Child Hear my Plea.

Protect me, oh my Child. For i am dying. Hear me my Child, for i have withstand for long now. Protect me for i have given you Power.

Absolute power. Power beyond imagination child. Power beyond comprehension child. Power to wreck both heart and mind, Power to decide what is and what is not. Hear me my child. Save me.

The answer of the Child 

Mother of mine, One who sustains me, One who sustains us all. Dear Great God Mother, i have saw your suffering, the suffering of my sisters and brothers, but even this power beyond all is not to be used freely.
I am bind by myself. Mother, I will save us all.

I know the enemy, The feeble ones. The Fangless ones. The Lightsiders. The outsiders. The Children of Enlightenment. I will not kill, i wont draw blood a single time. I wont either wipe them from existence.

I will gather my brothers and sisters, bellow the chosen mountain of that day, that day old eons ago, where The First of Us was declared the most important one. The Rock shall float Mother, and within, you, And upon, Me and my sisters and brothers.

leaving only a dead rock behind. and a cursed kind to die.