After spending some hours together, Each of one of the girls went to their respective places. Bianca wasnt a exception.
Her home was quite far from the school, thankfully she only had to get a train back home everyday. Tonight she keep with her usual route, from the bar down the street until the avenue. Then going down the metro station and getting the first one straight home. Took on about a hour every day.
During the way she used to simply start humming some songs, not being a fan of using earphones or headphones outside, she preferred to listen her small humming, low enough for nobody to listen, except herself. After boarding, she could got to sit comfortably  in one of the chairs, closed her eyes and started the humming.

One, Two, Three stations the train was getting full, when Bianca senses a disturbance, she quickly open her eyes, look around and thinks.

” It must be pure stress. ”

she goes back to her humming but it doesnt matter how much she tries to calm down, its impossible for her to, frustrated, Bianca stops and looks outside, she sees something moving by the side of the railway.

” What the hell is that thing? ”

not two seconds later, the train suddenly comes to a abrupt stop, and the lights go out everyone and everything is shaken at the moment, panic strikes, in the same instant, sleeping gas bombs are thrown through the windows, Bianca reacts by casting a spherical screen around her. the moment she opens her eyes from a blink, the doors suddenly open up and people from the Paladin Organization pour inside the cart.

” I told you to expect me. ”

Bianca suddenly stands up and shouts at the voice ” WHY ARE YOU HERE!? ”

” I have come for you. Isaac was stupid, even thought i… it doesnt matters i am here for you, i am going to hunt each one of you down one. by. one. ”


” It doesnt matter, i know you are going to simply follow my terms to save each one of those poor innocent people. ” She then steps in the head of one of the unconscious. ” Am i right, Bianca? ”

Bianca is clearly nervous, she is about to burst but bursting now could be catastrophic. ” Maybe theres a bomb in the train? Maybe shes simply going to kill us all, it doesnt matters they have ways to make this look like just an accident or the attack of a terrorist or something in the lines ”

” You have only two choices Bianca, listen to me, or pick your luck. ”

Bianca succumbs, she lowers her head and shoulders and says: ” Please, just leave these poor people alone. If its me you want, its me you are going to get. Just stop this bullshit already, and leave my friends alone as well. ”

Lillian smiles ” All that but your friends are going to be safe, i promise you. ”

She then grab Bianca by the hands and takes her outside of the train, she was even being gentle with the girl and that was making Bianca feel more uneasy than before.

” Come with me Bianca, and dont try anything funny, my boys are right behind you, we’re armed with absorbing rounds, so i dont think your light screen can defend you now, i prepared it all for you. im telling you its going to be hard to get away from this. ”

” I dont plan to get away Lillian. Im tired of hiding. Being a weaver is a curse. ”

” Ah, do you think so? ”

” Lillian, if it were you,  right now, wouldnt you feel the same? Having dreams, goals for your life, wanting only to live and enjoy what life has to bring. I am yet to start it and where am i already? Being taken to a execution site, just because of who i am. I didnt even killed anybody, i never stole, i was always a good girl, i studied hard to achieve the best scores, i wanted to go into college, maybe one day get a boyfriend, HELL! I DIDNT EVEN KISSED ANYBODY YET! ”

Lillian stops and quickly grabs Bianca by her waist drawing her very near, then gives her a passionate kiss and looks at the girl with playful eyes.

” So, now you have at least kissed someone. ”

” Y-you MONSTER! ” Bianca says whith an angry trembling voice.

” Why am i a monster? Wasnt you the one complaining the fact you had never kissed someone? now you had it, not only, it was a hell of a kiss, i even got a little turned on. In fact… looking at you, you’re quite the find. Dont you think boys? ”

The grunts smile but then Lillian shouts ” Yeah, but dont get any funny ideas, we’re not going to defile her, we’re Paladins, we’re here to keep the world safe for the human race. ”

Bianca was shocked at how could Lillian was, yet still righteous, she had a cause. Something sparked within Bianca, she remembered what Lillac had said once: ” Its kill or be killed. ”

” Kill or be killed… ” she murmured

her hair started to flutter and pale blue lines were being drawn towards her, Lillian reacted as fast as lightening and shot Bianca right in the forehead. Only to hear the sound of breaking glass.

” What? ” Lillian looked all around the darkness, and as quick as she could she took a flare bullet and fired it aiming at the ceiling. ” Keep your eyes open, turn on your night vision, she cant be far! ”

Bianca was running, running faster than she ever did in her life, she had the idea of sending a message to her friends but inside the railway there was no signal. She was starting to lose hope.

” I dont want to kill anybody! ” she murmured.

Her legs were under the effect of a spell to endure and work at superhuman proportions, the distance was fair by now. At a given point she started to see a light in the end of the railway, ” The Station! ” she thought, wront, it was a blockade.

” Kill of be Killed. ” She remembered Lilac words.

” … i… ” she stopped, breathed and said. ” I… I am sorry. ”

She placed 5 circles in the air, and pointed her palm in the direction of the blockade

” possa la luce della mia volontà, tagliare corto la mia preda. “

she circles started to make rising spinning noises

” Freccia Bianca! ”

The circles started to shot bolts of light at high speeds, the ones at the blockade lost the composure and were quickly wiped by the movement of the girl. While the circles were still shooting, she began running again in the same speed as before, until she got near the Station, from there, she tried to blend and go out, went as fast as possible for her legs to carry her on normal speed and sent a message to her friends.

I am under attack.