Chapter Twenty – Einartoff, the mountain raiser

” I think its time to use my hammer again. ” Einartoff said picking his heavy giant hammer. ” it only looks heavy, weights a plume if i have to say so. ” he throws the hammer and Enrich picks is, it was too heavy for him.

” You Kidding you fight with this? ”

” Its light to me. ” he said picking the hammer back and showing off with it, as if it was just a small mace. ” Its also a relic. ”

” Why does everybody have a fucking relic? ”

” Not everybody, most old officers have one. Its part of the king’s old treasure and by now, the old leaders who were left behind are probably making their way out of the kingdom carrying as many as they could pack. ” he smiles ” i bet we’ll hold loads of firepower! ” he looks to the horizon ” everyone! listen! ” he turns behind looking at all the soldiers ” this is our last hour, our last stand, we’ll march right in the middle of the cardinal forces and smash them at the fort, it’ll be 2 forces against one, plus a pinch. I want everyone of you boiling with energy, pick up our weapons, because this is the moment, we either win, or die. You dont have a home to go back, you cant stay here inside this kingdom, our only chances lies outside in the wild lands, and the cardinal forces are the only ones in our way. Tell me soldiers, are you going to simply die? Or are you going to put a hell of a fight and maybe break out through their lines to freedom? ”

the soldiers gathered their equipment, and stood ready, they were mostly knights.

” I already have my answer. ” Einartoff said. then quickly turned towards the cardinal armies in a running motion, hammer in hands, ready for battle. Running and screaming like it was the last thing he would do.

Annalot soon followed him, then Enrich and Ariel, and the rest of the company, Stories tell that their numbers were a total of 174 knights, all graduated and experienced in battle. A small force, yet, with power enough to shake the ground.

During the advance Einartoff was always in the vanguard, in fact leading the vanguard, he was of course the most important, but once they sighted enemies forces, Einartoff screamed to his forces, ” stay back, just watch this ”

” Let me hold in my hands the tower of the sky, and be the weight of the blue infinity above the very weapon in my hands! ” The hammer glows golden ” And the starts that empower the aeons, turn the lanes and swirls, the very mystical dance of the universe into my impact! ” he jumps ” AWAKEN! MOUNTAIN RAISER! ” as he lands in the ground and the head of the hammer hits the ground a enormous shock wave is felt by everyone  around, from it a huge trail of stones go spreading through the floor directly into the army of the cardinal, upon reaching there Einartoff picks up his hammer and slams the base of the shaft on the ground as a staff, he screams ” ELDER THAN THE ELDERS, I ORDER YOU, FOR MY POWER IS THE ONE TO MAKE YOU BEND AT MY COMMAND! AWAKEN CHASM! ” the ground opened in a huge chasm, siege weaponry fell in as many unaware soldiers, the despair hit the enemies forces as some tried to turn around to see what was going on. Then Einartoff took his hammer and started to run towards them, everyone else behind him followed him into the fray, heroically he jumped inside the enemy ranks, as he landed, standing in only one leg he used momentum to spin the head of his hammer on all his enemies each slammed one simple flew far.

” WE ARE UNDER FIRE! ” one of the knights spotted as he saw a arrow volley rising in the horizon.

” BEND AGAIN UNBREAKABLE LORD, RISE MOUNTAIN! ” and from the same chasm a mountain rose up to the skies deflecting the arrows and hitting many of the enemy from bellow sending them flying to their demise.

The captain’s hammer was unstoppable.

But so was Annalot’s spear once she was joining the battle she quickly pleaded to the spear. ” Aid me again, please. ” she whispered.

” So be it ” the voice echoed in her head and again, the girl was possessed by the power of the spear, Her eyes bright red again and the gust of shining wind back again. She leaped, and started doing the same thing, masterfully wielding her spear as a graceful dancer, untouchable, deflecting blows and counterattacking before even the next second, swiftly disarming and making her way inside, two huge openings on the rear of the cardinal forces were carved and the knights were high on morale, each of them who peered inside and made it into the fray had hands heavy with energy and faith, heavy blows, swift feet, hope filling their lungs as their war cries rose up to the skies. Enrich peered inside with the Ariel who quickly made her famous relic work. ” One person, a single light, Many shadows. ” then from her quite a number of phantoms who just looked like her were made. they acted as shields for the knights. and thanks to the 3 powers of the relics, the advance was mighty and almost a miracle, as if the cardinal forces were butter and they were a really hot knife.

The cardinal forces were totally sliced in the middle.after fifteen minutes of fray. The forces with Annalot had pierced through, and as the knights poured out of the cardinal forces who took quite a blow, Einartoff was standing in the other side of the crossing making sure they were leaving, ” now let me put just the nail in the coffin for these traitors. ” he took the hammer with both hands and gripped it strongly.

” Oh unbreakable lord, hear my cry, come to my aid, for you are mighty, BE MY HAMMER! ” and with that he let a swing, from his swing the ground simply shattered and boulders rose in from of him sharp like the blade of a axe, by hitting each with his hammer, they simply flew as swift as the newly shot arrow by the best archer, slashing, crippling, beheading everything on its wake, at his side was Annalot, keeping the passage open protecting Ariel who was shielding the knights with her phantoms. Once all soldiers were on the other side she started to withdraw with Ariel to the other side as well, but by now the cardinal forces had no morale and most soldiers were terrified.

” Come, lets run away. ” said Einartoff

” But we got this one! ” said Annalot

” This battle is not ours, they lost already, their spirits are broken. We still have one milestone to acquire before i can say we are safe; ”

” What is it? ”

” Pass beyond the border. That is going to be easy but we still need to deliver it. ”

” Not a problem. ” they ran, as the cardinal forces simply stopped there lost and shocked. Badly damaged, the siege either wasted or completely destroyed.