And after uncountable hours of destruction, ravaged through the land of Frostreich. The last small kingdom of men above the face of earth, the stench of blood, death and smoke were going far, carried by the white wind and the strong currents. it is said that from very far away you could feel the echoes of that event, the last day in mankind’s chapter in the book of ages.

and the opening of the closing days of life’s chapter in the world.

what actions could have been done to stop such a thing? was it a good thing to be done? was it evil? was it good? was it the product of destiny itself? or just the fulfilling of one’s heart desires?

that, is not for us to decide, since even Odin was already preparing himself for this. Soon, the world will be all white, and a bigger event will unfold, shaking the very fabrics and pillars of existence until time is the only lasting thing in reality. Sadness? Happiness? Even the most primitive things such as nutrition and movement will cease to exist. And the one who gave movement to this chain of happenings, was a girl, whose identity and freedom of self was denied.

Hilarious isnt it? Well, truth or not. Thats how the legend goes.

Chapter Seven –

” Tatyana ” came running for her, the half wolf dog, Heimel.

” What is it Heimel? ”

” You really did it, didnt you? ”

” What was there to be done? If it wasnt me, someone else, in the future might have done the same, i just set in action something that was supposed to be, nothing else. ”

” And you feel nothing? ”

” I do. I feel guilty, i feel sorrow, i feel sadness, i feel myself as the most terrible and horrible monster in this world’s history. ” She sighs. ” But then, i feel like i accomplished the biggest thing in my life, i feel happy, i feel soothed, my heart itself was screaming for it, for revenge upon those who tried to cut a eagle’s wings short. Did you know Heimel? That when old, the Eagles tore their beaks out, so they can still soar in the sky? ”

Heimel remained silent.

” Now i’ll just grow old and die, together with the futile struggle of life against something that has been defined already by me. By now, the sun should be breaking on the horizons, but it will never rise again. ”

Tatyana looked in the distance, smiling gently, a smile that could only be seen when she was quietly sleeping among the wolfdogs of the castle. her image was inspiring peace, like the ocean after a storm, there was no sunshine, but Tatyana’s heart was singing in a beautiful voice, a voice full of splendor, matching the first rays of sun.
Even with so much blood, smoke, fire, death, suffering and a unnecessary slaughter, the girl was truly happy.

” You know Heimel, i feel finally unchained, my spirit finally feels free, like i can soar up in the sky if i jump. ” She said, overlooking Frostreich from the top of Weisscholss highest watchtower. ” But i know i have no wings, so if i do, i’ll just fall like a rock, and then, who will be there to spread this tale? Instead, Heimell, I will roam the world howling like a wolf today, in my most glorious tune, until i find myself in full bliss. ”

The wolf dog had no words for Tatyana’s state, she was happy because she got rid of her biggest problem, and how funny was it, her biggest problem was her own kind. Humans, being the biggest problem of a human, nobody that ever told this tale could really bring sense upon this, theres no logic, no sense, no nothing that the mind can eat, perhaps only wolf people can understand this, as some things are only for the gods to understand, this, belongs to the hearts of the wolves, now, the lords of these lands.

But then, the wolf dog spoke:

” But why all mankind? why not just your mother and the royal family? ”

” Because i wanted that to stop. What happened to me, might have happened before, uncountable times, and might keep on happening, i believe that it doesnt matter if you’re rich, royalty, poor nor anything, that kind of problem that roamed me, and was constantly striking from all sides, growing an steadfast dark hand of anguish, that was always going up to my neck and trying to choke me dead, could happen to anyone. ” she looked up to the skies, crying. ” Now im happy nobody is ever going to suffer from that again, ever again, because i gave them the final suffering, now there will be no more anguish, no more suffering, no more sadness, no more nothing. Those feelings are not natural, they were implemented by the humans on large scale. Have you ever seen a wolf letting himself get deluged by those feelings? No living being, except humans are capable of letting those feelings take upon then, and cause pain to their own kin. ”

Tatyana stopped her tears, and spit out with the most terrible face of shucks. ”  I hated humans as they were, the vile things. even if there were good ones they were never going to be enough to turn the tables and make a change. For the majority, they all should suffer what they did now. I hope that, if a new world is born, never again such a grim and nefarious race come to rise and walk under the sun. ” Tatyana looked at Heimel. ” I know of your disapproval, as i know any survivors also will hate me to the point my very soul will be hunted forever, i was prepared for this hatred, but i ask of you Heimel, my only true friend… ”

Heimel interrupted Tatyana and said: ” It doesnt matter, what you have done has been done, and i do not disapproval of you, because no one would be willing to take on such a role, you are the most courageous and noble human being, for being able to assume the scourge of your own kind, and purge the world of the very existence, yet, being able of taking the guilty and go on alive, even if hatred by all. Princess Tatyana, i admire you, and i will be always by your side, protecting you. ”

Tatyana knew and huged her compaion with the most passionate hug, and as soon as she did, the beautiful coat of fur that belonged to the wolf dog heimel was full of tears, unknown if of joy or sadness, but they were tears. She then, cried loudly for a while, sobbing inconsolably, until still in tears, she stood up faced the stairs and said:

” As you said before Heimel, What has been done has been done and cannot be undone. ” She drew a long breath and said ” There is no looking back now, Lets go. ”

Now think, dear listener, not everyone is equal, not everyone can relly on the same tools to solve their own problems, and not everyone have the same ammount of temperance and patience.

What Tatyana did, was on her own reach, and as you too, one day did or will do something just as she did, being it bad or not, think and try to answer yourself: What you would have done? Can you understand Tatyana?

I bet you cant.

No one can.

Unless, you are a wolf.