helo again, its been a while isnt it? well, not a long like the others.

well, i give myself the freedom to come here to talk about stuff, first things first, im going to university now, yes… i used to hate it, i still hate it, the idea is not within my concept, my soul cant take it, yes, its been a willpower labor but, im alright.

i got sick some lots of times this year, but, so far im not feeling so bad… just very lonely, my poor lady is having a hard time taking care of me, and shes been very tired, but i am also trying to take care of her. Yes, i love taking care of that little fairy of mine, making sure everyday she smile a little bit at least.

But, im not here to talk about my life, im here just to say, im leaving to Tyria.
Sometimes life becomes too dull, its hard to keep going on, and, since this land is becoming too empty to me, its almost like helheim. So, in order to follow Amaterasu’s cave myth, im going to Tyria. This is probably going to happen this week, but dont worry, the sky is boundless, it croses world, it crosses realities, it goes wherever it has to go.

So these skies are still going to be telling stories. until the day i am no more.

thank you.