Chapter Nineteen – Invisible Forces

” And how are we supposed to do so, Ariel? ”

” This sword of mine is a like your spear Annalot, its a Relic. ”

” oh, i… ”

The ground started to shake, and the impossible was made possible. In the horizon the tall towers of siege could be seen, catapults and a wide line of soldiers, the siege weapons could not climb that mountain, but somehow they made it there. and with haste, and no warnigns, the battle had begun.
the flaming stones crossing the sky were a ominous sight, as they tried to hit the walls of the fortress, they could feel the rustle inside, and soon Enrich spoke:

” No use stand here, we should regroup. ”

The Advance keep on going, but when they could see the banners waving in the sky, something was wrong. Those banners were from the cardinal’s orders, none of them were from the king. The siege weapons were under the king’s orders and no one could send them out, even more, the orders under the cardinal’s hands had no authority to handle those.

” Something is at play. ” Said Enrich. ” This scene shouldnt be happening, were are the banners of the king, i only see the orders from the cardinal but none from the king’s side. ”

” Should we ask? ” Annalot asked

” Nay, if we do, we would be murdered, if they were really going to send such advance force we could have crushed the forces inside the fortress like ants. this stinks more than cattle. ”

” what do you mean with that Enrich? ”

” What do i mean Annalot? I dont even know to be sincere, im just telling you, something is not right. first where are the king’s forces? Remember there were only banners from the king deployed? the cardinal was yet to deploy any of the forces under his hands, not a single order from his were sent since the very begging. Now we are seeing even siege weapons. do you know that siege weaponry cant be sent here? unless someone make some type of contraption to elevate them here. still only the king’s orders can move those around. ”

” Better not stick around, judging by the size of the boulders, there are some trebuchet settled nearby, and those do tend to miss the target. ” Ariel says, looking around. ” we better get out of the line of fire, and try sneaking back to the encampment. ”

” Bad idea Ariel. ” says Enrich

” do tell Enrich, why? ”

” If something is on play, they would kill us. ”

” and what if not? ”

” … well… ”

” see? if we stay we die, if we go, theres a chance we die or not. ”

” I preffer to risk. ” Says Annalot.

” Do you really? ” Enrich raises a eyebrow, lifting his hand up to the head height.

” I risked until now, i am yet to die, my injury may be severe, but well, i have this spear in hand so i am not really down, yet. ”

” Fine, you two, majority wins. The shit, i cant believe im doing this. ”

They went through the flanks of the current siege forces, unexplored by the enemies, probably because of their thinned numbers. The Battle was raging for quite a long time and, from the scenery, it was already determined who was going to win.
Annalot, Enrich and Ariel keep low profile on the way back, even with the advances of the cardinal forces, small skirmishes were seen by them on their way back, they avoided being seen at all costs. with haste it took much less time to get back to the encampment. Annalot commented on the way back, that she was feeling some force into play here too, it would take at least a day or two to get to were they were on foot.

Upon getting back to the encampment, the scene was terrible. Cardinal forces were fighting King’s forces, a total bloodbath was going on.

” Hush! ” said Enrich, ” Get down you fools, dammit, this place. i knew something was on play. ”

Annalot started to go deaf, the scene just burned in her eyes, while she was laying down in the ground, seeing all that happening, she heard a voice saying.

” let me guide your blade. ”

The voice sounded like the voice of many people together. and the sound echoed hard, clashing with each little corner of her head. always saying the same phrase, in the same tune. let me guide your blade, over and over again. The girl only keep her eyes looking the battle, as it slowly went in slow motion itself. The voice never stopping, until she saw someone spotting their place.
The voice then screamed in her mind ” Let me guide your blade! ”

the girl closed her eyes.

the sound slowly started to return to her.

a chill went down her spine.

it took a second only.

she then draw a breath, thinking ” This may be my last breath. ”

she took the spear, stood up and yelled:

” Then guide my steel to victory! ”

a burst of light emerged from her spear, and with a ghostly voice, words came from annalot’s mouth.


Annalot’s eyes became bright red, and she was enveloped by a gust of shining wind, swift as the wind, she dashed with might direct to the soldier who spotted her, yes, her friends were spotted as well, but seeing something weird was going on, they just jumped into the fray as the girl rose to battle.

in a second Annalot closed the gap, sliced the soldier in three huge chunks of meat and advanced to the next, followed by her Ariel summoned the strength of her relic to make illusions of her, Enrich ensured no one would attack by the flanks or by the rear.

Each swirling motion Annalot drew with her spear was rich in elegance. her archs were perfect, her circles masterwork. Blood spit by her were like perfect pieces of art. no one had enough time to react her advances, soon she had fall more than a dozen warriors and mercenaries.

minutes of slaughter passed by, the time all the forces from the cardinal were just piles of bodies scattered on the ground, Annalot simply let of the spear. The spear fell blunt on the ground making a loud metallic sound, the wind around her dissipated, her eyes came back to normal, but instead of passing away, she just stood there, with a determinate face. She was conscious the entire episode.

” The spear. ” She said. ” Its alive, i dont know how is it, but it is alive. ”

Ariel approached her and said:

” Annalot, this spear is, as i told you, a relic. Its an ancient weapon used by the legendary gods themselves. supposedly, according to the myth of the last days, those were made and used only to fight the threat of those days. The Black Angels. These weapons people nowdays call simply Relic have great power, beyond our understanding, they use something we can not anymore, magic itself. It fuels the power inside the weapons. What happened to you might be some kind of mechanism, triggered by chance. Everything about these weapons happen by chance. No one really knows how to trigger anything until it triggers itself. And this is what we know so far about those weapons. ”

” we still have a battle to fight though… ” Said Enrich, taking the dust out.

” well, we do have a force gathered here. what do you think? ”

Soon a man in heavy armor came walking slowly, a sword sheathed, his helm upon his head, he seemed to be a veteran, face marked by scars and bruised by the battle, he looked to be as old as a man in his 40.

” Pardon me, and thanks for coming to our aid… ” he soon recognized Ariel and Enrich. ” Oh goddess you two ARE alive! i cant believe it! ”

” General Einartoff! ” Ariel and Enrich said at same time saluting him in oficial fashion, he too responded in the same way. then picked from here

” the performance of this little missy in the battlefield here was amazing, surely work of a master, she ended the fight in just a bunch of minutes. who is she? ”

” Ah, her name is Annalot, just joined the ranks, though it was not her feat the defeat of our enemies, she is quite skilled indeed. ”

” You are going to tell me, ” Einartoff said. ” It was her spear work? ”

” Precisely sir. ”

” I can buy that. now i have a question for her, im sorry for the rush, i truly am, but we have dire news, one, our king has been murdered, judging by what is going on you already know who did it. and second, there are more coming after us, looks like we dont have a capital to go back to anymore. ” he stopped, looked to Annalot and started with the brief set of questions: ” Girl, my first question is, can you do what you just did again? ”

” I believe i can. ”

” Will it harm your allies? is there a chance? ”

” No sir, there is no chance that will happen, the spear only fights if i intend it to, and it will only fall the ones i judge unworthy. ”

” i see… perhaps, with the number we have, and the knights we have specially, perhaps we have a chance of escaping this alive. ”

” were are we going then sir? ” Said enrich.

” Retreat to our last resort. To our kingdom, the crown is not the jewel, or the one who governs the land, neither is it blood. It is the fire that burns within the unit. Our kingdom is a kingdom of knights, found for knights, governed by knights, for knights. every single person in our kingdom is knight blood if you trail their family down. Murdering the king is not enough, as longs as royal knights stand alive. that is why, since the first lineage of kings, we had a fall back plan, retreat to the Rising Ashes Fort. “