Just a moment ago things were different.
There was life in this world, there was time in this world. Just a moment ago, i was a regular human child. Before it happens that i forget how it all came to be, i hope that in this prayer my story reach the ears or the eyes of someone, so it doesn’t simply vanishes in thin air. Much like the old normal way of the things.

I was a normal human child, Daughter of a fisherman named Wagner and of a  seamstress named Keane. We all lived in a small village by the sea, a couple houses there and there, near the beach we had a bonfire site where sometimes people would go to join each other, a big house for everybody to join and discuss matters, we also had a nice storage where we kept the supplies, i knew of some worked fields were we used to grow some grain and vegetables, we also had a herd of sheep and a mill nearby.

Me and my friends enjoyed a life full of freedom and fun. Around our village a wide plain field of grass, covered with bushes and small trees there and there, were we used to play chasing the wild horses from far, catching bugs, or just playing tag and many other games until we felt so tired we wanted to go home. To the far side in you could see towering mountains, we the child never ventured there, but the older people in our village, my parents included, sometimes went there to trade our goods for goods of other people. In the field there were small constructions that were elder than our small village. Stories say that we came from the ocean, and upon arriving, these things were already there, they look like bowls turned upside down, inside they house a well, it goes deeper than the sound of a falling stone can be heard when it hits the ground. Back in the moment, people were always saying to never go near them, now there is nobody left around to tell that. And the buildings are still around, intact.

Everything was fun and freedom, until some strange day.

I had just waken up, my mother greeted me with a bowl of baked apples with sugar, said her prayers, as i said mine, and she let me leave to play with the children.
It was a free day. thought some strange feeling of peace and stillness was hanging in the air, the type you feel when the ocean breeze blows bringing the scent of seaweed during the late hours of the night, a strange feeling of everlasting ending, Something that is quite impossible to tell in words. The breeze that day was strong, the sun was soft, the water was nice, and we played all day long until lunch time. That day me and my friends didn’t return home for lunch, instead we decided that we would catch our own fish, everyone had their very own fishing rod, we went around to find bugs which we quickly filled a ceramic jar and went to the nearby cape to fish. The strange day was strange indeed, as the fish were biting. But Biting as if pursuing death, they were not resisting, just biting and letting being pulled out of the water with minimal or no struggle at all. even the big ones could be pulled out of the water with minimal effort. that day we got plenty fish, and believe we ate a little bit too much. After that we still lingered in the beach, everyone started to feel nostalgic, we sat in the sand, stared to the blueness of the sky while clouds passed by over our heads as the wind blew gently the entire day. The hours passed, the sky started to change colors and we silently watched it. after being dark we counted stars and talked about what shapes they could form if you linked them.

When it was time to go home the world was more quiet then normal, everyone was very pacific and nostalgic, some looked like they were sightly drunk, they were all around the bonfire, but no one was drinking, they were only having a communal meal, i joined as did my friends too, it ended quietly, we didn’t sang anything, just talked about how we all were happy the way we were and how the merchants from abroad would envy our peace.
I bet they did.

Then it was bed time, i was ready and laying. I had a strange feeling inside, that was pulling me out home, some warm, comfortable, peaceful feeling that was calling me outside, the elders had me warned about these feelings, and i knew better, i should just ignore them and stay in my bed, trying to catch a sleep, so did i. The wind that night was strong and made all the chimes of our village sing sweet melodies.

Before dawn one of my friends woke me up from my window and told me that there was something strange happening.
It was indeed strange.
There was a man made of light bugs. I still don’t know if he was a man made of light bugs, of if it were light bugs flying like a man but that was the shape of a man, made by many flying light bugs. He was outside and had waken up all the children in the village. We followed him, knowing that it was a bad idea but we did it anyway. Before we knew, we had followed him deep into the green field, inside one of the buildings, the bugs scattered, and we were left inside the building. The ceiling was curiously made of glass making it possible for the moonlight to lit the entire room, and what was mostly strange, there were numerous things all around the well. Cups, dolls, broken plates, vases, pieces of art, paintings from things I’ve never been able of imagine, clothing in very strange fashion, knives, arrowheads,  strange artifacts i didn’t had idea of what they where and what they were used for.
While we were distracted by all that, a rock came out of the well, as if something had thrown it out.
We were not stupid kids, we knew nothing could ever throw a rock from inside that well, so strongly it would end up here. Soon a glass vase followed, as it broke we felt a little scared, but then a strange device that went “tic tac” ascended. We sat, and through the night many things came out of the well.
The other day was as ordinary as the previous ones. But the strange feel of peace and stillness lingered on everybody and everywhere. the day repeated until dark.
I was about to sleep.
The feeling of being called came.
The light bug man was there, he made a signal to me, or at least i think he did, i followed. Followed him to the same spot.
And before i could remember, it was dawn.
I went home, found nobody, nobody.
Everything was intact there was just, nobody.
I despaired, hit a ceramic bowl upon the table and it feel on the floor but it didn’t broke. just made sound that it was supposed to make, but no the sound of breaking, it was there, intact. I tried with many other things, nothing could break.
There was no fish.
The ocean was calm, the breeze was calm, The dawn never turned into morning, and so… we reach where i am.
A moment ago, everything was fine.
Then suddenly, everyone vanished, and everything is frozen.

My name is rubia. and that was how i lived until a moment ago.