You know… i am one of those lucky people that managed to live by a quiet and enjoyable life. The money i make comes from my job of course, but know you that i am by no means rich.

I live around the downtown of Shibuya, live here since i was a kid. My name is Yahiko, what should you know about me? Well, first i only went to high school, and its been two years since i graduated. Fuck no, im not going into college, thats too much of a hassle. I already got what i want, and i am loving it.

My man, if i were to tell you that im very found of weird stuff and all that shit, would that sound stupid? Hey! hold that BS ok? im not a weirdo, actually, all that weird, you know, paranormal shit is my deal, its also my business. But before we start i want to tell you one thing.  Im not a investigator or private detective, i just happen to have some of that and know plenty shit that happen in Shibuya.

oh and what to say about Shibuya… dude, its a fucking weird place, you feel me? Its the part of the city where the people, actually not just the young people but all people have a spot and can like, through fashion or their own way pick up themselves and say, dude, this is me, simply put, its a place where people can affirm themselves as unique.
And thats pretty important, and its exactly what makes Shibuya so spectacular.
Shibuya is like a rainbow man, where all colors can be themselves, yet, part of a single beautiful thing.

And thats perfect for the “Odd” ones.

In Plain daylight you will see the weirdest stuff here, well, least its not disgusting as is akihabara.  Lately through… i’ve seen a big amount of youngsters and even some salaryman going on about, you know, looking like they are high on something, now what the fuck im not gonna lie to you, the number of the salaryman into this is pretty high. Two things, it doesnt looks like they are on drugs, because Tokyo’s police been here searching the place and turning everything upside down like they… oh wait, they actually are authorities so they can act like they own the place… sometimes.

Well, thing is, after checking lots of youngsters, the biggest amount had no signals of having contact with actual any drug. Not to mention the others, if it is a drug, then it leaves no traces. Frankly, i’m yet to see a drug that leaves no traces at all. Specially when you are still under its effects.

But hey, you see. I got a lead, Last night i was taking a stroll trough, and by the Tamatsukuriinari Shrine, i saw a bunch of youngsters going outside, they had a lost look on their eyes, well… its Shibuya, and its ok we see some youngsters giving in to drugs its not so alarming, but, one of them was still smoking. And the smell was of rice powder. in other words, he was smoking rice.

Rice? i know rite, weird. But then again is Shibuya man, the weirdest of the weirdest happen here, just, why rice made they get high? i went in.

Well the first weird stuff was that i saw a dude wearing a Jōe well, lets just say he was wearing ceremonial shinto priest clothing. aside from the fact that he was alone, two other things were on the air. First too many cats, and second, The smell of incense was… intense. No problem well… i just had the knack for that.

Yes… but that called my attention, i went in, talked to the guy and asked him if i could get some. Went like:

” Good Evening jii-san, excuse me would you mind if i stayed here for a while? ”

man, i swear, he looked at me and i felt chills, he had quite a troubled look but said: ” Its ok, you are welcome to stay a bit. ”

” Oh thank you. ” i said back, and i did stayed for a while. The longer i remained there the more nervous he became, ill drop some extra details here: while i was there i noticed that some people passed by some at least passed there around three to four times and nobody went inside the shrine.

He remained there… getting more and more stressed until he went like, very very rude and said. ” dont you think its a bit late to be outside in the streets? ”

Well i said back. ” Nah, but i sure wish i had something to feel a little lighter you know what im sayin? ” yeah, i saw a glimmer in his eyes. He, looked all around twice, made a signal with his hand as if he wanted me to approach him, dude grabbed me one of those, said ” i think this might be your fancy. ”

Shit i got one, i smoke that thing, the other morning i was still feeling it. But yeah, no smells, no signal of me being druged, and a bad taste of burned rice.

But his eyes, i could not forget. Were the eyes of a cat. That dude, was definitely a Bakeneko. I went in the streets to know more about the effects of his drugs. I said to you before im one of those oddities, but im not a yokai or anything of that sorts, i happen to have been born with some abilities that people normally dont have, get that? Well, by the end of this day, i managed to talk with some people, they all said that the first one is always free. And that its enough to get you addicted.

Yeah… rice powder based blunts making people high enough to make’em addicts in just one go? HAHA you gotta be fucking with me. That guy was using something else to make people addict. I could bet on two things: one, he was fucking hypnotizing them, two, it was the incense. I heard stories of this happening before, so im not that skeptical.

im going to check it by myself tonight…

For real this time.

I put my midnight blue coat and cap with a golden thin stripe on it, just like the old police from the start of the Meiji era, and my heirloom the Tengai Genkai(天涯限界), Its a katana, the blade is about 3 meters, very long. my gun, yes its loaded, two extra magazines, i dont think im going to need it but you never know, there was that time i met a guy, and yakuza was involved, dudes poured in… wasnt pretty.

Its about 10’oclock. You see, its shibuya, nightlife is bustling here, place boils with people and its so bizarre sometimes that even Oni, and youkai go around like they should give no shit, and they are right, nobody believes in this kind of bullshit. Even when they are being rubbed in their plain faces. Off i go, weird as everyone else i take the train, directly to the very same temple. The smell of incense still burns… i wonder why…

i go inside, some youngsters are around, the monster looks at me, cloaked by the same illusion, and asks me

” Came here for your next one didnt you? ”

I swiftly say: ” Hey, jii-san, how old are those guys around. ” i look around, see their faces, they are young, wearing their uniforms, some arent even from nearby Shibuya.

” Ah, they are about to finish high school, some cant take the burden and responsibility, some are lost and dont know what to do next… i am here  trying to help’em find a little bliss, thats all. ”

” By pushing them into drugs? ” i shake my head looking to the floor, avoiding his eyes.

” If you put it that way… … but im just a priest trying to take care of my communit… ”

” hey, jii-san, cut that crap. thats not how a shinto priest should act. ” i say looking directly at his eyes, they are sharp, yeah catlike, he is no doubt a bakeneko, thinking im just a normal human.

” What did you said? ” he takes it back and seems to be a little distressed.

” I said, jii-san, what the fuck are you doing? Why sell drugs? Why are you not supporting them the way the shinto do, working their spirits in the beliefs and trying to help’em find their way in life? ” i spit on the ground ” If you’re the head of this place, makes sense the heavy incense odor, i bet it stinks like a truck full of cat load. ” i let a smile slide on the side of my mouth, and look at him. ” You know what i mean? ”

Yeah, he got the bait. Got distressed for real, the illusion is breaking.

” YOOOOOOUUUU!!!! ” he stands, fuck hes tall. his fur is all stirred up, hes getting that intense feels, here he comes.

” Wanna a piece? ” but he doesnt comes at all, he just jumps inward to the inner shrine, his voice echoes

” Get him! ”

The youngsters attack me, he IS in control here man. They simply charge, not like zombies, but with all they got.

I dodge a punch by squatting and then i make a sweep around in a full circle, some are down to the ground now. The legs now bent i use the strength stored to launch myself in the air, pound my sheathe directly in one of their faces while rising and use the head of two as skipping stones, i make it inside the temple with ease.

Dude, the temple is a mess. looks like nobody’s been taking care of the place, and i finally get why the incense was so intense.

There is really nobody alive to take care of it. Thats right, The motherfucker simply killed the entire shrine, the corpse are hanging around all over the place, it smells terrible, im no specialist so i dont know for how long they’ve been here, but im sure its been for quite a time. Hell, i could throw my dinner out at any second. I need to get out of here, ASAP.

” Hey jii-san, quite a party you threw here yeah? Managed to beat everyone dead, sure you know how to make a party. ”

” Hehe, you wouldnt believe these guys, even thought they are dead… ”

wait a minute, hes a bakeneko. ” Oh shit. ” yeah, thats my face.

” They are still quite full of energy. ” The dead rise, fuck me, bakeneko can raise the dead, I should have expected that.

There is no other way around, its chopping time. I unsheathe my 3 meter long katana Tengai Genkai. ” Since they are dead, they wont mind if theres a few dismembering right? ”

I hold my katana with my right hand, and i run about, as the dead chase me around. For some dead guys who rose very slowly from the ground, they are quite quick, but only as a regular kid. I get myself cornered so i can unleash something cool.

The right side of my body becomes covered by a cloak of darkness, and my eye become blue, this is my power, the right side of my body channels Tsukuyomi. The Moon God. the dead come, in a single swarm, like a caterpillar, and with the easiness of killing one, i slash them in pieces, sliding effortlessly through them, the 3 meter katana becomes a 6 meter long one, and with the power of Tsukuyomi, i can use the shadows made by moonlight as a portal, and teleport to wherever i want, Only if i step with my right foot, otherwise it does not work.

The dead are now slashed, the bakeneko is by his own now.

” Time to put it to a end dont you think jii-san? ”

” What are you? ” his voice is trembling

” Just another weirdo from Shibuya, duh, you’re prurr-retty dull for a cat arent you? ” i say mocking. ” Dude you probably dont know shit about this ward do you? ”

no answer

” Jii-san? ” eeeh…

” Im amused, i’ll give you that. but i am also very… ” hes behind me isnt he? ” ANGRY! ”

Yes he is, MOTHERFUCKER! i perform a quick 720º horizontal arc trying to get him, he just jumps airborne, hes dead.

As he comes falling down time slows for me. My insides channel the power of the god of storms, Susanoo. I am the center of the storm, The eye of the cyclone. My left side starts to shine like the sun, Through the left side i channel the power of our great goddess mother to us all, Amaterasu.

I crouch, to prepare myself for a jump. After unleashing my strength and launching me airborne i hold Tengai Genkai with both hands and cut in a perfect arc upwards. This is what i call Tenchu(天誅): or simply Divine Punishment.

The Bakeneko is cut in a half by a crescent blade of light and fire. I land using my right foot, so i can avoid any shock.

” May the gods have mercy on you in the afterlife. ” i say as i sheathe my sword back again.

And then i head home. Just another night in the ever bustling district of Shibuya.