Bianca left the rooftop, trying to hold her composure but quite not being successful at it. She was frightened, it was clear as clean glass that the girl had her nerves struck hard. The other students that were around, at least the school and its students were safe by now. The girl grabbed the cellphone, a quick glance at the display and she knew it was still nine o’clock. She quickly tapped through the screen and send a message to the other six:

” please come meet me ASAP at the juice shop near the school’s playground. Be cautious, and come ready. ” 

After sending she didnt even went home, she simply went there and waited for them, there were still some students around. The establishment was well lit and kind of colorful, remembering the colors of many fruits, the fragrance was delicious and the climate was delightful. Definitely cheerful.
It took around a hour for all the girls to arrive there. Why were they answering this call by now should be self explanatory by now, they were all in high alert after Isaac.

” What happened Bianca? ” Lilac was the first one to speak up as they sat down.

” There is a new Paladin already on our… i mean, in my tracks. I already met up with her, her name is Lillian. ”

” Thats nice, we already know the name of our next enemy. ” says Lilac.

” No Lila, it is not. ”

” But why Bianca? At least we know that there is something coming after us! ”

” I can agree with Bianca there Lila. ” said Cian. ” If you didnt notice we took one down, there is another already at our, i mean, at Bianca’s neck. dont you forget what Rumena went by, they actually kidnapped her, this same week we went through heavy bullet fire, you even had to kill someone while taking serious injuries. Stop to think about it. They wont stop until we all are dead, until the whole town is under control and the Walpurgisnacht is neutralized again this year. ”

” why dont we just leave the town? ” Glas asks

” That is a quite nice idea… but… assuming the short scenario we’ve been through… ”

” Glas, they wont leave us be. ” said Rumena.

” W-wait? what do you mean they wont leave us be? ”

” They are hunting us Glas. They will come after us, they wont stop until we are no more. We killed one of their agents, not to mention thats their intent, this wont just stop after the walpurgis. Its going to haunt us forever, we are under their radar now. Glas, we are targets. ”

” We’ll fight then. Right? I mean, thats the only way out. ” Said Lillac.

” Girls, can i finish what i had to say? ” says Bianca.

” Oh. ” – ” Yeah… ” – ” Go on please. ” were their responses

She breathes, orders a cup of milk strawberry and goes on ” She told me to expect her, she didnt left me any other details, all i know is that she is after me, i wont be able to rest, not just because of my own safety, yours as well. Any of us can be a target and, we need each other to survive this. I got to talk to her today, she invited me to the rooftop and we talked a little about what was going on. They are taking over the city, slowly but they are. ” the milk strawberry is well delivered, she takes a sip and continues ” I dont want to die. I dont want people to die because i am making my way through to survive this. I had plans for life, i cant live on being hunted, always paranoid while i try to live a normal life. She even said she was ready to simply  destroy the entire school with or without us inside just to get to us. Can you fucking believe it? ”

Bianca wasnt a girl of cursing around like that.
She started to sob.

” I dont want to stick to the shadows just to live. I dont want to live with the fear of dying every day, i want to enjoy my everyday life without having to be alert at all times of my surroundings. ”

Each girl had a different expression over their faces

” Expect me yes? ” said Lillac ” Was it what she said? ”

” She did. ” The real hunt is about to begin ”  she also said. ” Bianca looked with disaproving eyes to lilac, who was now with her head hanging from the back of the chair, her arms laid to the sides, as she was looking to the lights at the ceiling. ” Lillac, it is not fun. ”

” I never said it was… ” she sighs ” I never said it was… ”

” Then why do you look so excited about it all? ”

” Oh… I have no real idea. ”

” Dont you have plans Lillac? ” asked Cian. ” You know, school is about to end, you should have at least some goal for life for the time we graduate. Its only natural for a person to have some goals. ”

” I… its… hard i… i dont know… i, just dont know what to do. Everything simply feels so… i start to think about it and all kinds of philosophic speeches come to my head, all lectures about future we had until now, it seems that they simply hit and lay down blunt… i… i have no idea about anything. ” she smiles ” Then, i start realizing im being hunted, i feel a rush of energy, its almost like i want to play their game… or is it? ”

” So, you dont have plans? ”

” oh no… i dont have any. ”

” and because of that Lillac, you cant understand what we are feeling now, i guess. ” Said Bianca

” Yeah but, think about it. I can be there, always protecting you guys. ”

They all giggled in unison, and had a small time trying to relax for a bit that night.