In a unreachable place, there is a tall, tall tower that reaches the sky. There is said to live a being with power to match a god. A tiny being that is constantly watching over her world.

It was said that the being was a kind and charming witch, daughter of a people long gone. Their efforts on magic caused them to no longer need bodies of flesh, the legend tells they ascended and became stars.

The tower however is not lost, its so tall you can see from the distance a tiny needle rising in the middle of the horizon.

Once there was a scholar in our lands, who aspired to know what is a god. Many people gave many different answers and for years he could not figure out what is a god. Once he learned of the existence of such a person, he did not wait long and set on a journey to meet the witch and ask her: what makes a god?

he arrived at the feet of the tower and wondered if the journey up wouldn’t be too hard, he was also anxious to get up the tower. ” she must live up there ” he thought.

And the journey took up 3 days, The funny thing there was no door at the feet of the tower, in fact you had to climb a ramp, so wide a entire city spawned on it up to the top, filled to the brim with constructs of magic, golems if you may. once reaching the top he did not saw any sign the witch, only a huge door with the writings “Welcome to the Artificial Leyline Hub ” over its arc. the tower however did sprout a lot more to the top, with a large structure that looked like a giant jewel of some sorts.

The doors were wide open, as if welcoming anyone who wished to dwell inside. The scholar decided to go inside, after all it was about to get dark, But before he set in a golem came and held him by the hand, moving it head to the sides as if saying ” no ”

” Is there a problem? ”

the golem moved his head positively.

” Should i not go in? ”

The golem remained silent

” You cant talk? ”

The golem moved his head positively, then grabbed the scholar luggage and signaled him to follow. The scholar followed him to a house, the golem pointed to the house, with hands open wide. The scholar understood as ” You may stay here. ”

” Is she going to meet me here? The witch, is she coming here? ”

The golem moved his head negatively and left the place.
The scholar checked to see if the door was locked, it was not, in fact, the keys were upon a table inside the house, fresh food was inside, as if the house was prepared to receive a guest. By the side of the keys there was a short letter saying;

” Welcome my guest. unfortunately, its not safe to travel downwards inside the tower during the night time. Please, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. As by morning, if you wish, my assistants may take you to my house as fast as they can. ”

Morning came and another construct came by the door presenting a letter that simply said:
” Do you wish to visit my creator? ”
The scholar took it and said, ” yes, please. ”
The golem took him up and mounted him up his shoulders. The ride was so swift that what could have taken a couple of days took only 3 hours. The scholar could notice on the way that, inside was also some kind of city, one that looked like it could very much be bustling in life but for some reason, everybody just vanished in the air leaving the traces of their lives behind.

At the very bottom of the tower a beautiful rustic well decorated house, with little carvings painted in gold, every single inch of the place very worked, looking like the best work of a doll house maker. The golem put the scholar gently on the floor, bowed and left in a slow pace.

The scholar approached the door, and rang the bell.
” Just a second, im coming. ” the voice of a little girl echoed from inside, taking the scholar by surprise.
Once she opened the door there was her, a small little stunning beauty with golden glowing eyes, like two suns, and her hair dark purple, but dark as the night sky, filled with bright spots as if in her hair you could see the infinity of the night sky,

” Good day sir, i was expecting you a little later. guess my assistants are a little better than i thought. Come on in, lucky you i have some tea prepared, do you care for some cookies? cake? ”

” Ah, some cookies are alright. Excuse-me little lady, but i believe you said my assistants? ”

” Oh yes i did, ah by the way where are my manners, My name is Arshe, what is your name? ”

” I attend by the name of Leblair. It is a honor to meet you. ”

She sat upon a comfortable couch and invited him for tea, and they talked for a while, until she asked

” So Mr. Leblair, what was it that brought you here? ”

” I came here young mistress, to learn about a god. ”

” A god? why here? this is not a church, let alone a temple of any sorts, why did you come over to my place in order to learn that? ”

” There are stories that talk about a witch living here, with the power to match the gods. ”

” Oh… Is that so? Well now that might be true. ”

” Where can i find her. ”

” You already have. ” She smiled back. ” You see, i was supposed to not look any younger by now, but it seems that my current appearance is stuck in time. I may look young, but thats only because of what happened in this tower a many millenniums ago. ”

” Can you tell me what happen in these grounds? ”

” The story is too long… well, not at all. ” She took on a sip and stared down to her teacup. ” I might be able to pack it simple for you so its not boring filled with useless details. Let me see… ah. This tower has been build as a catalyst for magical energy, this entire place is a facility, a laboratory of magic if you may. The fact we chose its shape to be a spire and that we build the doors on the top and the access way are  a ramp in spiral, also the fact that the access to the bottom of this place are also a spiral ramp, are no mere aesthetically chosen. This whole place is meant to act as a staff, a giant monstrous staff. ”

” Oh… ”

” And we live inside it, we made our experiments and researches here, we were close to discover things as essence of existence, life, all these things related to the fabric of reality and the very order of all being, alive or not. Even concepts as time, space, imagination… so many things its hard to remember them all. ” She takes another sip and smiles. ” It happens that, i was about 6 years old? yeah i think it was about it. Trouble happened and everything we had worked so hard simply blew up in a spiral of pure magical energy affecting everybody. every single one of us but me whose was inside home, exactly on the middle of this very spire at the bottom, the level where all magic gather, every single one just lost their body of flesh, had their souls tainted by the power and ascended. The very reason its dangerous to walk outside at night is because everyone became stars. Living stars. ”

” What happened to all the knowledge? ”

” I dont know old man. When i woke up thats pretty much what had happened, those were tough years but thanks to the changes i suffered because of that explosion, i managed to live on, indeed i have power to match the gods, i know how to use them, i can make many things as you saw my golems but there is one thing i cant make. ”

” And what is it? ”

” I cant tamper with life, souls are life, the very essence, thought i can make animated beings out of pretty much anything, i cant give them life. they work, they obey my orders and follow my schedules but they are not one of their own. I cannot say exactly how hard it would be for a regular person to do so but, let me tell you one thing, if i had to put my weight on your paper, i’d say that what makes a god is the ability to produce new souls, new life. ”

” Is that so? ”

” Yes Mr. , i dont think there is much difference between me and a god, rather than i cant make new life. ”

” Thats very satisfying arshe my dear. Thank you for the hospitality and patience. ”

” It was my pleasure Leblair, please come again. ”

” I sure will Ms Arshe. ”

And so left the Scholar, back to his work in the college. He did not got answers, just a coup of tea, cookies, and the company of a very pleasant person.