They both obeyed and rushed as fast as they could, but…
As they passed Bianca, she rushed outside and shut the door tight.

” Bianca, what the fuck you are doing? ”

” Going bad, real bad. ”

” What? You mad? ”

” This is my turn. stay inside, its safer. Im all out now. ”

With that she started to gather magical energy, the winds started to blow in her direction causing her hair to flutter around furiously, the Paladins started shooting the moment she started channeling the first bullets were clearly showing that the effort was going to be a dead one, but they keep the volley fervent and constant, synchronized with small groups recharging as others keep the fire alive, about 5 rounds of recharging and unloading at the weaver they stop.

Inside the house people were in distress screaming her name but to no avail, Bianca had shut the house tight only to open if she let it. Meaning even if she died, the house would only unlock if she wanted, only way to get out was blowing a wall or something in that sense. And only from inside. Her mother dying in tears, her friends red with rage and screaming, her father however, calm, eyes closed, keeping the composure sitting in the main stairs of their mansion.

” Thats my girl. ” he said

” What!? ” lilac yelled at him ” Shes playing the suicide! you know? ”

” Watch, Bianca is exceptional ”

after the rounds, heavy smoke  was all around, you could barely see anything besides it. but with the slow dissipation, there was the girl, eyes sparking white, hair floating in the air, and a white light emanating from her body.

” My turn. ”

She draw an arc with her arm pointed towards the Paladin soldiers, the movement created a crescent blade launched in horizontal style aiming to hit every single soldier in the perimeter. But midway the blade grew into a screen and by the time it hit it was resembling a wave. It leaved a trail of destruction from the moment Bianca left it, Tiles from the floor, pieces of dirt from the front gardens, everything burned, and what was left of the soldiers? Nothing. not even a small token to tell their tales.

” Thats all? ” she said. ” Im not even getting started. ”

” Then could you concede me this dance milady? ” a familiar voice

Lillian just arrived in a motorcycle, heavy armed as it was looking, white armor, crested with jewels, a shield, and a gun, Berretta 89 .22LR.

” Shall we begin? ” Lillian shot the first bullet and go around Bianca in clockwise fashion, Bianca simply disintegrated the bullet in its trajectory still midair, and following Lillian’s way she also started to go around in clockwise fashion, they keep going around shooting furiously, Bianca had her both hands trying to hit Bianca with bullets of light while Lillian tried to do the same, sometimes the bullets would almost crash, but due to the behavior of the small jewels in the head of Lillian’s bullets, they absorbed the magical bullets, making both look like they did crash, while in truth one just absorbed the full impact and power, losing its momentum in process.

” Lillian do you got a plan? ”

” What? ”

” Because, i give you 3 seconds to find a way to defend yourself. ”

” What are y… ”

” one. ”

” w-wai ”

” two ”

” arg! ”

” Three! ” Bianca enchanted her legs to run just like earlier in the metro, only she was trying harder and went much faster, Lillian unloaded a full magazine aiming at only to shot air. Bianca had vanished in a blast of light, Leaving Lillian swiftly looking around.

” Up here! ” Bianca shouted.

” What the hell! ”

Freccia Bianca! ” she pointed towards Lillian, this time twelve orbs were placed, the rain was brutal, The paladin raised the Jewel Shield and absorbed the entire volley, the jewel was now shining bright from the energy it absorbed.

” Bad move, i can use this against you. ”

” What? ”

Lillian opened her hand, showing a small lens housed inside her gauntlet, doing so she shot the energy in form of a bolt towards Bianca.

” The h… ” Bianca projected two light screens, Lillian counterattacked shooting them down, Bianca fell to the ground thankfully before that happened, but Lillian gave chase and keep on shooting, all Bianca could do was run around avoiding being targeted.

” Whats the matter Bianca? Its the same energy as yours. Scared of what you can do? ”

Bianca shot two orbs at Lillian that exploded upon contact, and taking advantage of the noise and smoke, she ran to the backyard.

” Running away girl? ” she waited for a response but got none, then she sighed. ” Ah what now… Okay we are going to play your little game. ”

The backyard was huge, grass all over and plants with flowers of all kinds. Sadly it was dark and the presence of all the flower pots and some trees, tall bushes and all sort of decoration made it a nice place for Bianca to find some kind of ground advantage.

” Where are you Bianca? ” Said Lillian shooting a bush. ” You’re going to hide? ” then shoot a statue. ” Come on, lets finish it already. ”

” I got you now! ” Said bianca coming from behind a large flower pot with a red rose bush. With both hands she shot a huge blast of light towards Lillian.
Lillian then, turned around swiftly and put the Jewel in front of her, absorbing impact and aiming it back at Bianca, upon contact, Bianca broke like a mirror.
” That trick again? ”

” Its called doppelganger. ”

” Clever trick but i wont fall t… ”

” Lets see if what you say holds true. ” Four Biancas were surrounding her now, they all launched a huge bolt of light at her, Lillian duck, but she could feel the heat coming from the thing, the spells unfulfilled each other, and in the small frame of time Lillian hit each of the doppelganger.

” Quit with that! ”

” Theres more from where those came. ”

Three doppelgangers started to fire from Lillian’s back, she shot each one only hitting two, one managed to hit her but the jewel in her armor absorbed the power.

” Your armor resembles Isaac’s ”

” Its standart equipment, Come out bianca! ” Lillian took out a grenade and loaded a flare. ” You have two seconds… ”

no answer

” one. ”

She then stopped counting and fired the flare aiming the sky, finding bianca with the blazing light from it; ” there you are. ” soon afterwards launching the grenade, Bianca reacted shooting the grenade making it explode midair, its easier to hit your targets when you are a weaver, since the bullet can correct its own trajectory while in movement, like a homing missile. The fragments of the grenade were avoided by her using a small barrier, which in turn Lillian fired five times against just to make sure there was not going to have enough time.

but thats when Bianca’s most gifted ability showed up. She can flash small distances.

” What the f… ”

” HERE! ” said Bianca while launching a blast of light towards Lillian

” Up here now. ” Said her at the rooftop now, launching an orb

” Behind ! ” another blast of light

” Attention Lillian! ”

Lillian was completely in defensive, she had few options and her reflex made her use the shield all the time, it was getting at full load. Bianca keep the pressure until the jewel in the shield cracked and exploded wounding Lillian’s arm.

” YOU LITTLE PRICK! I’LL KILL YOU ” Upon rage Lillian thew some sort of explosive in a disc form, they were thin and light, upon hitting the ground these bombs were strong, loud noise, high power, not to count they started small fires all around, she keep on throwing those all around almost getting Bianca in the process, but hitting plenty Doppelgangers set up to hit her.

” Damn she is mad now. ” Thought Bianca.

” There you are. ” Three shots, Bianca ran. ” No place to hide. ” Explosive discs, Bianca keep on running. ” No runing around! ” Explosives on the front of the Weaver girl and Bullets on her back and aimed at her. She flashed, just to the front of Lillian, unloading a small amount of energy to the ground making it tremble a little, Lillian was caught off guard, now almost out of balance Bianca placed her hands in her chest and launched a bolt of light, so strong Lillian fell to the other side of the garden.

Bianca flashed twice, and aimed a shot to Lillian’s gun. Hurting Lillian’s hand with the impact, Lillian dropped the gun in fright, Bianca then flashed again and grabbed the same hand, flashing with Lillian to the middle of the garden.


” WHAT!? ”

Bianca Flashed once a small distance away from Lillian, she whispered quickly

” lasciare che la luce sia la mia catena, si legano qualunque cosa che esso si illumina “

” Catene accecanti! “

From the ground giant chains sprouted binding Lillian to the ground, Bianca keep her hand pointing to her, her hair fluttering in the air as she was constantly channeling mana to the chains, Lillian’s armor could absorb magical energy. Quickly the armor was overloaded and also broke, but did not hurt Lillian, it simply cracked and was no longer absorbing anything.

after that Bianca knelled down and put her hand in the ground.

” Had enough? ” Said Lillian.

” Lillian, dear, im not tired, i just started to break a sweat. ”

” What? ”

” The real deal starts now. Look around. ” Lines of light started to form in the ground, circles and arabesques, scriptues, symbols and suddenly a cone of circles formed from where Lillian was, rising up to the skies and reverting the direction of the tip after a certain height

” girare “

The circles in the air started to spin

” caricare ”

The circles in the ground started to glow

” Stop! ” said Lillian

” Generare ”

In the middle of the circles in the air a ball of energy was emerging, and expanding

” I DONT WANT TO DIE! ” screamed Lillian, trying to free herself from the shackles.

 Questa terra santa, Creato dai miei antenati, per il giudizio, ora portare te la pace. “

The wind started to blow furiously

” Riposi in pace, Lillian la Paladina “

The light inside the swirling circles in the air were shot in a gigantic burst of power, then a tall pillar of light were lit far upwards, Lillian’s body was engulfed by it.

and vanished from the site.