complete.

In the last hour before sunrise, Tatyana went up to the highest tower, her room, and screamed, her voice echoed the whole kingdom that night.

” They said the last hour before the sunrise is the darkest, they said, the sun would always rise, that was the hope of mankind and i bet, i bet your hearts hold it to be true right now. ” she said. ” Well, dear countrymen, behold, for there will be no sunrise today, the next, the next and the following. ” the voice of the once deceased princess echoed dark upon each alleyway.

In that day, Tatyana was death herself.