all thanks go to my friend Daniel at

all thanks go to my friend Daniel at

[Picture thanks to my old good friend Daniel (@danielbpc)]

It is probably far to the north, or far to the south, facing a blue/gray-ish sea.


its colder than i can bear with, way way colder but im just fine with it all. the Ocean spreads wide in front of a beach, made of round soft peebles, and by getting near the water, it turns slowly into a soft layer of fine thin sand.

the sky is clear, the color is blue, and sometimes gray, the night is breathtaking every single day, during the day the soft warm rays of sun touch everything giving a soothing feeling and peaceful light to all it touches. at night the moon shines beautifully with it’s light dancing upon the sea which perfectly mixes itself with the dark starry sky at night, almost as if we were facing infinity, as the stars reflect upon the calm water. the sound of the ocean is soft and enchanting, a endless lullaby of coming and going, in a sound that goes like wish wash, low, constant, and small.

the scenary is mostly white during cold seasons, and gray colored during warm seasons, during spring, you can see plenty spots of color dancing in the background mixing with the melting snow and making for great contrast for the eyes, causing a vibrance of emotion leading to tears of joy, simple because you are there to see it. During summer, the bed of moss, grass and many other small bushes show up around the shores, making it a pleasant thing to simple walk and feel all that mix of greens and reds and orange, sighing is natural and makes you wonder ” why am i so lucky for being alive? “, the Autumn  is made of red, orange, brown and gray tunes all over, the smell of the treeline right behind takes place for a delicious perfume that dances captivating all. 

time goes on, yet… it is like you can live forever there. most likely you can.

at dawn and sunrise the spectacle is just unimaginable as the colors of the rainbow dance in the sky and mix in layers as if the sky was in truth a pastel rainbow of sorts, when dusk, slowly having these tiny lighthouses from the beyond we call stars kindle up in the sky while the moon slowly rises up from the ocean and the rainbow fades into the black.

when sunrise, the darkness breaks into a array of blues and as soon as the first sunrays shine up in the horizons, the colors start to take place as each star simple slowly fade away and the clouds become white as snow.

the whales pass by, peacefully in distance, majestic as kings and queens, singing their songs of many eras, of many tales, of many lyrics and inspirations. their arias blessing the spirit with mystical might.

the bears, lords and ladies of the ground gently rule the life, as if ancient spirits as old as the world, together with the whales, their every steep is like a lesson about life.

wolves roam free, the eagles share the sky with the swallows flying over, the little fish live together with the big fish in harmony.

and just to finish it all with wonders, the gods grace us with dancing lights, the northern lights all over the sky.

no human to see, over a mile and over then over and forever again.

there is just me.

with my gray gondola, gliding as i feel the wind blowing making my hair dance like a flag, together with my long long red ribbon attached.

have you ever thought of suicide? 
have you ever really considerate your own death as a means of ending all the suffering?

remember my place, remember the good times, remember how they usually come without warning, do you really want to not live these again? 

dont you want to see if my place is real or not?

remember that deep inside, you’re just scared and in despair, remember that deep inside, when you get alone in silence only listening to the song of the wind and there is no one around, you can feel you love life.
just focus, remember my place, and pray to the whales and bears to heal your wounded spirit, breath slowly and carefully.

soon you will remember.

remember you love life.