Glas says:” What the fuck!? ” 

Cian says: ” What the hell!? U alright Bianca? “

Scarlet says: ” Where in heavens are you right now? “

Rumena says: ” How the hell did they? “

Lilac says:” Bianca dont go home! i repeat dont go home! “

Bianca says: ” And where do i go, Lilla? “

” Its not like i can just not go back home, we are all weavers there, i must warn them. “

” Besides, they attacked me inside the train, do you have any idea of how many people did i put into danger just because i was scared? Im almost going back there just to check if they are alright! “

Lilac says: ” Forget “

” These “

” people “

” NOW! “

Sienna says: ” They went after you, with a train thats completely packed with people? “

Bianca says: ” Yeah. “

Sienna says: ” What the fuck these guys dont play nice! “

Lilac says: ” Are you sure you are a teacher? “

Sienna says: ” Whaaat? “

Bianca says: ” guys, focus here. “

Cian says: ” Where are you going then? “

Bianca says: ” Home. Where else? “

Lilac: says: ” Remember Viola? “

Bianca says: ” well yes, but you said she wasnt the target. “

Lilac says: ” and thats right, but they attacked at home, i am only alive because Viola gave her life for mine. “

Bianca says: ” you think they would kill my family just because im there? “

Lilac says: ” yes. “

Bianca says: ” im going there anyway, i need to warn them of the danger! “

Sienna says : ” i’ll go there, Lilac is coming with me as well, we’ll ask you to stay with us. “

Bianca says: ” they are weavers too, you dont understand, i might be Lillian’s target now but they’ll kill all weavers they can! “

” we cant afford to let anyone of us uninformed! “

Lilac says: ” Bianca, just go straight home, Sienna and i will be there for you. dont worry. “

Bianca says: ” thank you! ❤ “

Bianca went home as usual that night, Sienna and Lilac were heading there as well. Tonight Bianca was heading home by bus, tired, stressed, completely weary of all the abuse. How could Lillian track her down that way? the only sane explanation for it was that she was being tracked for a while already, and yet how did she knew the cart Bianca was going to take? Nobody chooses the cart they are going to ride, and Bianca doesnt tends to follow a pattern on what cart she usually takes. ” This is an absurd! ” she thought , and when the weariness was finally taking the best of her, it was her stop, she got off from the ride and went straight home.

Upon arriving she saw Sienna’s car parked right at the front of her place, Lilac waved from inside.

” Oh! ” bianca smiled

” The bus sure goes around doesnt it? ” Sienna asked

” Yes, it does… its a tiresome ride but hey, no way to get home using the metro lines today, so… any sight of anything going on? ”

” No, its all quiet. Ok, this is going to be quite hard to explain your parents about… ”

” Not at all miss Sienna. My family is used to it, mother told me that our family used to run a villa, until they started to get hunted by the templars. Said that we were using the devil’s power to heal people and convert them to evil. And our story goes on that way since the catholic church ascended into power. Thats how we ended here far to the north. ”

” They were expecting being followed here? ”

” I used to pray everyday for it to not happen with me. I had plans with my life. ”

” I see. ”

Bianca sighs, and looks to her house. It is a big house indeed, one could say it was a small mansion. Bianca’s family was old and well known for their medicine contributions. most of them were medics, and the weavers of the family were good healers, which caused their fame as good medics grow faster and stronger. They were used to use spells secretly in the hospitals they worked to help their patients get better quicker, also, their clients always had a iron health, thanks to their magical abilities.

After entering home, Bianca went straight after her father who was always at the kitchen, her father had a strange tie to the kitchen, always spending his time there when there was nothing for him to do, making it an easy task for him to be found.

” Papa, we have a… ” Bianca started to cry, and her father got quite distressed because of that

” Bianca what happened? ”

” Papa i, i… ”

” Bianca please stop crying, you are scaring me! What happened to you? ”


” Oh my, dont you… ”

” No! I really got attacked, and by that i mean Paladins. ”

” … ok, this is serious, when, where, who? ”

” Today at the metro, i was heading back home, everything stopped, the lights went dark, they threw sleeping gas bombs, said they would kill everybody if i did not went with them, and the rest is story but, listen father, they might be coming here! And the name of the Paladin was Lillian. ”

” I dont know her but Paladins are paladins, ”

From outside Lilac screamed

” They’re here! ”

” Who are those Bianca? ”

” Its Lilac and my teacher ms Sienna. ”

” Open the door we are going to hold them outside! Tell Lilac and your teacher to come in! ”

” Yes father. ”