It all happened long ago, in the Scandinavian lands.

When humanity was young, so young that now it cant remember anymore, there were fairies, devils, giants, dragons, ghosts, gods and goddesses running around.

There was also, in this northern world, a kingdom, said to be the first Scandinavian one.

The royal family was made of a queen, mother to a prince and a princess.

The princess loved all the creatures that were not anima, that means, without a common soul. She was friend to the faeries, she played with the devils, she talked with giants, she used to fly mounted in dragons, at night she used to sing with the ghosts and was very found and loved the gods and goddesses.

The prince, he was jealous, full of envy of his sister, but not only envy inhabited his heart.  He hated the other creatures, they had nothing to do with the common order of this world, he failed to see their role. He hated how the faeries used to play pranks on the humans, he was disgusted of the devils and how they used to eat human flesh, he was jealous of the knowledge the giants had, and of the freedom the dragons had on their backs, he was afraid of the ghosts, and hated how the gods and goddesses were able rule mightier than a man bestowed a crown.

The queen, she shared the same feeling the prince had towards the creatures, but loved magic, and power. With such passion, the queen, growing ever tired of those creatures, thought of making a contract, she was tired already of having her people being pestered by those creatures, but she still had great love for the power these ones could give to a human, and she was one of those, She called upon their secret names in order to ask favors and wield great power to lead her kingdom.
Then, one noon, she thought of visiting the great fairy queen Elfan;

Speaking to her, a contract has been made, for the fairy queen saw no wickedness on the eyes of the queen, and the queen saw no tricks in Elfan’s word.

The contract, sliced the world in two, the daylight was for the human, as they couldn’t see in the dark, and were afraid of it, and the moonlight were for the magical ones, as they loved to party, to dance, and to hunt, they also had a passion for the stars and the moon. The only hours those two worlds could be together were during Sunrise and Sunset.

The prince loved it, as he needn’t to see there creatures anymore, the princess, however, hated it, as she couldn’t spend as much time as she wanted with her friends anymore.

Time passed, years passed, the queen died, the prince married to a beautiful woman called Ayre, and took his rightful place as the ruler of that land, his was the most fair and rich rule that ever lasted. The croops were wealthy and the summers beautiful, great fortune were bestowed upon the kingdom every time the Ayre had a newborn.

Ayre was a great friend of the princess, and the princess knew all about Ayre.

One night, the now King, found Ayre and his sister talking in Ayre’s private chambers, he skulked in the dark and eavesdropped everything, he learned of Ayre’s true name and identity, he was married to a goddess, all this time, in rage, he slew Ayre and decided to put an end to this. war was about to burn.

Elfan, the fairy queen, knew it as soon as banshee started to wither, and, ordered
the king to be summoned to her chambers.

There she convinced him that, she would go to her own world, bringing everything that was rightfully of her kin, leaving the humans alone, forever. the king accepted and with this, no fairy, no devil, no giant, no dragon, no ghost,
no god nor goddess, and, in special no magic were left in the world, however,Elfan also took with her all fortune and wealth that the marriage with Ayre brought upon the kingdom.
The Fairy queen also left a gift to the loving princess, the remains of her kingdom, and there, the princess became the first human fully able to call upon magic by herself, as Elfan did it in secret, the king knew nothing, and as the princess left the kingdom, and the ages passed, from her womb, were born all those in the world we call mages, people able to use magic.